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. Sorry inform you, our users find that your price is too high.


. I am sorry to inform you, our user find your price is too high.


。 I'm sorry to inform you, our users find your price is too high.




.Was sorry very much informs the expensive side, our user discovered the expensive side price too is high.
aForever angels 永远天使 [translate] 
a这个大厅至少能容纳50人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLuodai is warm and humid all year round with distinct seasons. The best travel season is March and April when it is sunny and beautiful. Luodai是温暖和潮湿的整年在周围以分明季节。 当它晴朗和美好时,最佳的旅行季节是3月和4月。 [translate] 
aprimary , goal 初选,目标 [translate] 
a事物具有两面性 The thing has the dual character [translate] 
a空无一物 A bareness thing [translate] 
aSince Beijing's first ski resort was opened ten years ago, the sport has enjoyed astonishing increase. There are now more than a dozen resorts. Clothes markets in the city have added bright colored ski suits to their winter collections. Mr. Wei, a manager of a newly-opened ski resort in Beijing, sees the growth of an i [translate] 
aThat morning, Er Yi took me to his brother and sister also play Changfeng Park. Park landscape very beautiful! Roadside trees lush, verdant grass as one long green apple on the ground, the tree cicada still sing it for us. We appreciate the scenery all the way, came to the "dump music." One here, we have a few little g 那天早晨,唔伊把我带对他的兄弟,并且姐妹也演奏长风公园。 公园风景非常美好! 路旁树醉汉,嫩绿的草作为一个美国钞票苹果在地面,树蝉仍然唱它为我们。 我们一直赞赏风景,来了到“转储音乐”。 一这里,我们有几个小人将熔铸喜悦。 我们演奏碰撞用汽车,我的兄弟总击中了我,很好,我不弄乱与。 我的兄弟被击中连贯三次,他击中了佝偻病,让他品尝我的坏。 然后,我们也播放绷床,摩托车,而且画小船… ... [translate] 
a充满能量的 Fill energy [translate] 
a在我知道自己可能不能及时完成任务时,我会先打个电话给负责人告诉他我现在的情况,看能不能推迟一点,如果不能我就尽力去继续做,至少能不要缺那么多。 In me knew when promptly oneself possibly cannot complete the task, I can telephone first for the person in charge tell him me now the situation, looked can postpone, if cannot I with every effort continue to do, can at least not the important post that many. [translate] 
a在经济方面,中国的经济较20年前有了快速的增长,人民生活水平有了许多改善,人民更加富裕。 In the economical aspect, China's economical 20 years ago had the fast growth, the lives of the people level had many improvements, the people have been wealthier. [translate] 
a我们上星期订购的那批电脑都是坏的 We ordered last week that batch of computer all was bad [translate] 
aJoe_Hisaishi-The_Best_Of_Cinema_Music-2011 Joe_Hisaishi-The_Best_Of_Cinema_Music-2011 [translate] 
aMy soul is very old and dark 我的灵魂是非常老和黑暗的 [translate] 
a您好,不好意思,我刚刚问了我的同事,我们是FOB(tianjin),不是shenzhen,我们这个价格不含税的。谢谢! 您是好,困窘,我要求我的同事,我們是FOB (天津),不是深圳,我們的這個價格不包含稅。謝謝! [translate] 
aThe young man who came back with her isn't the one who went to the Paris with her.是什么意思? 年轻人谁回来了与她不是去到巴黎与她的是什么意思的人? [translate] 
a腾讯QQ目前有简体中文版、繁体中文版、英文版、泰文版、非洲版、日本版、印尼版等多种版本,仅支持Windows32位平台。 [translate] 
a另有约定 一致をさらに持っている [translate] 
aits core played in the resource supplement 在资源补充演奏的它的核心 [translate] 
abios chipset 生物活素芯片组 [translate] 
aIt comer from the water in the river. 它来者从水在河。 [translate] 
a该是某人干某事的时候了 Should be somebody does something time [translate] 
a交通道路系统 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aBe happy,Strong ,health in this Christmas Eve. Love and Miss you always! 是愉快的,强,健康在这圣诞前夕。 爱和小姐总您! [translate] 
a看到它那清澈的水,真的会让人心旷神怡。 Saw it that limpid water, really can let the human completely relaxedly. [translate] 
aTAKE CARE PLEASE AND YOU HAPPY 小心和请您愉快 [translate] 
a我可以帮助父母做家务 I may help the parents to do the housework [translate] 
a我们是龙的子孙 We are the dragon descendants [translate] 
aI'm being too selfish. 我是太自私的。 [translate] 
a我买这件衬衣。 I buy this shirt. [translate] 
a我们对餐桌礼仪感到很随意 We feel to the dinner table etiquette very at will [translate] 
a米舍 米舍 [translate] 
a祝各位圣诞节快乐! Wishes each Christmas day to be joyful! [translate] 
aI'm finally breathing 我最后呼吸 [translate] 
a昨晚我们在做作业,他们在听音乐 We were doing one's assignment last night, they were listening to music [translate] 
a我怕让你失望 I feared lets you be disappointed [translate] 
a从此,确立了广州两千多年来岭南政治、经济、文化中心的地位。 Henceforth, has established the Guangzhou 2000 for many years Lingnan politics, the economical, the cultural center status. [translate] 
athe earth itself spins around once a year 地球每年一次转动 [translate] 
a离开家三年了 Left the family for three years [translate] 
aDomdom 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a定期组织活动, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aLeave a message for mother 留下信息为母亲 [translate] 
aCould tou piease do these ever day? tou piease能做这些天? [translate] 
aIn your heart we are nothing but mere friends 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a祝各位寒假快乐! Wishes each winter vacation to be joyful! [translate] 
aMost people believe that the study of another nation, its society and culture, can be not only fascinating but also _______. 多数人相信另一个国家、它的社会和文化的研究,可以是不仅引人入胜,而且_______。 [translate] 
a平均增速 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aimages are converted to color. Images are then converted [translate] 
awill the color run in the wash? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a现代室内装饰设计中的禅宗美学 In modern interior decoration design zen esthetics [translate] 
a公民旅遊總部 The citizen travels the headquarters [translate] 
aYes sure 是 当然 [translate] 
a符合空气动力学 Conforms to the aerodynamics [translate] 
a。很抱歉通知贵方,我方用户发现贵方价格太高。 .Was sorry very much informs the expensive side, our user discovered the expensive side price too is high. [translate]