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Advertising is everywhere, polluting school environment, cannot give us a good study environment


Advertising is everywhere, and school environment pollution and does not give us a good learning environment


a电子品牌 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a植树造林,从而改善空气 Afforestation, thus improvement air
a1. No contamination was detected 1. 污秽未被查出 [translate] 
a自信对于一个人是很重要的 Regarding a person is self-confidently very important [translate] 
aBut we have to admit that it is too expensive for us to use such machines, which cost a lot. Not every family can afford such a high-intelligence robot. Furthermore, the machine cannot communicate with people with a real sense, either. In my opinion, robots are really useful for our life. But they still need improvemen [translate] 
alost in a riddle that saturday night 丢失在谜语那星期六夜 [translate] 
aUpload is succeeded,pls copy this links: 加载成功, pls复制此连接: [translate] 
a我只有等我父亲回中国后,我才能够出租房子。 After I then wait for my father to return to China, I only then can hire the house. [translate] 
ateacher don't make some let I hate you or hate your behavior ! 老师不做一些让我恨您或恨您的行为! [translate] 
a我问你呢? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a  信守和尊重一个诺言,或许要比登一座山更难诚实守信是我们做人的原则,做人连最基本的诚实都没有,那结果会怎样呢?小学生应该从小就要养成诚实守信的品德。人如果不信守诺言,那将会是一个怎样的世界呢?自私、冷酷、无情、不诚实、没有信任,人与人之间将会无情地隔离很远。亲爱的朋友们,让我们以诚相待、信守诺言,建立一个和谐、美好、充满爱心的世界吧!为了大家做到诚实守信、信守诺言、不弄虚作假的高尚品德,就让我们从小养成诚实的良好习惯吧! Abides by and respects a promise, perhaps must ascend a mountain to be more difficult than the honest code of honor is our personhood's principle, the personhood links basically honest does not have, how can that result? The elementary student should want to foster the honest code of honor since chi [translate] 
aIncrease the formation 增加形成 [translate] 
aaustralis is one of the few countries, people drive on the left in these countries 极光为数不多的国家之一,人驱动在左边在这些国家 [translate] 
aCan you find then time? 您能否然后发现计时? [translate] 
a该报告显示这种手机很受年轻人的欢迎 This report demonstrated this kind of handset gains young people's popularity very much [translate] 
ain mount berry, georgia, people find a group of schools built specially for mountain children. the schools, as well as the mountain itself, are named after martha berry, herself a daughter of a georgian mountaineer. 在登上莓果,佐治亚,人们发现为山孩子特别地建造的一个小组学校。 学校,并且山,以马莎莓果,她自己命名一名英王乔治一世至三世时期登山家的女儿。 [translate] 
a明天我将推荐你一些 I will recommend your some tomorrow [translate] 
a货物还没有发运,没有文件 The cargo has not shipped out, does not have the document [translate] 
aall forms of accounting 会计的所有形式
afall back on 转而依靠 [translate] 
a其他的照片已经深深的被记忆在他们的脑海里 Other pictures already were deep are remembered in theirs mind [translate] 
a时间被离散化 Time by discretization [translate] 
a嘻嘻 在我们中国 你们美元是比较值钱的 如果英文好的话 可以去赚你们的钱哦 Hee hee In our China Your US dollar is quite valuable If English good May go to make your money oh [translate] 
a防水スプリンクラー有無 防水喷水隆头存在 [translate] 
ai never surrender 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aalso,your application may again take several weeks to process,so please bring apllication at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of planned travel 并且,您的应用也许再需要几个星期对过程,如此喜欢在计划的旅行前带来apllication至少4个到6个星期 [translate] 
a我认为人生有很多重要的东西对我而言,没有绝对的可言! I thought the life has very many important things as it concerns me, absolute has not been possible to say! [translate] 
a每次去交钱的时候,都要排好久的队 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe percentage of credit sales method violates the matching principle 赊销方法的百分比违犯配比的原则 [translate] 
aextract brightness,texture,color and position features for each pixel 萃取物亮光、纹理、颜色和位置特点为每个映像点 [translate] 
aDepartment of Chemical Engineerin 化工Engineerin的部门 [translate] 
awhite trouble 白色麻烦 [translate] 
a阻带衰耗 Stop-band attenuation [translate] 
aHepburn is the world's film, a rare gem, her slim figure, not vulgar, and tolerance. She's slim tall, her temperament forever so noble and pure. In the audience, she never acceptable before the camera, not nudity and suggestive gestures to please the audience, pornographic films and her anymore. 1976 in shoot the fair [translate] 
apalm of the hand empty. 手的棕榈空。 [translate] 
aMiss Evans says she wants to give in the work. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aas pets have a negative influence on the surroundings. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a14 December 2011 , Wednesday 2011年12月14日,星期三 [translate] 
aay in fact ay实际上 [translate] 
apressure ventilation 压入通风 [translate] 
aE25AAD6BCBCF1F40414CE4FC8C36 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自己的位置由于在运行时间的传送的消息 Own position as a result of in running time transmission news [translate] 
a违约责任及争议解决 Violation responsibility and dispute solution [translate] 
aIt’s easy to sit back and relax as the year comes to end, but it’s more rewarding to help others and give back where you can. See why volunteering is good for your career and soul in the latest issue of Real Business. [translate] 
a是指炎热到极点的意思。大暑是一年中最热的季节 Is refers as burning hot as extreme meaning.Great Heat is in a year the hottest season [translate] 
aGratituded Gratituded [translate] 
athe hew mood 砍成心情 [translate] 
aExclusive I am alone 独家新闻我是单独的 [translate] 
aIn what instances has the system failed, allowing this nonconformity to occur? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a是错误 Is wrong [translate] 
a上海的风景 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你知道我是一个人住 You knew I am a person live [translate] 
aExtended Recording Time 延长的记录时间 [translate] 
athink we chatted before right? 认为我们在权利之前聊天了? [translate] 
aGaussian broadening 高斯变宽 [translate] 
a广告到处都是,污染学校环境,不能给我们提供良好的学习环境 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]