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Forever without limits love
aThe last one ,can not turn ,do not turn ,turn over the dirt will be in his eyes . 最后一个,不可能转动,不转动,不移交土在他的眼睛。 [translate] 
aThis product is isotonic only if the specified amounts of powder and water are used. 只有当使用,这个产品是等渗的指定的相当数量粉末和水。 [translate] 
aDo you have EGO-tank traslucid cartridges 您有自我坦克traslucid弹药筒 [translate] 
abe made available 使可利用 [translate] 
aadd a magic shrub to the village (shrubs count towards your garden limit) 增加不可思议的灌木到村庄(灌木计数往您的庭院极限) [translate] 
aThe accounting for cash is critical because it is the liquid and most easily manipulated asset of a business.The major tasks in accounting for cash are: 1. controlling and safeguarding cash 因为它是事务的液体和最容易地被操作的财产,会计为现金是重要的。主要任务在占现金是: 1. 控制和保障现金 [translate] 
a中南大学湘雅二医院 South central university Hunan elegant two hospitals [translate] 
aEstimated Expiration Date: April 19, 2012 估计的有效期: 2012年4月19日 [translate] 
aDon't lie to me,please 对我不要说谎,请 [translate] 
a"I love you",so this stands for what? “我爱你”,因此这代表什么? [translate] 
a他有一个女儿 He has a daughter [translate] 
a男儿有泪不轻弹 The son has the tear not light shell [translate] 
aこの動画の様な挑発行為は民度の低い隣国と同じやり方ではないか­。 [translate] 
a玛丽从来没干过这种活,不知她和别人是否合得来。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aadequate negotiating skills 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aContaining Folder ID 包含文件夹ID [translate] 
aentoncens se toma el chocolate con churros entoncens采取巧克力与churros [translate] 
a你要注意安全,第一次去非洲 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他假装没听见我说话,继续听音乐 He disguises not to hear me to speak, continues to listen to music [translate] 
asometimes called the board of governor 有时告诉了政府委员会 [translate] 
a邀请我到你家 Invites me to your family [translate] 
aaufsetzen 着陆 [translate] 
a我用所带的人民币现金1元兑换美元1元, I use the Renminbi cash 1 Yuan which brings to exchange US dollar 1 Yuan, [translate] 
aCheck the Taskbar & Add or Remove programs if the VGA driver has been installed successfully 如果成功地,安装了VGA司机检查Taskbar &增加或者去除节目 [translate] 
ahave sometimes resorted to deception to get coworkers to do what I want. 有时采取欺骗使工友做什么我想要。 [translate] 
aHDD password 是什么意思 HDD password is any meaning [translate] 
a我是多么爱你的啊 Soy amor usted [translate] 
aIt's not the goodbye that hurts,but the flashbacks that follow. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou make my jucies flow 您做我的jucies 流程 [translate] 
a  今天我参观了重庆园博园,其中民俗文化的丰富让我大开眼界,我特别喜欢那些美丽的剪纸。   中国的剪纸艺术历史悠久。因材料易得,而且贴近生活,所以剪纸成为了最普及的民间传统艺术。   从商代开始,就有人用金银箔、皮革镂空刻花作装饰品。传说,汉武帝宠妃李氏去世后,武帝思念不已,于是请人用麻纸剪成李妃的影像,这大概就是最早的剪纸。剪纸起源于汉,到南北朝时已经相当精熟,真正繁盛却是在清朝以后。我们现在还可以在历代典籍中找到剪纸的痕迹:   “楼空做胜传荆俗,剪彩为人起晋风”——唐,李商隐。   “向旧都天街,有剪诸色花样者,极精妙,随所欲而成。”   剪纸在民间是用剪刀铰出而主,有的艺人使用刻刀,还有的可以一刀多纸提高效率。人们在节日,用 [translate] 
aWoman, I quit 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我知道了 你是通过我们公司的电话找查到的我们公司的地址 I had known you are look for Zha Dao through our company's telephone our company's address [translate] 
a服从香港总公司的调控 Obeys Hong Kong Main corporation the regulation [translate] 
aSport Technology 体育技术 [translate] 
a公司已经倒闭 The company already went out of business [translate] 
a他们通常在放学后写作业 They after are usually on vacation from school write the work [translate] 
aI can understand your concern. I am really sorry. 我可以了解您的关心。 我真正地抱歉。 [translate] 
aThe heat duty and the correction factor FT are calculated from the specification (1). 热义务和修正系数FT从规格(1)被计算。 [translate] 
athe moment,I was so excited that i couldnot calm down.about two hours 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aジュウゴ サスケとカリンは無事だろうか 是(jiyuugosasuke)和(karin)大概安全的? [translate] 
aAfter dissolution is complete, wash the walls of the vessel down with distilled water 在溶解是完全的之后,冲船的墙壁与蒸馏水 [translate] 
a他用人民自己的语言来写普通人民,把为贵族生活和上等人的词汇所窒息的英诗解放出来,用以前的英国诗人从未用过的清新、自然、素淡的语言来写诗,表达了对新的现实的新的敏感,体现了深刻思想、真挚感情与朴素语言的完美结合。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acrystal tec 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
anot just any card game .It is one of the most strategic there is 不仅任何打牌。它是一个最战略那里是 [translate] 
a陪我说会儿话 Accompanies me to speak the little while speech
aStay WELL 保重 [translate] 
aArticle 2 (Definition of Confidential Information) [translate] 
a  梦幻的世界——超现实主义画派 [translate] 
a他表现出了极大的兴趣 He displayed the enormous interest [translate] 
a我出生于农村,就读于城市,所以中国农民淳朴宽厚的传统美德与城市人的坚强自信的个性在我身上得到完美结合,这也让我具有良好的社会适应能力.大学三年的磨练更使我阅历大增,综合能力加强,个人素质得到质的飞跃. I am born in the countryside, goes study in the city, therefore the Chinese farmer simple and honorable generous tradition moral excellence and city slicker's strong self-confident individuality obtains the perfect union on my body, this also lets me have the good society adaptiveness. The universit [translate] 
athe first seeing is not ture! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe propose that the determinants of fair pay judgments can be grouped into three categories. 我们提议公平的薪水评断定列式可以被编组入三个类别。 [translate] 
aPetronas Twin Towers Petronas双塔 [translate] 
amiedo! 恐惧! [translate] 
aTherefore I install magento not to be able now to connect the database 所以我安装magento不是连接数据库的能现在 [translate] 
a永无止境的爱 Forever without limits love [translate]