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He was a venture in Shenzhen it?


He did in Shenzhen venture capital?


He was a man in Shenzhen venture?


He starts an undertaking in Shenzhen?
a他们给地震中的灾民提供了粮食和饮用水。 They give in the earthquake the disaster victims have provided the grain and the tap water. [translate] 
a地名 Geographic name [translate] 
a如果可以让我选择五件东西的化,我会选择对我有用的! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你是怎样开发你的客户的? How do you develop your customer? [translate] 
a大家好,我是来自美术系的覃泽强,很高兴站在这里说出我的心声。也很高兴和大家以这样的交往方式来学习英语,在我的记忆中,有那么一个人深深地影响着我的生活,那就是我的妹妹。曾经我和我的妹妹的关系不是很好,经常吵架,但她却很关心我,记得有一次,她为了给我寄生活费把自己的打工赚来的工资寄给了我,她自己却饿着肚子去上班,就是这一次改变了我的生活。是她给了我希望,给了我要考大学的决心,这样才能报答她对我的关心。是她让我知道了一个家庭的含义,是她让我体会到了作为一个人的意义,一个人的一生要有所作为才会变得有意义,才会精彩。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
avehicle release 车发行 [translate] 
a我想你是收到其他卖家订单 I thought you receive other seller order form [translate] 
a以后,你自由了~~ Later, your free ~~ [translate] 
ayou are hardly sorry about it 您是几乎不抱歉对此 [translate] 
a但我还没确定什么时候能够去澳大利亚 But I had not determined when can go to Australia [translate] 
a你为什么要玩弄我的感情 Why do you want to play with my sentiment [translate] 
aThe truth is that I said.. you are rudely! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a如果你不那么幸运获得证书 If you not obtain the certificate that luckily [translate] 
a所谓的爱 So-called love [translate] 
athe earth itself spins around once a year 地球每年一次转动 [translate] 
aestee lauder cyberwhite brillant cells estee lauder cyberwhite brillant细胞 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!l'll see you in the sunset l'll see you in the sunset [translate] 
aCreate a Quick Lainch icon 创造一个快的Lainch像 [translate] 
awith medal in hand ,paul was suddenly ushered into a world of lucrative endorsement and figure-skating world tours,of exclusive events and autograph seeker 与奖牌在手中,保罗突然被迎接了入赚钱的背书和图滑冰的世界游览世界,互斥事件和亲笔寻找者 [translate] 
agood morring 好morring [translate] 
a没想到我的体育考试成绩还不错啊! Had not thought my sports test result is also good! [translate] 
aclothing fo you see bay at good one victory for day send from... 衣物fo您看见海湾在好一次胜利在天送从… [translate] 
ap2pcache p2pcache [translate] 
aSiempre me Quedara & I'm sorry 总我Quedara &我抱歉 [translate] 
ayes,i have. 是,我有。 [translate] 
a合理的范围 Reasonable scope [translate] 
ahave good dream 有好梦想 [translate] 
a好想舔你的逼 Good wants to lick your compelling [translate] 
a篮球世家 Basketball aristocratic family [translate] 
aThe only time I don’t miss you, is when you’re right next to me 当我不想念您之时,是您在我旁边正确 [translate] 
a哈曪 很高興認識妳 Kazak 曪 very happy understanding 妳 [translate] 
asplash away foamming cleanser Demaquillant mousse splash away foamming cleanser Demaquillant mousse [translate] 
aWestern style. 西部样式。 [translate] 
aI take over her work temporarily when she falls ill. 当她跌倒伊利诺州时,我接管她临时地工作。 [translate] 
a厦门市海沧区出口加工区海景东二路37号 The Xiamen sea dark blue area exports east the processing region seascape two groups 37 [translate] 
aboth and 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe young man who came back with her isn't the one who went to the Paris with her.是什么意思? 年轻人谁回来了与她不是去到巴黎与她的是什么意思的人? [translate] 
anever meet. 不要见面。 [translate] 
athe first public showing of wireless tv transmissions were made in 1925 in she usa and 1926 in britain .later, in 1928 ,the first long-distance tv broadcast was made between the uk and the usa .regular public broadcast followed shortly after ,first beginning on 11 may 1928 in new york and in london on 20 august 1929. 1925年无线电视传输第一个公开陈列被做了她美国,并且1926年在英国.later, 1928年,第一个长途电视播送被做了在英国和美国.regular公开广播被跟随在之后,第一起点之间在11在20威严1929年可以1928年在纽约和在伦敦。 [translate] 
a品赏 Appreciating [translate] 
a官,惹不起··· [translate] 
aPlease contact the server administrator, 515468863@qq.com and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. 请与服务器管理员, 515468863@qq.com联系并且通知他们时间错误生成了,并且您也许已经做了也许导致了错误的任何。 [translate] 
a您想买的达芬奇是假货, [translate] 
a不帅不拍照 Not graceful does not photograph [translate] 
a请不要触碰我的底线,我并不是非你不可 Please do not have to move my agent, I am not must you may not [translate] 
achoose the best word for each numbered blank and mark a b c d on answer sheet 1 选择最佳的词为每被编号的空白并且标记b c d在答案纸1 [translate] 
awebsite build 网站修造 [translate] 
a理念的提出 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aA single 3.0V power supply is very easy to design but is not the most efficient solution to run u-blox 6 receivers 唯一3.0V电源是非常容易设计,但是跑u-blox 6接收器的不是最高效率的解答 [translate] 
a避免重复 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a名声古迹 Reputation historical site [translate] 
a技术工艺科 Technical craft branch [translate] 
aHappiness is to find someone who can give you warm and share your life together. 幸福是找到能给您温暖和一起分享您的生活的人。 [translate] 
aRedirected by: Li, Juan (CHLCJ) Dear Requestor, call me back pls pay attention to the fact that meal for per person has broken regulation 改方向: 李,胡安(CHLCJ)亲爱的请求者,告诉我pls对事实的薪水注意膳食为每人有残破的章程 [translate] 
a他一个人在深圳创业吗? He starts an undertaking in Shenzhen? [translate]