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My brother usually at night doing homework.


My younger brother usually does the homework in the evening.


My brother often do my homework in the evening.




My younger brother usually does one's assignment in the evening.
aand can not be compared to 并且不能与比较 [translate] 
a她是非常那种女人 She is extremely that kind of woman [translate] 
a好了,若无他事你就先退下吧!下次摸再如此气焰嚣张 Good, if does not have his matter you first to draw back! Next time will trace so is again swollen with arrogance [translate] 
a你能帮我嘛 You can help me [translate] 
akind cooperation 亲切的合作 [translate] 
a心情很失落 The mood loses very much [translate] 
asince they are students who are going to graduate and choose their life, there is no reason that teachers and parents come to interferent. 因为他们是毕业和选择他们的生活的学生,没有理由那老师和父母走向interferent。 [translate] 
a爱情就是一个精心编制的谎言 Love is a careful establishment rumor [translate] 
a昨天劳拉寄了张明信片给他的父母 Yesterday Laura sent a postcard to give him the parents [translate] 
a当我和朋友在一起时,我会感到十分快乐。 When I and friend when together, I will feel extremely joyfully. [translate] 
a结束了他辉煌的一生。 Had finished his magnificent life. [translate] 
aAunt can't stand the sight of cats because she was attacked by one when she was a child 伯母不可能站立猫视域,因为她由你攻击,当她是孩子 [translate] 
a建筑限高 The construction limits high [translate] 
a风险越高收益越高 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a代保管物品存放区 Generation of storage goods depositing area [translate] 
athan half the achievable potential in many low-income countries. While 比一半可达成的潜力在许多低收入国家。 当时 [translate] 
aHow can you lose what you never had? 您怎么能丢失什么您未曾有? [translate] 
aunder consideration. Most research has [translate] 
a策略研究 Strategy research [translate] 
aI don't want to think about fatting anymore 我不想要考虑再fatting [translate] 
afate of the situation 情况的命运 [translate] 
aIf you must cling to somebody, now and forever, let it be me. [translate] 
a抽冰猴 Pulls out the ice monkey [translate] 
ashe found that she she was badly hurt 她发现她她非常受伤 [translate] 
a家长和老师应多教育孩子敬老爱幼,培养他们养成一个好的行为习惯,成为一个合格的公民 The guardian and teacher should educate the child to revere elders the care for the young, trains them to form a good behavior habit, becomes a qualified citizen [translate] 
a李先生经常穿一条20世纪80年代的牛仔裤 Mr. Li puts on frequently for 1980s the jeans [translate] 
a竞争也有不利的一面 The competition also has disadvantageous one side [translate] 
a对佛教图书馆图书编目工作的思考 To Buddhism library books catalog work ponder [translate] 
aMy driver drives me to school ni my own car 我的司机驾驶我到学校ni我自己的汽车 [translate] 
a平常的女孩 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请等待他们与你联系 Please wait for they and you relate [translate] 
astudents' rating of their teachers 他们的老师学生的规定值 [translate] 
again insight into 获取洞察到里 [translate] 
a她早上通常6点30起床 She early morning usual 6.30 gets out of bed [translate] 
ato visit the museum 参观博物馆 [translate] 
avillang villang [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!.It is important for me to have you.You are my best friend.My world beacuse of you is wonderful.Because of you I can very sutistied with the company of.Thanks for having you. . 有您我是重要的。您是我的最好的朋友。我的世界由于您是美妙的。由于我能非常的您sutistied与公司。感谢有您。 [translate] 
a18、越来越多的人明白保护野生生物的重要性。 18th, more and more many people understand the protection wild biology the importance. [translate] 
a顺利的进入了政界。 Smooth entered the political circle. [translate] 
a可以带来很多好处 May bring very many advantage [translate] 
aI can be famous and popular with my fans. 我可以是著名和普遍的我的风扇。 [translate] 
a中国南方航空公司是一所国内比较大型的航空公司,面临的对手包括有中国东方航空公司和中国国际航空等等。作为一所有知名度和市场航空领军企业,如何才能在现代激烈的市场竞争中保持自己的市场而发展,又如何才能更大的去扩大自己的领域呢。 China the China southern airlines are a domestic quite large-scale airline, faced with match embody China Eastern Airline and Chinese international air and so on.Command troops the enterprise as an all well-knownness and the market aviation, how can maintain own in the modern intense market competit [translate] 
a我们要学会拒绝,但绝等同于学会冷漠 We must learn to reject, but without equal with is indifferent in the academic society [translate] 
a在格鲁西斯特洛港 West Grewe Si Turlogh port [translate] 
aI have been missing the comfort of home during I stayed in the North this month . 我在北部错过家舒适在我期间停留了这个月。 [translate] 
ait's our duty 它是我们的义务 [translate] 
aI am sure the unfair fellow is going to talk about putting in commas 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIn the school, I always talk to my classmates in English. You know it’s good for my English speaking. Of course, I try to listen to the teacher carefully. After school, I often read some English magazines and newspapers. Sometimes I learn some English songs. It can improve my English grades. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWhat's your interesting? 什么是您感兴趣? [translate] 
a请慎重对待它 Please prudently treat it [translate] 
a年纪大的人有时候入睡有些困难 Sometimes the age big person goes to sleep some difficulties [translate] 
a查询请求的本体关联信息 The inquiry requested the main body is connected the information [translate] 
a你可以去图书馆或自习室 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aread after me 在我以后读 [translate] 
a预分馏:切取合适沸程的重整原料。在多数情况下,进入重整装置的原料是原油常压塔顶<180℃(生产高辛烷值汽油时)或<130℃(生产轻芳烃时)汽油馏分。在预分馏塔,切去<80℃或<60℃的轻馏分。 Pre-fractionation: Cuts takes boils the regulation to rally raw material appropriately.When the most situations, enters rallies the installment raw material is the crude oil constant pressure tower goes against <180℃ (produces high octane value gasoline) or <130℃ (produces when light aromatic [translate] 
a我弟弟通常在晚上做作业。 My younger brother usually does one's assignment in the evening. [translate]