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He went to New York in order to find a job


He had to go to New York in order to find a job


He goes to New York is in order to look for the work
a降温温度 Temperature decrease temperature [translate] 
aYou are the greatest adventure of my life. 您是我的生活最巨大的冒险。 [translate] 
ahashed 切细 [translate] 
a但是它是我的朋友 But it is the friend of mine [translate] 
ait was the first in a year and a half that I'd seen the night face to face 它是一个在一年半我会面对面看见夜 [translate] 
a他不用功,结果他考不及格 He does not study hard, the result he tests does not pass an examination [translate] 
a18658, JP14LOD, JP14LOD, 2500, 0 [translate] 
aDo not be lonely love the wrong person. Let alone the wrong person because of love and lonely life. Love is the book, too casually miss turn, will be tears read too serio usly 不要是偏僻的爱错误人。 更不用说错误人由于爱和孤独的一生。 爱太偶然地是书,错过轮,将是泪花太读的serio usly [translate] 
a您结婚了还是单身? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a暂时不做 Does not do temporarily [translate] 
aextra moisture 额外湿气 [translate] 
a他家有三个人,分别是他的父母,他的姐姐和他。 His family has three people, respectively is his parents, his elder sister and he. [translate] 
a在“十一”黄金周里,我做了一些事,但我觉得非常的累,我用了整个上午帮妈妈做家务,在下午时,我和朋友一起去买衣服但是没买到,因为太贵了;在晚上,我因为很累,连晚饭也没吃就睡了。 In “11” the gold week, I have made some matters, but I thought unusual tired, I used the entire morning to help mother to do the housework, when afternoon, but I and the friend bought clothes not to buy together, because too was expensive; In evening, I because very tired, has not eaten including th [translate] 
ais not a v alid date and time 不是v alid日期和 时间 [translate] 
a你今天应该把所有的衣服都洗完 You should all wash today all clothes [translate] 
aClick Spin to begin the game. When you're feeling lucky, click Stop. GET THREE FLIES IN A ROW AND YOU WIN A $200 HOOK-UP! WIN OR LOSE, YOU'LL COLLECT A BLUEFLY BINGO GAME PIECE. THE FIRST PERSON TO SPELL "BLUEFLY" WINS $10,000! 开始比赛的点击旋转。 当您感到幸运时,点击中止。 连续得到三次飞行,并且您赢取一条$200联结线路! 赢取或丢失,您将收集BLUEFLY宾果游戏游戏片断。 拼写“BLUEFLY”胜利的第一个人$10,000! [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!may day Please input the text which you need to translate! may day [translate] 
a喝更多的水 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a到现在还没好? よくないまた現在にか。 [translate] 
a无论你在哪里我都会在原地等你回来 [translate] 
ashe had boosted Yale’s academic status 她促进了耶鲁的学术状态 [translate] 
awhen you try your best but you do not succeed 当您尝试您最佳,但时您不成功 [translate] 
aNot much meaning suddenly felt alive 并非意思突然感到活 [translate] 
a城市环境问题 Everybody believed generally that, the environment mainly includes the natural environment and the social environment two aspects.The urban environment question is by the human economy, the social development and the environment coordinated relations is destroyed, mainly is the resources uses and th [translate] 
a2-25G,China Phoeenix Building,Futian CBD,ShenZhen,518026,P.R. China 2-25G,中国Phoeenix大厦, Futian CBD,深圳, 518026, P.R。 中国 [translate] 
alearning a new languageis exciting.it is also necessary.learning english helps people all over the world talk to each other 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aToo Rude Girls At School 太粗鲁的女孩在学校 [translate] 
ayou can tell color they are 您能说出差别事 [translate] 
a我什么时候能去看病呢 When can I the go sick [translate] 
a他现在大学毕业了,自己养活自己 He the university has graduated now, own support oneself [translate] 
ahowevery,not howevery,没有 [translate] 
a这个历史故事太令我吃惊了 This historical story too made me be startled [translate] 
a盖茨是全球PC产业最为重要的人物之一 Gates is one of global PC industry most important characters [translate] 
a9F,EVER GAIN NO.3 BUILDING,22 ON SUM STREET,SHATIN,N.T. 9F,获取没有大厦, 22在总和街道, SHATIN, N.T。 [translate] 
a方法:选自2007.6—2011.6在我院产科实行该手术的30例作为研究组随机选择产科急症子宫切除的30例作为对照组, Method: Elects to implement this surgery from 2007.6-2011.6 in my courtyard obstetrics 30 30 examples which excises as the study team stochastic choice obstetrics acute disease womb to take the control group, [translate] 
aYou noticed that 您注意了那 [translate] 
a尽管山高林密,医护人员还是迅速地赶到出事地点,实施援救 Although Shan Gaolin is dense, the medical care personnel rushes rapidly the scene of the accident, the implementation rescues [translate] 
aMs. Debi Knight 女士 Debi骑士 [translate] 
a我是一个计算机软件专业毕业的学生 I am a computer software specialized graduation student [translate] 
a幸会!初次见面我就是L 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a最近汕头市里发现了一出唐代文化遗产 Recently the Shantou city has discovered a Tang Dynasty cultural heritage [translate] 
afor domestic Internet tickets purchase 为国内互联网票购买 [translate] 
a在现在的交通事故中,因为醉酒开车而导致的车祸占了绝大多数。一般是在聚会上的喝酒,之后开车回家,而在路上出了车祸。那到底是为什么呢?有些人是因为在聚会上看见了老朋友,太过于兴奋了,有些人则是因为逞强,而导致过量饮酒。现在因醉酒驾车而出车祸的数量在增加,也因为现代人的压力越来越大,而通过饮酒的方式来解压。醉酒驾车首先危害的是开车的司机,如果还带着人的话,一车人的性命都掌握在司机的手里,不知有多少人因为醉酒驾车而家破人亡。当开车的人要喝酒的时候,家人和朋友就要阻止他,每个人也都要记住一句话“你的一滴酒,家人一滴泪”。 In present traffic accident, because the alcoholic intoxication drove the traffic accident which caused to occupy the overwhelming majority.Is generally at meeting drinking, afterwards drives goes home, but had the traffic accident on the road.Why is that? Some people are because saw the old friend [translate] 
a一枝 [translate] 
a它每年都卸装许多货物 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acan you tell me how i can get to the railway station 能您告诉我怎样我可以有火车站 [translate] 
aestablishing the kinds of connections that promote active, engaged learning. 建立促進激活的這种連接,參與的學會。 [translate] 
ado up to 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a电话是由美国发明家Bell在1876发明的。它被用于与人们交谈。也被认为是世界上最有用的发明之一 The telephone is in 1876 invents by American inventor Bell.It uses in conversing with the people.Also was considered is in the world one of most useful inventions [translate] 
ayou could have fooled me 您可能唬弄了我 [translate] 
aI want to have a wonderful love 我想要有美妙的爱 [translate] 
a他35岁 他35岁 [translate] 
a他是一个悲剧,男女主人公最后没能走到一起,有缘无份,让人叹息,悲剧更具有打动人心的力量 He is a tragedy, the hero and heroine finally has not been able to arrive the same place, is predestined friends does not have the share, lets the human sigh, the tragedy has moves the will of the people the strength [translate] 
ahomiez homiez [translate] 
aCustomer Acceptance Actual Date, Target Completion Date, Billing Start Date 顾客采纳实际日期,目标完成日期,发单的起始日期 [translate] 
a他去纽约是为了找工作 He goes to New York is in order to look for the work [translate]