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What is happiness mean? How can we feel happy?


Happiness is what does that mean? How can I feel happiness?


What is happiness does that mean? How do you feel happy?


What meaning is happiness? How can feel happily?
aOn the following day, Attorney General Reno petitioned the Special Division of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, on an expedited basis, to expand the jurisdiction of Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr. On January 16, 1998, in response to the Attorney General's request, the Speci 在第二天, Reno检察长诉请美国地区法院特别分部对哥伦比亚特区的电路,根据一个加速依据,扩展独立检察官肯尼斯W.的司法。 Starr。 在1998年1月16日,以回应检察长请求,特别分部发布了在恰当部分提供的一个命令: [translate] 
arural designation 农村指定 [translate] 
a有个人说他记忆力很好。有一次有个人问他你说什么,他回答到我忘记了 Has a person to say his memory is very good.Once has a person to ask his you said any, he replied I forgot [translate] 
a高桥镇志愿者协会 Gaoqiaozhen volunteer association [translate] 
aEverything will be OK in the end. If it's not OK , it's not the end. 一切将是好的在最后。 如果它不是好的,它不是末端。 [translate] 
a他还能打扫和买东西。 He also can clean and go shopping. [translate] 
a苹果掉在地上 The apple falls ground in [translate] 
aYou can exercise at fitness centers, they have a lot of equipments will heip to exercise your arms, legs and other parts of your body to make you healthy and strong . Some people buy equipments for their homes, but it is very expensive. Exercise can be fun. Friends can 您能行使在健身中心,他们有很多设备 行使您的胳膊、腿和您的身体的其他部分的意志heip使您健康和加强。 某些人买设备为他们的家,但它是非常昂贵的。 锻炼可以是乐趣。 朋友能一起行使在健身中心,或者他们一起能piay体育。 怎么您行使。 [translate] 
a今天的 Today [translate] 
aIf you love ,how long can you love? 如果您爱,您多久能爱? [translate] 
a网上商品种类繁多 你可以找到任何你想要的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe rules laid out in the last chapter may have made it sound as if testing is optional. It is not. 在最后章节计划的规则也许做了它声音,好象测试任意的。 它不是。 [translate] 
aThere is no real evidence to suggest high-protein diets improve our performance at school. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a星期天晚上吃什么?我们吃土豆。 What Sunday evening eats? We eat the potato. [translate] 
as sing s唱歌 [translate] 
awhat kind of work they would do. When I was at school, we had to choose 什么样的工作他们将完成。 当我在学校,我们必须选择 [translate] 
atelevision, print, and Web-based media. Since 2001, national, regional, 电视、印刷品和基于互联网的媒介。 自2001年以来,国民,地方, [translate] 
aplease sign in to verify your age .or cilck here to regiser .it's 100% free 请签到核实这里您的年龄.or cilck对regiser .it是100%自由 [translate] 
aDETAILS: static, public 细节: 静止,公众 [translate] 
adear,I‘ll be there 亲爱, I `ll那里 [translate] 
a20DEC11 20DEC11 [translate] 
asolve the second riddle of the clay dolls song 解决黏土玩偶歌曲的第二条谜语 [translate] 
a伱每天大约花多长时间练习讲英语 伱 probably spends the long time to practice every day to speak English [translate] 
aSCIF:Exception of type 'Ebf.Core.BusinessComposer.ExceptionModel.EBException' was thrown. SCIF :类型‘Ebf.Core.BusinessComposer.ExceptionModel.EBException的’例外被投掷了。 [translate] 
a6:00get up, 7:00go to school,activity ,time 6:00得到, 7:00去学校,活动,时间 [translate] 
a与 进行来往 With carries on communicates [translate] 
athe silly season 新闻缺乏时期 [translate] 
asweet.dream sweet.dream [translate] 
a形而下为之器 The physical is it [translate] 
a你可以带着你的详细资料 尺寸发过来给我 You may have your detailed material size to send give me [translate] 
aargentina and india 阿根廷和印度 [translate] 
astrength uniformity 力量均一 [translate] 
aThe Great Gatsby is one of the most famous books in the 20th century. The hero, Gatsby, who lives a poor life in youth age, never subdues to fate, and with the great passion on making his dream come true, he gains a lot of money. But money won’t satisfy his goal to pursue the pure love in his life---Daisy. The death o 伟大的Gatsby是其中一本最著名的书在20世纪。 英雄, Gatsby,在青年年龄居住恶劣的生活,从未制服到命运,并且以巨大激情在做他的梦想来真实,他获取很多金钱。 但金钱在他的生活中不会满足他的目标追求纯净的爱---雏菊。 Gatsby死亡完全捣毁Gatsby在他自己的花梢世界建立的梦想。 通过所有这我们能看伟大的Gatsby是关于美国梦和试图到达错觉性目标那些人的倒台。 [translate] 
a1月1日休假 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai'm waitting you know waitting您的i'm知道 [translate] 
awith you all things 与您所有事 [translate] 
aI want to feel your sweet embrace 我想要感觉您的甜点拥抱 [translate] 
ano. teeth 否。 牙 [translate] 
a我真的爱上你了德安 I really fell in love with your De'an [translate] 
a依据流程梳理系统需求 Combs the system demand based on the flow [translate] 
amiss you , So look look you !! hehe !! 想念您,因此看神色您!! hehe!! [translate] 
aBVLCARI BVLCARI [translate] 
a城市建设工程系 Urban construction engineering department [translate] 
aSuche Wo und Was Stichwort, Name, Telefonnummer 搜寻的地方,并且主题词,名字,电话号码 [translate] 
a别给脸不要脸 [translate] 
a通知,在12月16日星期五下午5:00有个讲座。 The notice, Friday in the afternoon 5:00 has a course in December 16. [translate] 
ahow are you all keeing. 怎么样您所有keeing。 [translate] 
a桌子上有一把刀和叉 On the table has a knife and the fork [translate] 
athe intention of your visual message must be established before creating an chart 必须在创造图之前建立您的视觉消息的意图 [translate] 
a在路上遇到困难的人我会帮助的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time. [translate] 
aa man is not old as long as he is seeking something 只要他寻找某事,一个人不是老 [translate] 
a帮助没一个人是我们应该做的 A help person has not been we should do [translate] 
a幸福是什么意思呢?怎样才能感觉到幸福呢? What meaning is happiness? How can feel happily? [translate]