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When is your birthday


When is the birthday


Your birthday is when


When is your birthday
aNot to be served but to serve 不服务,而是服务 [translate] 
a他们应该比那些只吃饼干和汉堡包的人更健康 They should compare these only to eat the biscuit and the hamburger person are healthier [translate] 
aSubmitted by: MatrixCash 递交: MatrixCash [translate] 
a没有S350汽车,但是有S300汽车,可是没有销售人员没有解说S300这款车 Without the S350 automobile, but has the S300 automobile, but does not have the sales personnel not to illustrate S300 this section vehicle [translate] 
a最贵先生 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abisexual (887) [translate] 
atoo many things need to do, to improve, to light up, to breakout. and i luv Steve 许多事需要做,改善,容光焕发,到断裂。 并且i luv史蒂夫 [translate] 
a澜凌之诺利亚 米卡利斯 The billows insult Norlie Asian Mica Lees [translate] 
aare commonly and widely used in everyday life 共同地是和用途广泛在日常生活中 [translate] 
ai have a mixed feeling 我有一种复杂的感觉 [translate] 
a哦,我知道这是萨利铅笔盒。 Oh, I knew this is the Sully pencil case. [translate] 
a企业基本情况 Enterprise basic situation [translate] 
aYour search query was invalid 您的查寻询问是无效的 [translate] 
adelicately floral 精美地花卉 [translate] 
a我建议住在郊区好 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a1. 只要你觉得高兴,你干什么都不要紧。(Using "as long as" to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true) 1. So long as you think happily, you do anything not to be unimportant.(Using “as long as” to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true) [translate] 
a她还会教我怎样做人,怎样去适应社会 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe leaves a little to show that he has had enough he leaves a little to show that he has had enough [translate] 
acell phone case hard case for iphone 4 free shipping 手机盒坚硬盒为iphone 4自由运输 [translate] 
a一个人孤单的活着 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a试衣率的提高 Tries the clothes rate enhancement [translate] 
a• we need to know ourselves in order to deal with the world.if we know ourselves then it is very easy to do anything and to face anybody. • 我们需要知道自己为了涉及我们知道自己的world.if然后它是非常容易做任何东西和面对任何人。 [translate] 
a工作的薪金 Work salary [translate] 
aThe bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of people. 桥梁以给他的生活为人的起因的英雄命名。 [translate] 
a你总是骗我。 You always deceive me. [translate] 
aAt the RKC think tank, we are relentless about streamlining our teaching. As of today, the towel swing drill from Stephen Troy, RKC, a full-contact karate fighter from Chicago, takes the cake for getting the most technique out of the victim with the least instruction. 在RKC智囊团,我们是不懈的关于简化我们的教学。 自今天,毛巾摇摆钻子从斯蒂芬Troy, RKC,充分联络空手道战斗机从芝加哥,作为蛋糕为使多数技术脱离受害者以最少指示。 [translate] 
a我们倡导雅生活,用雅的意念去感悟生命中的好风景 We initiate to live elegantly, goes to the feeling with the elegant thought to become aware in the life the good scenery [translate] 
a公共服务市场化, 政府职能 Public service marketability, government function [translate] 
aStudents often face loads of stress in their life. First there is stress of exams and following it is the even more dreaded fear and stress of exam results.However, life is full of challenges and ups and downs and one should learn to effectively deal with it rather than succumbing to its pressure. 经常学生重音面孔装载在他们的生活中。 首先有检查重音和跟随它是检查结果畏惧的恐惧和重音。然而,生活是充分的挑战,并且高潮和低谷和你应该学会有效地涉及它而不是屈服到它的压力。 [translate] 
a良好的英语听说读写能力 The good English hears the read-write ability [translate] 
a土拨鼠 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aJustement je vais te proposée peut être un emploi de travail avec moi si tu veux bien sur 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a无论怎样她都不让我走 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他5岁的时候在唱歌和跳舞方面很有天赋 He 5 year-old time is singing and dances the aspect to have the talent very much [translate] 
aI understand your meaning very much, 我非常了解您意思, [translate] 
a他通常1年10次去北京买东西 His usual 1 year 10 times goes to Beijing to go shopping [translate] 
a我买这本书花了十元 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aif you ever come to sweden i will help you with food and a place to live ^^ 如果您來到瑞典我將幫助您用食物和地方居住^^ [translate] 
a背英语或物理 Back English or physics [translate] 
a智能辅导 Intelligent counselling [translate] 
a这本书会提供一些好的消息来源帮助你做出最好的选择 This entertainers' guild provides some good news origin to help you to make the best choice [translate] 
a圣诞节在几月几号? Christmas day in how many month how many numbers? [translate] 
aexcept twins 除了孪生 [translate] 
awhat did the bad man paint 什么做了坏人油漆 [translate] 
a用汉语说这是什么? With Chinese said what this is? [translate] 
a因为知识就是资本,知识就是财富。 Because the knowledge is a capital, the knowledge is the wealth. [translate] 
awhat did ma liang paint for the old woman? ma梁为老妇人绘了什么? [translate] 
av1.toots32: I need a man that can make me squirt......have u ever made a girl squirt? lolz 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
awhat did ma liang paint for the old wqman? ma梁为老wqman绘了什么? [translate] 
aacross land though,train is my favorite.Although i've also had somereally interesting bus trips acorss country. 横跨土地虽则,火车是我的喜爱。虽然i've也有somereally感兴趣公共汽车绊倒acorss国家。 [translate] 
a自己努力,不要把自己的感情放到生活里面去,不高兴的再微博上面给我们说,我们来陪你聊天, 自己努力,不要把自己的感情放到生活里面去,不高兴的再微博上面给我们说,我们来陪你聊天, [translate] 
aWith the rise of supermarkets,people feel it more and more convenient to do shopping. 以超级市场的上升,人感受它越来越方便做购物。 [translate] 
ahi dear,we haven't seen each other 4 one month, and I've been missing u so much.U don’t know how lucky I'm 2 have you,u don’t know how much I think about u, or picture ur smile, or dream about the next time I get 2 see u.U know what,time will test, the true heart insid 高亲爱,我们没互相看见4一个月,并且我非常错过u。U不知道多么幸运我是2有您, u不知道多少我考虑u,或者图片ur微笑或者梦想,当下次我得到2看见u.U知道什么,时间将测试,真实的心脏insid [translate] 
a餐厅哩响起了那首动听的歌,它使我回想起我快乐的童年 The dining room has resounded that interesting to listen to song, it causes me to recollect my joyful childhood [translate] 
aOh!shit!Japanese Oh! shit! Japanese [translate] 
a你生日是什麼時候 When is your birthday [translate]