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aquestions of power relations began to play an increasingly significant role. The so-called cultural turn in translation studies back in the early 1990s [translate] 
ahow O 怎么O [translate] 
a装箱数量: Packing quantity: [translate] 
aas of the date first above written 自日期首先上面写 [translate] 
afrontal area 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a烘焙:烤箱中层,上下火165℃,约20分钟 [translate] 
a設定 Setting [translate] 
a很高興參與今天的面試 Very happy participation today interviewing [translate] 
athe estimated tank capacity could be available from Marine Group if needed. 估计的坦克容量能是可得到从海洋小组,如果需要。 [translate] 
a江苏省无锡市 Jiangsu Province Wuxi [translate] 
a你好 调情 You good flirt [translate] 
a我们在海边开了一个派对 We opened a faction in the seashore to be right [translate] 
a目前为止还是发现不了这个问题 At present up to could not discover this question [translate] 
a你们猜猜他是做什么的? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDESUN TRADING CO., LTD 换CO.,有限公司的DESUN [translate] 
athe clothes is mine 衣裳是我的 [translate] 
aare crippling its currency 致残它的货币 [translate] 
aMorbus 疾病 [translate] 
aNoninvasive Imaging Modalities and Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the Young: Can They Help Distinguish Subjects With a Potentially Life-Threatening Abnormality From Normals? 非侵入性的想象形式和突然的心搏停止在年轻人: 他们可以帮助与Normals区别主题以潜在地威胁生命的反常性? [translate] 
aDo you need Ecottonii seaweed? 您是否需要Ecottonii海草? [translate] 
abase-steel specificationos. 基地钢specificationos。 [translate] 
aMinced Pork Congee with Preserved Egg 剁碎的猪肉Congee用被保存的蛋 [translate] 
a我们从互联网中知道了你对服装有兴趣,而且已经知道了你的名字和地址 我们从互联网中知道了你对服装有兴趣,而且已经知道了你的名字和地址 [translate] 
a发包人要求承包人采取特殊措施保护的工程部位和相应的追加合同价款,双方在专用条款内约定 Bao Renをプロジェクトの点建築業者を特別な測定の保護を採用するように要求するように送り、対応する補足の契約の費用は特定目的の準備で、両側一致する [translate] 
a时间就像是齿轮,不停的在转动,但是总有一天齿轮会被磨平,那个时候我们也就不在年轻了。没有了当年的满怀壮志,没有了当年的热血和朝气,没有了所谓的爱恨情仇......因为齿轮不会永无休止的转动下去,它也需要休息。 [translate] 
aOk.I'll say it again Ok.I再将认为它 [translate] 
a她告诉我她的爱情故事 She tells me her the love story [translate] 
atricky man 棘手的人 [translate] 
a我已经完成了名片信息的输入 I have already completed the name card information input [translate] 
a无论男性或女性,稀奇的发型、过分的化妆、大量的珠宝、浓浓的香水味都会损坏商务职业人员的形象,给外国商人送去错误的信号。 Regardless of the male or the female, the strange hairstyle, excessive put on make-up, the massive jewelry, the thick perfume taste can damage the commercial professional personnel's image, sends to the wrong signal for the foreign merchant. [translate] 
aIf hecame yesterday, I would have asked him not to do that. 如果昨天hecame,我将要求他不做那。 [translate] 
ano marte mpering nonMars mpering [translate] 
a1.使用电路图,检查的布线、接头的安装和 [translate] 
a你的世界,只有你自己 Your world, only then you [translate] 
amartempering martempering [translate] 
a50 "Financed By" [translate] 
auna resistenza. Studiare i grafici, sempre. Il prezzo di due 一抵抗。 学习图,总。 二价格 [translate] 
aA fábrica surgiu com o nome Tibrás, empresa criada pelo grupo brasileiro Andrade Gutierrez, que inicialmente adquiriu tecnologia do grupo inglês Laporte. Em 1971, devido à necessidade de constante atualização, o grupo fundador associou-se à alemã Bayer. [translate] 
a原材料の使用量が多いものから順に記載する。使用量が2%未満の場合は、順不同。 从数额使用原料是许多的那些它按顺序陈述。当半新的数额在2%以下,连续区别。 [translate] 
a是你让他寄布料过来给我们的吗 Is you lets him send the cotton material to give us [translate] 
ashow platform 显示平台 [translate] 
a5S是日文SEIRI(整理)、SEITON(整顿)、SEISO(清扫)、SEIKETSU(清洁)、SHITSUKE(修养)这五个单词,因其拼写首字母都是“S”,所以统称为“5S”,其具体含义如下: 5S is Japanese SEIRI (reorganization), SEITON (reorganization), SEISO (sweeps clear), SEIKETSU (cleanly), SHITSUKE (tutelage) these five words, because it spells the first letter all is “S”, therefore is called as “5S”, its concrete meaning is as follows: [translate] 
ainaltimilor inaltimilor [translate] 
aFor the one work of "attack three illegal activities, establishes two systems",GDFDA convoked video session for arranging Crack down food and drug producing and selling fake product 为“攻击三非法活动一工作,建立二个系统”, GDFDA召集的录影会议为安排采取严厉措施食物和药物生产和卖假产品 [translate] 
aBe sure that your host machine's date and time are set correctly. 请务必正确地设置您的主机的日期和时间。 [translate] 
aare you available now? are you available now? [translate] 
aTo indemnify the Insured against All Risks of accidental physical loss or damage from any cause occurring during the period of insurance. 保障被保险人反对偶然物理损失或损伤的所有风险从发生在保险期的任何起因。 [translate] 
aSe ha encontrado oro 98 tipos de minerales y de minerales de oro, comúnmente sólo 47 tipos de uso industrial utiliza directa de tan sólo 10 tipos de minerales. Foi o ouro 98 tipos de minerais e de minerais do ouro, geralmente somente 47 tipos de uso industrial do uso dirigem de somente 10 tipos de minerais. [translate] 
aPlease check the instances of clear boxes throughout the manuscript. There may be missing article text. 请检查清楚的箱子事例在原稿中。 也许有缺掉文章文本。 [translate] 
aand with style name , factory No. and all other details , so when samples arrv , u can type all details and stick to bottom of the shoe. 并且以样式名字,工厂没有。 并且其他细节,因此,当样品arrv, u可能键入所有细节和棍子对鞋子的底部。 [translate] 
aamidst all this cofusion the Titanic hits an iceberg and starts to sink 在所有这cofusion之中力大无比的命中一座冰山和开始对水槽 [translate] 
aAll Terrain KidSport SPF30 Natural Sunscreen Spray- Phineas and Ferb (3- Ounce) 所有地形KidSport SPF30自然遮光剂浪花Phineas和Ferb (3 -盎司) [translate] 
ashow version 显示版本 [translate]