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Then the penny to show for everyone to use.


And then display the operation method to everybody by penny.


Then by showing you a penny to use them.


Next to the penny for you to show how to use.


Meets down comes by penny for everybody to demonstrate the application method.
athis admits of no other explanation 这承认没有其他解释
a但是现在死掉了 But the present died [translate] 
aS. pneumoniae S. pneumoniae [translate] 
awhat will they have the party for 什么意志他们有党为 [translate] 
aIT'S BEAUTIFUL DAY AND I CAN'T SEE 它是美好的天,并且我不能看 [translate] 
a以面食为主食 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aProhibited in packaging and sales promotion goods (see section 3A) [translate] 
a猪头妹的世界因猪头哥而精彩 But pig younger sister's world because of pig elder brother splendid [translate] 
aI want to be on the edge of glory and I 'm hanging on a moment with you. 我想要是蹭上荣耀,并且我在片刻垂悬与您。 [translate] 
aClearly not strangersBut outfit the More than strangers Also strange 不是清楚strangersBut成套装备多比并且陌生人奇怪 [translate] 
aTime brings nothing change but you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们需要摄入维他命 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agrow-with 生长与 [translate] 
a最近の旦那の样子がおかしくてどうにも気になってしまう人妻ありさ。突然の残业や饮み会、外食の多さがここのところかなり目立ってきているのだ。気のせいだと自分に言い闻かせても夜の営みがここ最近ない事もあり疑心暗鬼に陥っていた。闷々とした気持ちを抱えたまま过ぎていく日々、そんなある日パソコンで见つけた兴信所に旦那の浮気调査を依頼する事にしたのだが…。 最近大师的样孩子是奇 [translate] 
aTheir rate of learning is helped by the fact that they want to learn and consequently try to learn. 他们的学会的率由事实帮助他们想要学会和因而设法学会。 [translate] 
aSaisissez ici les 16 chiffres de votre carte bancaire 这里占领您的银行卡16个图 [translate] 
afor an Australian visa.The required health assessment(s)are listed against each applicant 为澳大利亚签证。必需的健康评估(s)是列出的反对每个申请人 [translate] 
a它是一部反省笔记 It is an introspection note [translate] 
aThe Financial Services Authority can require a bank to pay a fine. In extreme cases the authority can cancel the bank's authorization and therefore its ability to carry on business. The authority can also remove an individual from his or her position at the bank and prohibit the individual from carrying out functions i [translate] 
a血神 Бог крови [translate] 
astarts at nine o clock ,Please write and tell me about your morning 以九o时钟开始,请写并且告诉我关于您的早晨 [translate] 
aAs the passengers’ subjective evaluation, the utility value 作为乘客’主观评估,公共价值 [translate] 
ain order to streamline government functions and build a service-oriented leadership, Dalian has deepened reform of the administrative approval system by reducing the items of administrative approval, building a service platform, optimizing the approval procedures and improving transparency. 为了简化政府作用和建立面向服务的领导,大连通过减少行政认同项目,建立服务平台,优选认同规程和改进透明度加深行政认同系统的改革。 [translate] 
a熊猫是一个可爱的动物 The panda is a lovable animal [translate] 
a社会在变革,社会对职业教育的需求也在不断变化。 The society is transforming, the society unceasingly is also changing to the vocational education demand. [translate] 
a4.制订、分析和汇总各项管理分析报表,提供经营决策; [translate] 
a品牌商业信誉 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a床品布艺打造温暖居室 [translate] 
aDoing exercises regularly can guard against a number of diseasea. 做锻炼可能通常守卫免受一定数量的diseasea。 [translate] 
a当看到你们脸上带着灿烂的微笑在等候我时 When saw on your face has the bright smile in to wait for time me [translate] 
aSome people. You waiting long. But thinking about others. 某些人。 您长期等待。 但考虑其他。 [translate] 
a构建科技城科技成果孵化平台研究 Constructs the science and technology city scientific and technical payoffs to hatch the platform research [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!等等 [translate] 
aServer Files 服务器文件 [translate] 
a我非常感激丈夫为我做的一切 I feel grateful extremely the husband all which does for me [translate] 
aTable 1, shows that boars purchased each generation from a seedstock herd make no genetic progress in litter size weaned. 表1,表示,公猪在被断绝的废弃物大小没有购买每个世代从seedstock牧群获得基因进展。 [translate] 
a她有一些武断 She has arbitrary some [translate] 
a教师适应性是指教师在课程变革中因适应外界的变革要求,对自身的心理状态和行为实践做出调整,从而在自我与环境之间保持平衡的心理一行为特征。 The teacher compatibility is refers to the teacher to transform in the curriculum because of the adaptation outside transformation request, makes the adjustment to own psychology and the behavior practice, thus in maintains a balanced psychological behavior characteristic with the environment betwee [translate] 
a对你来说步行去学校最好 Walks the school to you to be best [translate] 
ahe EP2 compared with EP1 and wild-type plants. Instead, the [translate] 
a鼓励用户举报 The encouragement user reports to the authorities [translate] 
a一般情况下,面试中有参观办公室这一部分a tour of In the ordinary circumstances, interviews has visits office this part of a tour of [translate] 
a湿透 Soaking [translate] 
a成绩差的同学 Result difference schoolmate [translate] 
aonly english 仅英语 [translate] 
a我知道你心里很清楚,你要找怎样的女孩 I knew in your heart is very clear, how girl do you have to look for [translate] 
a可变气门正时系统 Invariable valve timing system [translate] 
aactividad 活动 [translate] 
a自杀的主要原因是社会原因 The suicide primary cause is the social reason [translate] 
aClimb on knives 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a  1、巧克力消费在中国是个发展潜力巨大的市场 1st, the chocolate expends in China is the development potential giant market [translate] 
agirl stop translating chinese into english 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!红灯 Red candle [translate] 
ayou brother do homework every day. 您兄弟每天做家庭作业。 [translate] 
a接下来由penny来为大家展示使用方法。 Meets down comes by penny for everybody to demonstrate the application method. [translate]