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a我就骗你个四肢发达,头脑简单。这是我的本山学院证书毕业证,高级忽悠证!说,城池给还是不给? I deceive your four limbs to be developed, simpleminded.This is my this mountain institute certificate graduation card, flickers high-level the card! Said that, the city returns does not give? [translate] 
a我问你呢? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ateacher don't make some let I hate you or hate your behavior ! 老师不做一些让我恨您或恨您的行为! [translate] 
a时间来不及 Time without enough time [translate] 
aBut we have to admit that it is too expensive for us to use such machines, which cost a lot. Not every family can afford such a high-intelligence robot. Furthermore, the machine cannot communicate with people with a real sense, either. In my opinion, robots are really useful for our life. But they still need improvemen [translate] 
a다시는 그런 널 보기 싫어 [translate] 
a辛勤的汗水 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a1. No contamination was detected 1. 污秽未被查出 [translate] 
al tink l am alone and the reason of test  don‘t  l   want l tink l单独上午和原因测试笠头`t l   要 [translate] 
a系统旁路保护程序 System bypass protection procedure [translate] 
a整改措施 整改措施 [translate] 
a她和她父母住在巴西 She and her parents lives in Brazil [translate] 
aand an analysis of legal issues for using it. However, if [translate] 
aLoving sb,it is for the feeling that you have never had before rather than the needs he satisfies you 爱恋的sb,它是为您从未有的感觉,在而不是需要他满足您之前 [translate] 
aexhibited evidence of other damage, e.g. fibre tearing, fracture, peeling, unravelling around the fibre, 其他损伤的被陈列的证据,即。 纤维撕毁,破裂,削皮,解开在纤维附近, [translate] 
a云咸888 Cloud salty 888 [translate] 
aDon't cry over the past,it's gone.Don't stress about the future.it hasn't arrived.Live in the present and make it beautiful 不哭泣过去,它去。不要注重关于future.it未到达。居住在礼物并且使它美好 [translate] 
aEven though the climatic global differences in Timor are little, namely as far as regional thermal variations are concerned, the rainfall presents considerable variations in the territory, since the Island is inserted in the monsoon region, which enables to differentiate several zones in the country. 即使在Timor上的高潮全球性区别是小的,即,只要地方热量变异,降雨量提出在疆土上的可观的变化,因为海岛在季风区域被插入,在国家使能区分几个区域。 [translate] 
a老办法证明是最好的处理这件事的办法 The old means proof is the best processing this matter means [translate] 
aTAAN ME TAAN我 [translate] 
a陳芷晴 Chen Zhiqing [translate] 
a可实现标准化工作 May realize the standardized work [translate] 
a颜色太深 El color es también profundo [translate] 
aCorrespondingly, the rated LV side current I2n is 相应地,额定的LV旁边潮流I2n是 [translate] 
aI'm making a card. 我做一张卡片。 [translate] 
a由于专业课成绩突出, Because the professional course result is prominent, [translate] 
aそれでもすごい迫力 既使在这种情况下极大的力量 [translate] 
aBuild out the business from within the existing structure, leveraging the knowledge and experience of veteran employees. 修造事务从现有的结构内部,支持退伍军人雇员的知识和经验。 [translate] 
a饭饭团团 Food food all round [translate] 
ameleer meleer [translate] 
ai do not want to have fight with my cousin 我不想要有战斗与我的表兄弟 [translate] 
aa liquid-phase reactant in the presence of a solid catalyst 液体阶段的反应剂在一种坚实催化剂面前 [translate] 
amit pruefstift gemessen 当测试别针被测量 [translate] 
aand solution techniques that are actively being researched by the SBSE community, [translate] 
aPeople willonly only compunters,noton paper 人willonly仅compunters, noton纸 [translate] 
a喜欢你的笑容 당신의 미소 얼굴을 좋아한다 [translate] 
adexcel dexcel [translate] 
aC. Are dimes and quarters OK? D. You shouldn’t ask a stranger for change. C. 角钱是否是和处所好的? D. 您不应该要求陌生人变动。 [translate] 
aI was messed up for a long time. Save water. Shower with your girlfriend.I believe, for every of rain 。 我长期弄糟了。 保存水。 阵雨与您的女朋友。我为每雨相信。 [translate] 
aDear JiHwan: 귀여운 작은 강아지 좀 봐 너무 잘생긴! 보는 것도 행복을 느끼나? 희망 에게 당신 은 즐 겁 사랑 하는 당신의 미소 *^ ^ * 亲爱的JiHwan : 逗人喜爱的幼兽皮小狗狭窄它看见,并且它也是悦目的! 那里 它感觉幸福做它看见? 在希望您(cul)怯懦您微笑它爱的*^ ^ * [translate] 
a웨이 (wey) [translate] 
a制定一套公平的政策,不能有偏袒。 Formulates set of fair policies, cannot have favors. [translate] 
aエアノズル 气喷管 [translate] 
aKing’s Ring Group Pty Ltd ring Group Ltd Pty国王的 [translate] 
a我不想父母吃惊,所以就告诉他们这事。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a嘿 甜心 Hey sweetheart [translate] 
aB. Sorry, I don’t have to. I can turn it down a little. B. 抱歉,我不必须。 我可以转动它击倒一点。 [translate] 
a你对这次海南旅行满意吗 You travel satisfaction to this Hainan [translate] 
a4、---You don’t have to play that record so loud, do you? 4、---您不必须演奏那个纪录,因此大声,是? [translate] 
a(including loan payment or other USD financing of principal, interest, costs, fees, and other banking charges payable under the facility agreement entered into by you and the Obligor) . (包括贷款付款或其他USD提供经费校长、利益、费用、费和其他银行业务充电付得起根据设施协议被输入由您和债务人)。 [translate] 
a兄弟 请你不要离开 Brothers please do not leave [translate] 
athe liquid is an inert mediumand the reaction takes place between the dissolved gas and the solids 液体是反应发生在被溶化的气体和固体之间的一惰性mediumand [translate]