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On the economic front, China's economy over 20 years ago with the rapid growth, there have been many people's living standards improve, people richer.


In economy, the economy of China increased by a large margin than 20 years ago, the living standards of the people had a lot of improvement, the people are richer.


On the economic front, China's economy than 20 years ago there has been a rapid growth, the people's living standard has a lot to improve, enhance the prosperity of peoples.


In the area of the economy, the economy of China more than 20 years ago, there were the rapid growth, the living standards of the people there are a lot of improvements, and people more wealthy.


In the economical aspect, China's economical 20 years ago had the fast growth, the lives of the people level had many improvements, the people have been wealthier.
ashock interactions of solids 固体的震动互作用 [translate] 
a祝小姨子生日快乐 天天开心 Wishes the sister-in-law birthday to be joyful Daily happy [translate] 
a现在是做贩卖粮食生意的 Now is does trades the grain business [translate] 
a遇到困难的时候千万不要丧失信心 Meets the difficult time do not have to lose confidence [translate] 
aMystery shopping is becoming a popular method for companies to evaluate there employees and their customer services skills. Although there are a lot of different opinions about this, mystery shopping is actually growing as an industry. You will be assigned to shop and dine in different places and report your experience [translate] 
a一个人孤单的活着 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a?Seam detail at elbows 锛熺紳缁嗚妭鍦ㄦ墜鑲� [translate] 
aadding rosemary extracts to ground beef helped prevent the formation 增加迷迭香萃取物到被帮助的绞细牛肉防止形成 [translate] 
a在我知道自己可能不能及时完成任务时,我会先打个电话给负责人告诉他我现在的情况,看能不能推迟一点,如果不能我就尽力去继续做,至少能不要缺那么多。 In me knew when promptly oneself possibly cannot complete the task, I can telephone first for the person in charge tell him me now the situation, looked can postpone, if cannot I with every effort continue to do, can at least not the important post that many. [translate] 
aSince Beijing's first ski resort was opened ten years ago, the sport has enjoyed astonishing increase. There are now more than a dozen resorts. Clothes markets in the city have added bright colored ski suits to their winter collections. Mr. Wei, a manager of a newly-opened ski resort in Beijing, sees the growth of an i [translate] 
aMy soul is very old and dark 我的灵魂是非常老和黑暗的 [translate] 
aOn-Line Trade Confidence Act 网上商业信心行动 [translate] 
a。很抱歉通知贵方,我方用户发现贵方价格太高。 .Was sorry very much informs the expensive side, our user discovered the expensive side price too is high. [translate] 
a充满能量的 Fill energy [translate] 
a您好,不好意思,我刚刚问了我的同事,我们是FOB(tianjin),不是shenzhen,我们这个价格不含税的。谢谢! 您是好,困窘,我要求我的同事,我們是FOB (天津),不是深圳,我們的這個價格不包含稅。謝謝! [translate] 
a我在一所学校学习英语 I in a school study English [translate] 
aJoe_Hisaishi-The_Best_Of_Cinema_Music-2011 Joe_Hisaishi-The_Best_Of_Cinema_Music-2011 [translate] 
a南效公园 South effect park [translate] 
aVice squadron Leaders 副少校 [translate] 
a让他们个个都考上清华大学,个个都成为国家的栋梁 让他们个个都考上清华大学,个个都成为国家的栋梁 [translate] 
atoo many things need to do, to improve, to light up, to breakout. and i luv Steve 许多事需要做,改善,容光焕发,到断裂。 并且i luv史蒂夫 [translate] 
aa significant change in the dipole moment of the phenoxide 在phenoxide上的偶极矩的一个重大的变化 [translate] 
ai will buy it after 20 years 我在20年以后将买它 [translate] 
aHarry Potter star Daniel Radcliff recently topped a Heat Magazine list of the richest ,young British entertainers,retaining his NO.1 position in the ranking of people under 30years old. Harry Potter星丹尼尔Radcliff在人等第最近冠上了最富有,年轻英国的艺人热杂志名单,保留他的没有位置在30years之下老。 [translate] 
aWe mustn't go thought here 我们不能这里去想法 [translate] 
ait's too far to handle 它太远的以至于不能处理 [translate] 
asystem object 系统对象 [translate] 
a看电视对视力有影响,尤其是孩子 Looked the television is influential to the vision, in particular child [translate] 
ageeft nieuwe energie ressource 从未geeft Uwe能源 [translate] 
a高寅 Gao Yin
aI love you long time, and wait for you for a long time, and now I want to leave, and even longer than the long, long time 我爱你很长时间,和长期等待您,并且我比久,很长时间现在想要离开,并且长期 [translate] 
aMegatron Megatron [translate] 
a采访证 Interview card [translate] 
a-what you are we used to be, what we are you will be -什么您是我们使用是,什么我们是您将是 [translate] 
a你知道这家餐厅在什么路上吗? What road do you know this dining room on? [translate] 
aworth trying. 值得尝试。 [translate] 
aIf you lose him I will lose everything 如果您失去他我将丢失一切 [translate] 
acan I steaI pictureof you so I can show santa cIavs to teII him what I want for christmas? 能I steaI pictureof您,因此我能显示圣诞老人cIavs对teII他什么我为圣诞节想要? [translate] 
a当我遇见你永远不会忘记你 Когда я встречаю вы никогда не забывали вас [translate] 
a我十分想你 我十分想你 [translate] 
abasketba basketba [translate] 
aGrouchy wants to make the Christmas tree even smurfier 不满想要使圣诞树smurfier [translate] 
atac cranio TAC头骨 [translate] 
aEstimated Expiration Date: December 5, 2012 估计的有效期: 2012年12月5日 [translate] 
aYour Item's Status 您的项目的状态 [translate] 
aThere are four kinds of editing. 有四编辑。 [translate] 
aIf you can contact me on 01 7011 572 I will be able to take the 50 Euro Deposit payment off you. Please note we are only able to accept Credit Card Payments over the phone. 如果您能与我联系在01 7011 572我能采取50欧洲放置付款您。 请注意我们只能接受信用卡付款在电话。 [translate] 
a白歌 White song [translate] 
a但是他没有放弃,在老师的帮助下,学会了读书和说话 But he has not given up, under teacher's help, learned to study with the speech [translate] 
a尐将 尐 [translate] 
aI don't want to fear, so I no longer love 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a只有健康的身体,才有玩乐的资本,一个人的健康,可以关系到整个家庭,所以,健康是一切幸福的根源 Only then the health body, only then has the amusement capital, a person's health, may relate the entire family, therefore, the health is all happy roots [translate] 
astrive to 努力 [translate] 
a减少尾气的排放 Reduced exhaust emissions [translate] 
a在经济方面,中国的经济较20年前有了快速的增长,人民生活水平有了许多改善,人民更加富裕。 In the economical aspect, China's economical 20 years ago had the fast growth, the lives of the people level had many improvements, the people have been wealthier. [translate]