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I know I may not be in the timely completion of tasks, I will hit a phone call to the person in charge of the situation I told him, see if I can postpone that, if not I will try to continue to do, at least not missing much.


When I know I may not be able to complete tasks in a timely manner, I will make a phone call to the first official told him that I was now, see if you can delay, if not I'll try my best to continue to do, at least not missing that much.


I know I might not be able to accomplish its tasks in a timely manner, I will first call the official told him that I now cannot be postponed until the situation to see if they can, if not I will do their best to continue to do so, we can at least do not absence of so many.


In me knew when promptly oneself possibly cannot complete the task, I can telephone first for the person in charge tell him me now the situation, looked can postpone, if cannot I with every effort continue to do, can at least not the important post that many.
a旅游计划 Traveling plan [translate] 
a影响工作 Influence work
a一个人孤单的活着 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDear Melba Ortega or to Whom it may concern, Estimado Melba Ortega o a quien pueda interesar, [translate] 
aSince Beijing's first ski resort was opened ten years ago, the sport has enjoyed astonishing increase. There are now more than a dozen resorts. Clothes markets in the city have added bright colored ski suits to their winter collections. Mr. Wei, a manager of a newly-opened ski resort in Beijing, sees the growth of an i [translate] 
aMystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies to evaluate there employees and their customer services skills. Although there are a lot of different opinions about this, mystery shopping is actually growing as an industry. You will be assigned to shop and dine in different places and report your experience [translate] 
a在经济方面,中国的经济较20年前有了快速的增长,人民生活水平有了许多改善,人民更加富裕。 In the economical aspect, China's economical 20 years ago had the fast growth, the lives of the people level had many improvements, the people have been wealthier. [translate] 
a空无一物 A bareness thing [translate] 
a。很抱歉通知贵方,我方用户发现贵方价格太高。 .Was sorry very much informs the expensive side, our user discovered the expensive side price too is high. [translate] 
a?Seam detail at elbows 锛熺紳缁嗚妭鍦ㄦ墜鑲� [translate] 
aMy soul is very old and dark 我的灵魂是非常老和黑暗的 [translate] 
aThat morning, Er Yi took me to his brother and sister also play Changfeng Park. Park landscape very beautiful! Roadside trees lush, verdant grass as one long green apple on the ground, the tree cicada still sing it for us. We appreciate the scenery all the way, came to the "dump music." One here, we have a few little g 那天早晨,唔伊把我带对他的兄弟,并且姐妹也演奏长风公园。 公园风景非常美好! 路旁树醉汉,嫩绿的草作为一个美国钞票苹果在地面,树蝉仍然唱它为我们。 我们一直赞赏风景,来了到“转储音乐”。 一这里,我们有几个小人将熔铸喜悦。 我们演奏碰撞用汽车,我的兄弟总击中了我,很好,我不弄乱与。 我的兄弟被击中连贯三次,他击中了佝偻病,让他品尝我的坏。 然后,我们也播放绷床,摩托车,而且画小船… ... [translate] 
a我们上星期订购的那批电脑都是坏的 We ordered last week that batch of computer all was bad [translate] 
aA promising industry and platform 一个有为的产业和平台 [translate] 
aHe is trying to find a job 他设法找到工作 [translate] 
aI just wanna face the day [translate] 
a由于学习的原因,我希望周末我们可以开心的聊天,缓解疲惫的学习情绪 Because studies the reason, I hoped weekend we may happy chat, alleviate the exhausted study mood [translate] 
a请输入i will never leave u, unless left by u您需要翻译的文本! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
akhlil fong 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a最贵先生 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBai Ling:He is nice Bai陵:他是好的 [translate] 
a德维尔瑞士制造不锈钢回 The Derville Switzerland makes the stainless steel to return [translate] 
a我拿命守护的男人 I take the life protection man [translate] 
askyworth-rgb skyworthrgb [translate] 
aWhen can you run as fast as a car? 您何时能一样快速地跑作为汽车? [translate] 
agive it to me 2pm 给它我2pm [translate] 
a我們花一個小時驅車到那裡 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ato kppe your must keep moving 对kppe您必需保留移动 [translate] 
a还是错过了 Missed [translate] 
aUsed Collectible 半新可收回 [translate] 
aARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMETHING 是寻找某事的您 [translate] 
aJanuary 12, 2012 11:43:00 PM Baldwin Park CA US Arrival Scan 2012年1月12日11:43 :下午00点Baldwin公园加州美国到来扫瞄 [translate] 
aThis Account ID has already being taken. 这个帐户ID有已经被采取。 [translate] 
aThose who loved heart and how it slowly fade 爱心脏的那些人,并且怎么它慢慢地退色 [translate] 
a当我遇见你的时候才发觉你是我的一切 When I meet you the time only then detected you are my all [translate] 
a健身纪念册 Fitness memento book [translate] 
aThis is Matina; the health exam arrangement is as attached. Pls. attend in time 这是Matina; 健康检查安排是如附上。 Pls。 及时出席 [translate] 
a河北司法部 Hebei Ministry of Justice [translate] 
a不能在客人没来时自己入座 Cannot has not come when the visitor own take a seat [translate] 
a好笑吗 Funny [translate] 
aIJUST WANT SOMEONE IJUST想要某人 [translate] 
aI can not keep up your love life, but life had time to love you 我不可能保持您的爱生活,但是生活有时间爱您 [translate] 
a我的英文很烂的 My English very rotten [translate] 
a你想成为我心中的天使吗 You want to become in my heart the angel [translate] 
a随着我国市场经济体制改革的深化,以及国民经济和中小企业的快速发展,中小企业产业集群正在我国逐步的形成,这对我国中小企业及至整个经济社会的发展必定产生很大的影响。改革开放以来特别是近几年,我国中小企业集群发展取得了一定成绩,但同时也面临着一些困难和问题。本文主要探讨中小企业集群在技术创新能力方面遇到的障碍以及技术创新能力提升的途经。 Along with our country market economy system reform deepening, as well as the national economy and the small and medium-sized enterprise fast development, the small and medium-sized enterprise industry colony our country gradually formation, this is having the very tremendous influence surely to Our [translate] 
aGranny Smith 老婆婆史密斯 [translate] 
agreate a program group in the start menu greate每程序组在起动菜单 [translate] 
aThis article analyzes European Union-China trade relations in the context of the 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aYou are I this life the most beautiful encounter, most of which are willing to leave 您是I这生活最美好的遭遇,多数,其中是愿意离开 [translate] 
a她经常会去很多城市 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a万绿园怎么去 How Wan Lvyuan does go [translate] 
a她們已增加鞋子數量 They increased the shoe quantity [translate] 
aFuck sister everything!!!! 交往姐妹一切!!!! [translate] 
aDon't forget Our agreement 不要忘记我们的协议 [translate] 
a在我知道自己可能不能及时完成任务时,我会先打个电话给负责人告诉他我现在的情况,看能不能推迟一点,如果不能我就尽力去继续做,至少能不要缺那么多。 In me knew when promptly oneself possibly cannot complete the task, I can telephone first for the person in charge tell him me now the situation, looked can postpone, if cannot I with every effort continue to do, can at least not the important post that many. [translate]