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aThe answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct 您为CAPTCHA输入的答复不是正确的 [translate] 
a在这四年1400多个日日夜夜中,我们的建设者们通过艰苦卓绝的努力 In these four year more than 1400 days and nights, our constructors pass the arduous endeavor [translate] 
a建筑业增加值占建筑业总产值的比重从2001 年的26%降低到2006 年的20% The architecture industry increase in value accounted for the architecture industry total output value the proportion 26% to reduce from 2001 to 2006 20% [translate] 
a冰和雪都是水这一种物质的不同形式 The ice and the snow all are Shui Zhei the material different form [translate] 
awhere is the supermarket in the writer's town 那里超级市场在作家的镇 [translate] 
a我们有相同的长相 我们有相同的长相 [translate] 
aOK TAKET CARE 好TAKET 关心 [translate] 
a你的手机号码都不对 Your handset number all not to [translate] 
aThe stranger made no reply to my greeting 陌生人没有做给我的问候的回复 [translate] 
aThe change of time zone may make you feel uncomfortable on the first or second day of your trip. Get enough sleep before your leave. You can change your meal time, exercise time and sleep time to match the new time zone. [translate] 
a批准后通过银行代发工资 After the authorization issues 0N another's behalf the wages through the bank [translate] 
a全世界以英语为母语的人有四千多万 The world has take English as the mother tongue person more than 4000 ten thousand [translate] 
aResending Your Receipt 再寄您的收据 [translate] 
athe task tags settings have changed 任务标记设置改变了 [translate] 
a黑龙江省大庆市东风新村纬二路建行街1号 Heilongjiang Province Daqing east wind new village latitude two group construction bank street 1 [translate] 
a在顶楼 In attic [translate] 
a澳大利亚电讯公司(Telstra)股东10月28日批准了该公司的功能性拆分方案,目的是令该公司能参与国家宽带网建设的交易。该方案在获得澳大利亚竞争和消费者委员会的批准后即可实施,届时澳大利亚将在十年内关闭现有的铜线网络,将用户转至新建的光纤网络上。 The Australian Telecommunication Company (Telstra) shareholder on October 28 has authorized this company's functionality resolution plan, the goal is makes this company to be able to participate in the national broadband networks construction the transaction.This plan after obtains Australia to comp [translate] 
aI think any place of education are quite hard. 我认为教育所有地方是相当坚硬的。 [translate] 
aTEL: 00966-1-4659220 FAX: 00966-1-4659213 TEL: 00966-1-4659220 FAX: 00966-1-4659213 [translate] 
aDo not ask people why . 不要要求人为什么。 [translate] 
a我们原来仅有an-synchronize V.34 modem。我负责整个project的设计和开发,并大大提高了它的performance来达到project的要求:Connect more 100 hours 没有any garbage。目前没有一款commercial modem能达到这个要求,并且全是an-synch modem。 We only have an-synchronize V.34 modem originally.I am responsible for entire project the design and the development, and enhanced its performance to achieve project greatly the request: Connect more 100 hours does not have any garbage.At present section commercial modem has not been able to meet th [translate] 
a另一种作风是“乡村俱乐部型”,管理人员很少甚或不关心生产,而只关心人。他们促成一种人人得以放松、感受友好与快乐的环境,而没有把注意力放在协同努力去实现企业的目标上。 [translate] 
a不跟谁玩啊 不跟谁玩啊 [translate] 
adouble bottom 双层底 [translate] 
a很谢谢你对我的建议 Thanks you very much to my suggestion [translate] 
a我曾经向他在阅读方面提出建议 I once put forward the proposal to him in the reading aspect [translate] 
aباکتری ، ضد التهابی ، antipruritic ، ضد عرق ها ، دئودورانت 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a缩小比例模糊 The scaled-down is fuzzy [translate] 
a再见咯,明晚见 Goodbye, will tomorrow evening see [translate] 
a亲爱的Green的老师,非常感谢您教了我们一年的英语口语。现在您要走了,我们都很难过 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI promise you ,i will never leave you again! 我许诺您,我再从未将留下您! [translate] 
a先装进车里的货物在车的最里面。 Loads into in the vehicle first the cargo in the vehicle most inside. [translate] 
aВилка скользящей муфты синхронизатора III и IV передач 同步装置的滑的传动器的叉子III和IV调动 [translate] 
a你妈的个比 你妈的个比 [translate] 
a戴维发生了什么 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAllow the water to run for 5 minutes to clear the 允许水跑在5分钟到明白 [translate] 
a我在公园等你 I wait for you in the park [translate] 
a今天我穿了一件粉红色的夹克和一条黑色的运动 Today I have put on a pink jacket and a black movement [translate] 
acompounds from new pipes into the drinking water. [translate] 
a国家主席毛泽东,带领中国人民走出水深火热之中,让人民过上好日子,我们很敬仰和爱他,是一个伟人 State president Mao Zedong, leads the Chinese people to go out abyss of suffering in, lets the people cross on the auspicious day, we respect and love him very much, is an extraordinary personality [translate] 
a他擅长弹吉他。 He does without authorization the elongated projectile guitar. [translate] 
a非常感谢Dr. Doumont 给我们带来的精彩讲座,希望每个人都能有所收获 Thanks Dr extremely. Doumont splendid course which brings to us, hoped each people all can have the harvest [translate] 
a如稿件未被采用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a还适合您的口味吗? Also suits your taste? [translate] 
a我们将在然后上午8:30在学校门口集合,坐车到南山,大约9:30到达。 We in then the morning 8:30 in the school entrance set, will go by car Mt. Na, about 9:30 will arrive. [translate] 
aКартер коробки передач 传输住房 [translate] 
aПробка заливного и контрольного отверстия 洪水和检验孔的插座 [translate] 
a是你的坚定 Is your firmness [translate] 
a现在,我们已经高三了。 Now, our already were high three. [translate] 
a怎么忍心离开我。 How is cruel enough to leaves me. [translate] 
a我们饭店不会提供不干净的食物 Our hotel cannot provide unclean food [translate] 
a飞行员在太空如何洗澡呢? How does the pilot take a bath in the outer space? [translate] 
a我话还没说完。 My speech has not said. [translate] 
aGRACE不在她的房间写作业。 GRACE does not write the work in hers room. [translate] 
aAsk joanna how she is and tell her briefly about your situation 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThere are two red books. 有二本红色书。 [translate]