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a想出计谋 Finds out the scheme [translate] 
aLuodai is warm and humid all year round with distinct seasons. The best travel season is March and April when it is sunny and beautiful. Luodai是温暖和潮湿的整年在周围以分明季节。 当它晴朗和美好时,最佳的旅行季节是3月和4月。 [translate] 
aSince Beijing's first ski resort was opened ten years ago, the sport has enjoyed astonishing increase. There are now more than a dozen resorts. Clothes markets in the city have added bright colored ski suits to their winter collections. Mr. Wei, a manager of a newly-opened ski resort in Beijing, sees the growth of an i [translate] 
a。很抱歉通知贵方,我方用户发现贵方价格太高。 .Was sorry very much informs the expensive side, our user discovered the expensive side price too is high. [translate] 
aDear Melba Ortega or to Whom it may concern, Estimado Melba Ortega o a quien pueda interesar, [translate] 
a在我知道自己可能不能及时完成任务时,我会先打个电话给负责人告诉他我现在的情况,看能不能推迟一点,如果不能我就尽力去继续做,至少能不要缺那么多。 In me knew when promptly oneself possibly cannot complete the task, I can telephone first for the person in charge tell him me now the situation, looked can postpone, if cannot I with every effort continue to do, can at least not the important post that many. [translate] 
aprimary , goal 初选,目标 [translate] 
aThat morning, Er Yi took me to his brother and sister also play Changfeng Park. Park landscape very beautiful! Roadside trees lush, verdant grass as one long green apple on the ground, the tree cicada still sing it for us. We appreciate the scenery all the way, came to the "dump music." One here, we have a few little g 那天早晨,唔伊把我带对他的兄弟,并且姐妹也演奏长风公园。 公园风景非常美好! 路旁树醉汉,嫩绿的草作为一个美国钞票苹果在地面,树蝉仍然唱它为我们。 我们一直赞赏风景,来了到“转储音乐”。 一这里,我们有几个小人将熔铸喜悦。 我们演奏碰撞用汽车,我的兄弟总击中了我,很好,我不弄乱与。 我的兄弟被击中连贯三次,他击中了佝偻病,让他品尝我的坏。 然后,我们也播放绷床,摩托车,而且画小船… ... [translate] 
aMystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies to evaluate there employees and their customer services skills. Although there are a lot of different opinions about this, mystery shopping is actually growing as an industry. You will be assigned to shop and dine in different places and report your experience [translate] 
a?Seam detail at elbows 锛熺紳缁嗚妭鍦ㄦ墜鑲� [translate] 
a弹簧力 Spring strength [translate] 
aConfirm friend request [translate] 
adownlod downlod [translate] 
aOne day before,but had always been a peison. 一天前面,但总是peison。 [translate] 
ayou'er too busy to call me,don't have time to check on me,late on our date,I'll understand.But if I stop loving you,it's your turn to understand. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天下午我哥哥来我家帮我修理厕所的换气扇 This afternoon my brother comes my family to help me to repair the restroom the ventilating fan [translate] 
aReadily Absorbed Creatine Formula 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a南希的父亲是老师吗 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a做出这个改变美好新生活就会来到 Makes this change happy new life to be able to arrive [translate] 
aThat pleased him a lot 那取乐他很多 [translate] 
aIt is a time to let mother relax 它是时期让母亲放松 [translate] 
aplace ofbirth:illin 地方ofbirth :illin [translate] 
aAnti-metastatic activity of glycoprotein fractionated from Acanthopanax senticosus, involvement of NK-cell and macrophage activation. 从Acanthopanax NK细胞的senticosus、介入和巨噬细胞活化作用分馏的糖蛋白的反变形的活动。 [translate] 
a工业型即中高温冷却塔,水温降一般为10—25℃。 The industry namely high temperature cooling tower, the water temperature drop is generally 10-25℃. [translate] 
aguess the crop 猜测庄稼 [translate] 
a真的吗?我希望我有这样的魔力。 Really? I hoped I have such charm. [translate] 
a26. 没话 26. Does not have the speech [translate] 
a你是一個騙子 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aCan you speaker your Chinese name? please! 能您报告人您的中国名字? 请! [translate] 
aNo matter the ending is perfect or not, i cannot disappear from your world. No matter the ending is perfect or not, i cannot disappear from your world. [translate] 
aBelow is the password for the domain you requested. 下面是密码为您请求的领域。 [translate] 
aFor you, I would do anything. Because I love you 为您,我会做任何东西。 由于我爱你 [translate] 
a· CEF · CEF [translate] 
a会议将持续两个小时。 The conference will continue for two hours. [translate] 
a供应链管理环境下供应商评价问题研究 Under the supply chain management environment the supplier appraises the question research [translate] 
a为了让事情更简单, In order to let the matter be simpler, [translate] 
a裴新平 张满赐 Pei Sinping Zhang Manci [translate] 
a希望能 安然入睡 The hope can go to sleep peacefully [translate] 
a快去睡覺 Sleeps quickly [translate] 
a--总有一种现实被你遇见 --Some one kind of reality is always met by you [translate] 
aI thinking about you everday and how I could done things diffrertly thinking about you everday and how I could done things 考虑您的I everday,并且怎么可能做的事diffrertly考虑您的我everday,并且怎么我可能做的事 [translate] 
a坐火车不需要花太多的钱 Rides the train not to need to spend too many money [translate] 
a我要睡觉了拜拜明天在聊好吗你早点睡吧晚安 I will have to sleep broke off a relationship tomorrow to chat you earlier to rest the good night [translate] 
a作为品质工程师,我主要负责笔记本的试量产品质管理 As quality engineer, my primary cognizance notebook trial quantity produces the quality control [translate] 
aand so it was that she managed to spread understanding of the simmple truth that every time you smile you are sending a happy gift to he world 并且如此是她设法传播对simmple真相的理解您每次微笑您送一件愉快的礼物他世界 [translate] 
aOur client accepted the quote, now the next step is testing the product, so you would need to send us a unit for approval, it is important that the carton the toner is in English or Spanish. 我们的客户接受了行情,下一个步骤现在测试产品,因此您会需要送我们一个单位为获得批准,它是重要的纸盒调色剂用英语或西班牙语。 [translate] 
aof trial production and production 试验生产和生产 [translate] 
aBy integrating academic and research skills, industry experience and professional education into our postgraduate programmes we help prepare the next generation of leaders and innovators to create new and improved vision correction technologies, to advance understandings of ocular health and to discover new modes of de 通过集成院和研究技能、产业经验和职业教育到我们帮助准备下一代领导和创新者创造新和被改进的视觉更正技术的我们毕业后的节目里,推进对视觉健康的理解和发现提供眼睛关心新的方式到世界。 [translate] 
a我知道了你住旅馆的地方 I had known you stay the hotel the place [translate] 
aAamir Khan Aamir Khan [translate] 
aand in return ,without even thinking about it , every person responded with a smile of theri own 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDo you have any disappointment? What can not give me that ah? 您是否有任何失望? 什么不能给啊的我? [translate] 
a雨晴我爱你 The rain is clear I to love you [translate] 
a空无一物 A bareness thing [translate]