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Six o'clock I go to volleyball practice court


I should go to the court to practise volleyball at six o'clock


I practice at six o'clock to pitch in volleyball


I am 6:00 am to go to the golf course practicing volleyball


My six o'clock must arrive the field practice volleyball
aWhat's the meaning of the underlined word squandering in Paragraph 2? 什么是挥霍在段2的在下面划线的词的意思? [translate] 
a在起点和终点之间,留下一段你我同行的芬芳足迹 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a奥铃车 Austria bell vehicle [translate] 
aI believe there is happiness 我相信有幸福 [translate] 
aI have a factory make cable lugs. 我安排一家工厂做缆绳把手。 [translate] 
a头发长见识短 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayou are strong you are strong [translate] 
aHow would you change your neighborhood? 您怎么会改变您的邻里? [translate] 
a我认为你在那家服装店里找不到一些好东西。 I thought you cannot find some good things in that clothing store. [translate] 
abattery level battery level [translate] 
a博物馆的免费开放离不开政府或地方政府的支持,但正所谓赋税取之于民用之于民,免费开放的措施体现了我国越来越重视国民的素质的提高与全面发展。 [translate] 
ai saw it in front of your shop with something marked $10, but i thought maybe it was a mistake and you could tell me how much it was worth 我看见它在您的商店前面以某事指示了$10,但我认为可能它是差错,并且您可能告诉我多少它值得了 [translate] 
a加热我的饭 Heats up my food [translate] 
aThis agreement is often in the form recommended by FIDIC.which is entitled International General Rules of Agreement Between Clinet and Consultant(IGRA).An updated version of this model form of agreement is scheduled for publication in early 1990.The new IGRA will stipulate what authority is delegated to the engineer by 这个协议以FIDIC.which推荐的形式经常题为协议国际一般规则在Clinet和顾问(IGRA)之间。协议的这个式样形式的更新版本在新的IGRA将规定的早1990.The预定于出版物什么当局被委派对工程师由,并且应该具体地陈述的雇主其中任一当局被测量工程师在FIDIC情况下是否是受制约支配 [translate] 
aIt shall be possible 它将是可能的 [translate] 
a我需要考虑几天 I need to consider several days [translate] 
a表3显示了扩散系数的增长趋势 Table 3 has demonstrated the diffusion coefficient growth tendency [translate] 
aHave passed the College English Test B and Computer one levels of certificates , A frequent user of MS-OFFICE software user, EXCEL or POWERPOINT [translate] 
a当我们要使用手机的时候应该适度的使用 When we must use the handset time should the moderate use [translate] 
a玛丽的弟弟多大了 Mary's younger brother was big [translate] 
a希望你明白我在说什么 Hoped you understood I was saying any [translate] 
a  会挑出比较新鲜的蔬菜,而且它还会做出味道甜美的饭菜让小孩子精神抖擞。  [translate] 
a那时候,我的英语不理想,这万万是我想不到的。 That time, my English is not ideal, this is absolutely I cannot think. [translate] 
a好啊,反正现在也没什么事可做,就去沃尔玛超市吧 Good, now also does not have any matter to be possible in any case to do, goes to the Wal-Mart supermarket [translate] 
a这是一块曾在中国近代史上被其中之一的执政党作为首府的地方。 This was once is taken together in the Chinese modern history by one of them incumbent party the capital the place. [translate] 
a她早上通常6点30起床 She early morning usual 6.30 gets out of bed [translate] 
aYou are so excellent 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
again insight into 获取洞察到里 [translate] 
aending of 结尾 [translate] 
athe reason for doing sth 做sth的原因 [translate] 
a它原来是一种什么形式的建筑 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMy driver drives me to school ni my own car 我的司机驾驶我到学校ni我自己的汽车 [translate] 
a事件之后伦敦市政当局开始着手调查事件原因,但未果。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a这个故事使我很激动 This story causes me to be very excited [translate] 
a竞争也有不利的一面 The competition also has disadvantageous one side [translate] 
a짱이네떡볶이가먹고싶단말이다 (ccang)是吃的經驗豐富的米糕和(siph)它是終端 [translate] 
ainternational presentations 国际介绍 [translate] 
aEach team has ten players and a goal keeper.There are also some substitutes on the bench. 每个队有十个球员和一位目标老板。也有有些替补在长凳。 [translate] 
aThe results confirm the product 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们经常使用互联网做家庭作业 They use the Internet to make the homework frequently [translate] 
a从而积极引导大学生树立正确的世界观、人生观和价值观 Thus guides the university student to set up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life and the values positively [translate] 
a为他们募集一些钱款 Collects some cashes for them [translate] 
aJapan is gift-giving country,It is not unusual in Japan to offer a gift to a person who is leaving or has been help.Wheneople do that,the gifts tend to be substantial and expensive.However,at least in the typical Japanese style,it is not required to attach a thank-you note or card to the gift.Japanese people may expres Japan is gift-giving country, It is not unusual in Japan to offer a gift to a person who is leaving or has been help. Wheneople do that, the gifts tend to be substantial and expensive. However, at least in the typical Japanese style, it is not required to attach a thank-you note or card to the gift. [translate] 
a它们是谁的 Whose are they [translate] 
a我们的英语老师和我们相处得很好 Our English teacher and we is together very much well [translate] 
aRobert is the son of the Earl 罗伯特是伯爵的儿子 [translate] 
aThis Clause has no effect if the severance alters the basic nature of this Agreement or is contrary to public policy. 这个条目没有作用,如果切断 修改这个协议的基本的本质或与公众政策是相反的。 [translate] 
a我不想有你这个朋友,如果可以的话,我不想认识你这个朋友! I do not want to have your this friend, if may, I do not want to know your this friend! [translate] 
a组建乐队 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a虽然我 Although I [translate] 
athe enemy tried to interrupt our army's base 敌人设法中断我们的军事基地 [translate] 
aplay miner's play miner's [translate] 
a常温,干燥 Normal temperature, dry [translate] 
a这样容易获得对方的认同,有利于双方达成有效的沟通。 Such easy to obtain opposite party approval, is advantageous achieves the effective communication in both sides. [translate] 
a本文将从计算机病毒的研究背景、计算机病毒的定义、特征、类型以及防治方面进行简单的分析和探讨。 This article from computer virus' research background, computer virus' definition, the characteristic, the type as well as the preventing and controlling aspect will carry on the simple analysis and the discussion. [translate] 
a我六点钟要到球场练习排球 My six o'clock must arrive the field practice volleyball [translate]