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Knowledge and categories of textile fibers


Knowledge of textile fiber and category


textile fibers in recognizing and class


Textile fiber understanding and category
a享有 的美誉 Enjoyment Fine reputation [translate] 
a爱是怀疑 The love is the suspicion [translate] 
a随着时间的推移以及研究的深入,它已不再仅仅被理解为群论问题线性化的工具,它还是有限群理论及线性代数中许多重要问题的来源. Along with the time passage as well as research thorough, it no longer is understood merely for the group theory question linearization tool, in its limited group theory and linear algebra many important question origins. [translate] 
a平邮,最普通的邮寄方法,按照邮寄物品的重量计算价钱,没有其他的附加费用。 Even postal, the ordinariest mail method, according to the mail goods weight computation price, does not have other additional charges. [translate] 
a每个人都是独一无二的. Each people all are unique. [translate] 
aDrainmaker Drainmaker [translate] 
a당신에게 여자 엿 对您女性小麦面筋 [translate] 
aWalking alone on the cusp, do not expect any mercy, do it yourself, even if an uncertain future, after all their own! 单独走在尖顶,不要期待任何慈悲,在所有以后做它你自己,即使不定的未来,他们自己! [translate] 
aThe Biodiversity Convention differentiates the scope of legal obligations of the Contracting Parties with regard to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources based upon their levels of economic development. 生物多样性大会区分缔约方的法律责任的范围关于对生物多样性资源的保护和能承受的用途根据他们的经济发展的水平。 [translate] 
a你是一個騙子 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他过的很开心 He very happy [translate] 
a家居搭配 Lives at home matching [translate] 
a我的鞋过时了,我想要一双时尚的 My shoes have been obsolete, I want a pair of fashion [translate] 
a公园在城镇的中心 Park in cities center [translate] 
a审图 Examination [translate] 
aI love you not becanse of who you are,but becanse of who I am with you 我爱你谁的谁的不是becanse您是,但是becanse我是以您 [translate] 
a、 GARGO 、GARGO [translate] 
aa l v i a j e p a r a l a t oma d e i n f o rma c i ó n ) y u n j u e go d e b a t e r í a s a l c a l i n a s [translate] 
a不能解释的 Cannot explain [translate] 
amartempering martempering [translate] 
a  Over the past couple of years, several cases of the food scandal have been disclosed on various media. The problem of food security has become a hot button across society.   在过去两三年,食物丑闻的几个案件在各种各样的媒介被透露了。 食物安全的问题成为了一个热的按钮横跨社会。 [translate] 
aIn any situation all is oneself creates condition ~ 在所有情况所有是自己的创造情况~ [translate] 
aa site filled with remains of vigors 站点充满vigors遗骸的 [translate] 
ayes,you can go to have a look while you come to Yongkang 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a哦,那是一个温暖又美丽的城市 Oh, that is a warm beautiful city [translate] 
aI have been chatting with a girl for 6 months. 我与一个女孩聊天6个月。 [translate] 
ai am good at playing guitar. 我是擅长于弹吉他。 [translate] 
aAll attendants are required to come to the meeting on time. 要求所有乘务员走向会议准时。 [translate] 
a弹簧力 Spring strength [translate] 
a好,我等你的信息 Good, I wait for your information [translate] 
aa wide range of industries 大范围产业 [translate] 
aData transfer is slow between the source and destination. The quality of service requested by the transport 数据传送是慢的在来源和目的地之间。 运输要求的服务质量 [translate] 
aback width top extended 后面宽度顶面延长 [translate] 
abase-steel specificationos. 基地钢specificationos。 [translate] 
athat we are able to update PCBA BOMs and issue new PO to vendor . [translate] 
a不良资产 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一直以为你很了解我,但是你不是 Thought continuously you understand me very much, but you are not [translate] 
a我打算学习备考 I planned studies the reference appendix [translate] 
a需将分析使用瓶装氮气和空气改为公用工程用气 Will have to analyze the use bottled nitrogen and the air changes the public project to use the gas [translate] 
aat weblogic.servlet.internal.FilterChainImpl.doFilter(Ljavax.servlet.Ser [translate] 
aFig. 4. TVU Player traffic and peer details over time: (top) Sky News channel; (bottom) Lonestar Sports channel. 。 4. TVU球员随着时间的过去交通和同辈细节: (顶面)天空新闻台; (底下) Lonestar炫耀渠道。 [translate] 
aM onolithic integration of a silicon micromotor in combination 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a三月十二日去植树 On March 12 plants trees [translate] 
a总的来说,我度过了一个愉快的寒假。 Generally speaking, I passed a happy winter vacation. [translate] 
akookai kookai [translate] 
aEgg release occurred in the morning and fertilization rates within 24 h were on average 97.9% (±1.5) in the female receptacle-bearing branchlets 蛋发行早晨发生了,并且受精率在24 h之内平均97.9% (±1.5)在女性容器轴承branchlets [translate] 
a淮南联合大学 Huai Nan Union University [translate] 
ai talk to many who are 20 or over who still never do it. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amythroad-mst mythroad-mst [translate] 
aI wanna change my life,my attitude,my job,all the things I own now.I just want to be easy 我想要改变我的生活,我的态度,我的工作,所有事I现在拥有。我想要是容易 [translate] 
a过了很长时间,一只蚂蚁从这儿经过,看见天牛和螳螂坐在地上,就问:”这儿发生了什么事?”他们说:“都是搬这块面包惹的祸.”蚂蚁说:“让我来试一试”天牛和螳螂听了哈哈大笑后说:“我们都搬不动,你一只小蚂蚁怎么可能搬得动。”蚂蚁什么话也没说就走了。天牛和螳螂心想:蚂蚁一定是被吓跑了。过了会,那只小蚂蚁带来了成千上万只的蚂蚁,它们把面包块团团围住,并且把面包抬了起来。他们朝着家的方向慢慢移动。天牛和螳螂看见后大声地说。“这真是个奇迹。”他们也都懂得了一个道理:团结就是力量。 [translate] 
aTraffic police in shanghai are again warning that overloaded vehicles are dangerous and can cause serious accidents . 交通警在上海再警告被超载的车是危险的,并且可能造成严重的事故。 [translate] 
areal time 真正的时间 [translate] 
a纺织纤维的认识与类别 Textile fiber understanding and category [translate]