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This allows Herzog to think of her daughter's safety, so he immediately returned to Chicago. Pistol after he first went before the house, get late father wanted to kill his ex-wife Madeleine and her lover


Herzog think of her daughter's safety, therefore, he returned to Chicago. When he first went to the previous room, got the pistol of the deceased father tried to kill ex-wife Madeleine Angevine and her lover


saugues reminds us that to allow their daughter's safety, therefore, he would soon return to Chicago. After that, he had gone to the previous room, and get the late father wanted to kill his ex-wife of pistol Madeleine and her lover


This lets hertz Sorg associate daughter's safety, therefore, he returns to Chicago immediately.After, he has gone to beforehand room first, attains the deceased daddy's pistol to want to kill ex-wife Masurium De Lin and her sweetheart
a淬火 Quenching [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!i fuck myself.. all the time online lol 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你是我的天空 당신은 나의 하늘이다 [translate] 
aWhich country will win the next world cup? 哪个国家将赢取下世界杯? [translate] 
aand reduce flow turbulence and velocity, 并且减少流程动荡和速度, [translate] 
awithin the core of the fiber. These fibers can offer a combination of low 在fiber之内的核心。 这些fibers可能提供低落的组合 [translate] 
a你所有的课程都上完了吗? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSPA水疗 온천장 수치 요법 [translate] 
a北鼻 North nose [translate] 
aSeveral official Chinese media organizations are footing the bill, and the contest took place in a new, state-of-the-art official exhibition center, part of the city's annual International Cartoon and Animation Festival 几正式中国媒介组织立脚点票据,并且比赛在一个新,科技目前进步水平正式陈列中心、一部分的城市的每年国际动画片和动画节日发生了 [translate] 
aShould the error occur during Flow OFF, the flow is switched on automatically. 如果错误生成在流程期间,流程自动地被交换。 [translate] 
aat breakfast 在早餐 [translate] 
areorientation if necessary 再定位如果需要 [translate] 
ayepp u yepp u
a设备维护 Maintenance of equipment [translate] 
ado you gona get skype now? 您是否gona现在得到skype ? [translate] 
aChoose a Division 选择分部 [translate] 
a文化从来就不是一个孤立的,封闭的体系 The culture always is not one isolated, seal system [translate] 
aChannel Entered : Liver 海峡进入: 肝脏 [translate] 
aPresent rose fragrance in hand 礼物玫瑰色芬芳手中 [translate] 
a2. Level 1 Environmental-related substances to be controlled should NEVER be used; 2. 不应该使用将被控制的第1级环境相关物质; [translate] 
afree dos 免于 [translate] 
a在我们成交前, Finalized a deal before us, [translate] 
aMy best friend, I will wait for you to come back 我的最好的朋友,我将等待您回来 [translate] 
a他做他的家庭作业很仔细 He makes his homework to be very careful [translate] 
a优先使用NTP服务器2: [translate] 
aShe found a boyfriend 她找到一个男朋友 [translate] 
aaesthetically appealing word clouds 审美呼吁词云彩 [translate] 
ahitch... 栓… [translate] 
aroling roling [translate] 
a2.3. Overcooling of salts and salt compositions 2.3. 过冷却盐和盐构成 [translate] 
aFACULTY LEADERSHIP 教职员领导 [translate] 
aNew York,London,Paris and other big citys are exciting places to live in.There are many interesting things to see ahd to do. 纽约、伦敦、巴黎和其他大citys是居住的扣人心弦的地方。有看ahd的许多有趣的事做。 [translate] 
anumber valuable 數字貴重物品 [translate] 
aAs the system will need an update and adjustments with every new model introduced in the production (average every 6-8 months). 因为系统将需要一次更新和调整与在生产介绍的每个新的模型(平均为每6-8个月)。 [translate] 
aSeri Seri [translate] 
a学生们之间容易引起跟风,从而使得更多的学生追求浪漫 The students between easy to cause with the wind, thus causes more students to pursue romantically [translate] 
athe olympic games, first played in 776B.C., did not include women players until 1912. 奥林匹克运动会,首先演奏在776B.C.,没有包括妇女球员直到1912年。 [translate] 
aSince the noise tone at the VCO supply is bandpass filtered by the PLL, the conventional design exhibits a bell-shaped curve. The curve is flattened by the VCO, indicating that the proposed VCO with on-chip calibration suppresses the supply noise for any supply modulation frequency. 因为PLL在VCO供应带通过滤的噪声口气,常规设计陈列一条钟形曲线。 曲线由VCO铺平,表明提出的VCO以在芯片定标压制供应噪声为任何供应模块化频率。 [translate] 
aNutrition influences skin condition and an optimal 营养影响皮肤状况和优选 [translate] 
a他父亲告诉他不要在街上玩 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a现在,我是一个高中生了,要有自己的学习计划。 [translate] 
athe application crashes, the execution monitor uses the recorded inputs to create a [translate] 
a你将在左边看到图书馆 You will see the library in the left side [translate] 
a只有一站 Only then a station [translate] 
a向人们提供到达某一定规定水平的免费教育 Provides arrives some certain stipulation level to the people the free education [translate] 
a维修中心 Service center [translate] 
a我在上海待在那很多年 I treat in Shanghai in that very many years [translate] 
a見つめてたい 我们希望凝视 [translate] 
a他听课没有我认真。 He attends a lecture I not to be earnest. [translate] 
aThe athlete practising such sports dose not get ingured each time he kicks simply because he has trained his body to re-set the stretch reflex so that it dose not occur at the speed at which he is kicking. 实践这样体育药量的运动员没得到ingured,每次他简单地踢,因为他训练他的身体重新设置舒展反射,以便它药量不发生以他踢的速度。 [translate] 
aIn his view, issue management by definition deals with problems which are often subjective, highly emotive, prone to political whim, demanding judgment and compromise, and where perception is reality and there is seldom a right answer 在他的意图,问题管理由定义应付经常是主观的,高度感情,易受的政治异想天开、过分要求的评断和妥协的问题,并且悟性是现实,并且的地方很少有一个正确答案 [translate] 
a这让赫索格联想到女儿的安全,因此,他马上回到芝加哥。到了之后,他先去了以前的屋子,拿到已故的爸爸的手枪想杀死前妻玛德琳和她的情人 This lets hertz Sorg associate daughter's safety, therefore, he returns to Chicago immediately.After, he has gone to beforehand room first, attains the deceased daddy's pistol to want to kill ex-wife Masurium De Lin and her sweetheart [translate]