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a第二节 物体的明暗 Second section object light and shade [translate] 
a1.可以使宝宝的脊椎正常发育。 1. may cause baby's vertebra normal growth. [translate] 
a危险特性 Dangerous characteristic [translate] 
a您是6点之前退房吗 You are in front of 6 o'clock returns a house [translate] 
aShow VAIO Logo Animation 显示VAIO商标动画 [translate] 
a影响饮用水源 The influence drinks the water source [translate] 
aExploring the rocks is lots of fun although it needs strength and skills to do it safely 探索岩石是许多乐趣,虽然它需要力量和技能安全地做它 [translate] 
a会损坏我们的身体 Can damage our body [translate] 
aof retirement and take up an official post the embodiment 退休和占去一个正式岗位具体化 [translate] 
a 胡萝卜是健康的食物 The carrot is healthy food [translate] 
a在中国,巧克力的生产历史不过半个世纪,规模化生产始于20世纪70年代,在90年代开始迅速发展。历经几十年的发展,国内巧克力市场已初具规模。然而,与欧美国家的巧克力市场蓬勃繁荣景象相比,国内的巧克力消费就略显尴尬。现在,欧美国家巧克力的人均消费量日益上升。瑞士是全球巧克力消费量最大的国家,每年人均消费11.16公斤,欧美的西班牙、德国、美国等年人均消费量约为10.4公斤,亚洲的日韩人均消费量也都在2.8公斤以上,而中国的人均消费量不足50克。这一切均表明,中国的巧克力市场,在未来几十年里将会有令人兴奋的高速增长机会。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a刚生完孩子已经奄奄一息,临死前交给了我一块带血的玉佩,说是留给这孩子唯一的纪念,希望她的孩子能平凡快乐的过一杯子。 He just lived the child already to suffocate, at the point of death front gave me to bring the blood jade pendant together, said leaves this child's only commemoration, hoped her the child to be able an ordinary joyful cup. [translate] 
a在多年以前我经常在这条河游泳 In many years before I frequently in this river swimming [translate] 
amike is an american boy. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aQuantity Ordered should be the outstanding PO Quantity for the item. To check the detail, use Purchase Order Lines form, enter the item number and then filter, you can find all the purchase records for the item 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aphotos, files, calendar, etc.) 小组 [translate] 
aNo one in the winter warmed my hands 没人在冬天温暖了我的手 [translate] 
a我们今天打算去公园 We plan the park today [translate] 
a课余时间。 After school. [translate] 
a随着信息化时代的的到来 Along with informationization time arrival [translate] 
a如今,旅行已经成为一种调节生活的方式。不同的人们对旅行有不同的理解和不同的追求。 Now, the travel already became one kind of adjustment life the way.The different people have the different understanding and the different pursue to the travel. [translate] 
a我会锻炼自己在交流方面的能力 I can exercise oneself in exchange aspect ability [translate] 
a这个课程能帮我们基本掌握这个新的平台并且完成40小时培训时间的目标 And this curriculum can help us to grasp this new platform to complete 40 hour training time basically the goal [translate] 
aOnline for you. 在网上为您。 [translate] 
a就是诚信问题,在网上购物出现上当受骗时常发生。 Is the good faith question, on-line shopping appears is deceived often occurs. [translate] 
aWe have got 2pcs samples from your plant yesterday, but we found the control is different with before, because we requested model is 910110300 no this one, could you help to double check this with your plant, please advice, thanks. 我们昨天有2pcs样品从您的植物,但我们发现了控制是不同的与前面,因为我们请求模型是910110300个没有这一个,可能您帮助将此与您的植物,请忠告,感谢仔细检查。 [translate] 
a〆゛丶yo yo 〆゛丶我I [translate] 
a我认为如果你能采取以下这些措施将是明智的 I below thought if you will be able to take these measures will be unwise [translate] 
aDO WHAT SEEMS RIGHT TO YOU 做什么似乎不错对您 [translate] 
aRaffles Road Palmerston Northern Territory 0830 Australia 废物路Palmerston北方领土0830澳洲 [translate] 
a二月有二十八天或二十九天。 In February has 28 days or 29 days. [translate] 
aheRie :Life is a mirror~!When you smile in front of it~it will also smile and so will it when you cry to it~! heRie :生活是mirror~! 当您在it~it前面微笑也将微笑和,因此意志它,当您哭泣对it~! [translate] 
a宁波历史悠久,是具有7000多年文明史的“河姆渡文化”发源地。唐代,宁波成为“海上丝绸之路”的起点之一,与扬州、广州并称为中国三大对外贸易港口 The Ningbo history is glorious, has more than 7000 years history of civilization “the river mho to cross the culture” the place of origin.The Tang Dynasty, Ningbo becomes “the marine Silk Road” one of beginnings, with Yangchow, Guangzhou bingcheng for Chinese three big foreign trade harbors [translate] 
amike是一个体育用品收藏者 mike is a sporting goods collector [translate] 
aOPTIONS AVANCEES 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aColor mood Color mood [translate] 
aIt is recognized that there are systems 它被认可有系统 [translate] 
athink i'm crazy of 认为i'm疯狂 [translate] 
aleave the camp undetedted 留下阵营undetedted [translate] 
aComputers help to save physical storage space 节省物理存储器空间的计算机帮助 [translate] 
a我为什么不开心 I why unhappy [translate] 
aa silent dream and a cherished love 一个沈默梦想和珍惜的爱 [translate] 
a请输入您需要Migration, Mobility and Human Rights 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在下午4点下班 4 o'clock gets off work in the afternoon [translate] 
a我想我以后会少来你空间看你了,因为我发现我是一个不受欢迎的人.....你自己要保护好自己!忙碌的日子里,记得照顾好自己! I thought I will later be able to do a bit less your space to look at you, because I discovered I was one not the human who welcome .....You must protect own! Bustles about in the day, remembered looks after own! [translate] 
a电脑的辐射会影响健康。 The computer radiation can affect the health. [translate] 
a能够熟练运用各种办公软件,具备良好的英语读写能力 Can utilize each kind of office software skilled, has the good English read-write ability [translate] 
a汤姆比他弟弟高很多 Tom compares his younger brother Gao Henduo [translate] 
a这是大连VS上海的一场足球赛 This is a Dalian VS Shanghai's soccer game [translate] 
a你应该尽快派人上门维修 You should send the human to visit as soon as possible the service [translate] 
a苗苗我爱你 The seedling seedling I loves you [translate] 
a这不是烟灰缸 This is not the ash-tray [translate] 
ai am on my way the future ,where you are there 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aundefined message,exception code.java.lang.illegalargument exception 未定义消息,例外code.java.lang.illegalargument例外 [translate] 
aMY OWN AND HAPPY FAMILY FOREVER 我自己和愉快家庭永远 [translate]