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aloves 。 [translate] 
a他是一位真正的勇士 He is a genuine brave warrior [translate] 
ahiding and identity 掩藏和身分 [translate] 
aI could be everything you need say what you wanna hear 我可能是您需要言的一切什么您想要听见 [translate] 
a让我欢欢你一辈子吗? Let my happy happy you for a lifetime? [translate] 
a差异程度即变现折扣率大约在10-15%。 The difference degree namely changes the present discount rate approximately in 10-15%. [translate] 
a曾荣获院校“三好学生”、“优秀学生干部”称号,龙岗区中小学舞蹈二等奖 Once had the honor to receive the colleges and universities “the healthy, studious, and helpful student”, “the outstanding student cadre” the title, Long Gangqu the elementary and middle schools dances the second prize [translate] 
a热带风暴中心 Tropical storm center [translate] 
a大家都玩得很开心 Everybody plays very much happy [translate] 
a让我来向你们介绍我们班超级无敌的同学们把 Let me come to you to introduce our class super invincible schoolmate [translate] 
aBe sure to treat ourselves with a smile come on! Be sure to treat ourselves with a smile come on! [translate] 
a第五组样品 [translate] 
aAfter dissolution is complete, wash the walls of the vessel down with distilled water 在溶解是完全的之后,冲船的墙壁与蒸馏水 [translate] 
a100米蝶泳 100 meters butterfly strokes [translate] 
a感谢您们抚育我成长,担任我人生的启蒙老师,教会我如何生活,如何感恩! Thanks you to nurture me to grow, teacher who holds the post of my life, how the church I lives, how feels grateful! [translate] 
a男士佩饰区 The gentleman wears plays the part of the area [translate] 
a可以提高我们的英语口语水平 May raise our English spoken language proficiency [translate] 
a公司未来5年的发展:麦当劳未来5年在云南新开20家店。昆明诺仕达集团正式麦当劳签署发展式特许经营合作协议,来扩大到亚洲的影响。 Company future 5 years development: MacDonald future 5 years in Yunnan newly opened 20 family stores.Elder brother Mimno Shi reaches group official MacDonald to sign the development type special permission management cooperation agreement, expands to Asia's influence. [translate] 
a我可以和他人分享、交流信息 I may with other people share, the exchange information [translate] 
a他经常和他的朋友们练习踢足球그와 그의 친구들은 종종 축구 연습을 재생 He frequently and his friends practices to play the soccer 그 와 그 의 친 구 들 은 종 종 축 구 연 습 을 재 생 [translate] 
ain order to streamline government functions and build a service-oriented leadership, Dalian has deepened reform of the administrative approval system by reducing the items of administrative approval, building a service platform, optimizing the approval procedures and improving transparency. 为了简化政府作用和建立面向服务的领导,大连通过减少行政认同项目,建立服务平台,优选认同规程和改进透明度加深行政认同系统的改革。 [translate] 
a血神 Бог крови [translate] 
a4.制订、分析和汇总各项管理分析报表,提供经营决策; [translate] 
a看,这本书很便宜。它只花三元钱 Looked that, this book is very cheap.It only spends three Yuan [translate] 
a接下来由penny来为大家展示使用方法。 Meets down comes by penny for everybody to demonstrate the application method. [translate] 
aAs the passengers’ subjective evaluation, the utility value 作为乘客’主观评估,公共价值 [translate] 
a品牌商业信誉 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aC:The invention of paper is of great significance to man. C :纸的发明供以人员的是伟大意义。 [translate] 
a社会在变革,社会对职业教育的需求也在不断变化。 The society is transforming, the society unceasingly is also changing to the vocational education demand. [translate] 
aHave a party for her 有一个党为她 [translate] 
aone slipper off and one slipper on 一个拖鞋和一个拖鞋 [translate] 
a大米种植在南方 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a灰度平均值 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a去年天气非常炎热,所有空调都脱销了 The weather extremely was burning hot last year, all air conditioning all were out of stock [translate] 
a上网对学生有很大的影响 The surfer has the very tremendous influence to the student [translate] 
a2. There was only one catch and that was catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have 2. 只有一抓住,并且那是捉住22,指定关心为自己安全在是真正和直接的是一个理智的头脑的过程的危险面前。 Orr是疯狂的,并且能被着陆。 他必须做的所有是要求; 并且,当他,他不再会是疯狂的,并且必须飞行更多使命。 [translate] 
aWhat's this passage about 什么是这个段落 [translate] 
a随身携带一些饼干以防路上肚子饿 Carries some biscuits to guard against on along with the road the belly to be hungry [translate] 
a“she usually gose to work in the morning and comes home late at night” “she usually gose to work in the morning and comes home late at night” [translate] 
a男儿有泪不轻弹 The son has the tear not light shell [translate] 
a元素支配者 Element dominant person [translate] 
alet'S SMILE 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a对于老人来说,公园是个健身的好地方 Regarding the old person, the park is the fitness good place [translate] 
a他为国家篮球队队赢了很多的比赛 He has won very many competitions for the National Basketball team team [translate] 
aGood examples of the correlations between viscosity, 交互作用的好例子黏度之间的, [translate] 
aFrom my observation during the years 从我的观察在岁月期间 [translate] 
athe task, team maintenance and [translate] 
a许多认为回收废纸很容易 Many thought the recycling scrap paper is very easy [translate] 
aChengdu, China (CTU) to 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a上世纪九十年代以来,快餐店在上海迅速发展起来 Since on the century 90's, the fast-food restaurant has developed rapidly in Shanghai [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!LANCOME HYDRA ZEN CREAM LANCOME九头蛇禅宗奶油 [translate] 
a我的英文名叫rose My English name calls rose [translate] 
a亲属的死 Relative's death [translate] 
a故宫博物院(the Palace Museum),建立于1925年10月10日,是在明朝、清朝两代皇宫及其收藏的基础上建立起来的中国综合性博物馆,也是中国最大的古代文化艺术博物馆,其文物收藏主要来源于清代宫中旧藏。 The Palace Museum (the Palace Museum), established in October 10, 1925, is Chinese Comprehensive Museum which in the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty two generation of imperial palaces and in the collection foundation established, also was the China biggest ancient civilization art museum, its cultura [translate] 
a你几号生日? Your how many birthdays? [translate]