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acomly comly [translate] 
aWhat'wrong? What'wrong ? [translate] 
aThis is why we think China Food readers should be interested in "Creative Videographers' Eyes". 这就是为什么我们认为中国食物读者应该是对“创造性的Videographers的眼睛感兴趣”。 [translate] 
awritefileerror writefileerror [translate] 
a早餐每人每份 Breakfast each human of each [translate] 
a这件事情我做错了 This matter I did am wrong [translate] 
aExamination and approval 考试和认同 [translate] 
a他的学院在伦敦 His institute in London [translate] 
ale users on the data conversion preparations and validations 被带领的用户在数据转换准备和检验 [translate] 
a所以毕业以后许多大学生就失业了 Therefore graduated later many university students to be unemployed [translate] 
a你有一万种功能,你可以征服世界,甚至改变人种,你没有健康,只能是空谈。 You have 10,000 kind of functions, you may conquer the world, even changes the race, you do not have the health, only can be the empty talk. [translate] 
a晚安做个好梦 The good night has a good dream [translate] 
a就我个人而言,我支持这种旅行方式 To my own opinion, I support this travel way [translate] 
a船长!我的船长! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a菜籽油是我国主要食用油之一,主产于长江流域及西南、西北等地,产量居世界首位 。 菜籽油是我国主要食用油之一,主产于长江流域及西南、西北等地,产量居世界首位。 [translate] 
a在这样的季节里,你做我的情流感好吗? 그런 절기에서는, 당신은 나의 감정 독감을 만드는가? [translate] 
a一只红苹果 A red apple [translate] 
aMike: Hello. This is Mike. May I speak to John, please? Mike: Hello. This is Mike. May I speak to John, please? [translate] 
aIt is often observed, moreover, that all external causes of translations, or particular features in translations, only exert a causal force by virtue of their being channelled or filtered through the translator’s mind. Cultural and sociological pressures and values, norms and instructions, only have an effect on the ta 它经常在翻译被观察,而且,翻译或者特殊特点的所有外在起因,只有由于他们施加原因力量开水道或过滤通过译者的头脑。 文化和社会学压力和价值,准则和指示,只有一个作用在目标文本通过单独译者的认知,因为文本只是由译者的代办处导致的(参见进一步Chesterman 2002)。 在理论水平上,这是可看见的在批评被指挥反对polysystem理论,即 它的概念(系统, polysystem)太抽象的以至于不能能功能作为真正的起因(Pym 1998年: 第7章; Hermans 1999年: 第11章)。 如果翻译社会学安置人中心阶段,并且使用一个原因模型,它可能也突出真正人的代办处和给空间译者的主观。 [translate] 
aIf you can cure me,I will pay you a lot . 如果您能治疗我,我将支付您很多。 [translate] 
aPlease note that NO PAYMENT HAS BEEN CHARGED from your credit card. Please choose your plan below and continue the payment again. 请注意:付款未从您信用卡被充电。 请选择您的计划如下并且再继续付款。 [translate] 
a如果没有创新,或许爱迪生不能发明电灯,那我们还是依靠火把照明; If has not innovated, perhaps Edison cannot invent the electric lamp, then we depend upon the flare illumination; [translate] 
ahello friend .it is every easy to knw .go to your post office ask 你好朋友.it是每容易对knw .go对您的邮局要求 [translate] 
a多小才是小,多大才是大 Small is small, the multi-great abilities are big [translate] 
ause the space bellow to make a list of ways in which you think electronic may be used in home in the future 使用空间轰鸣声做您认为的名单方式电子可以用于家在将来 [translate] 
a在家的村民全部都在务农 All are working at farming completely in home's villagers [translate] 
a请带上笔记本和钢笔准时参加 Please take to bring with the notebook and the fountain pen punctual participation [translate] 
aprotect fro excessive heat or freezing 保护为过热或结冰 [translate] 
aTCL集团股份有限公司建于1981年,是一家综合性大型国有企业。 The TCL group limited liability company constructed in 1981, was a comprehensive large-scale state-owned enterprise. [translate] 
aI'm proud of my heart. It's been played, burned, and broken, but it still works 我为我的心脏是感到骄傲。 它被演奏了,被烧了,并且打破了,但它仍然运作 [translate] 
aiustration 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a她愿意教其他科目,只要不是七年级的数学. She is willing to teach other subjects, so long as is not seven grade mathematics. [translate] 
a1.4 Electrical cabinets 1.4 Electrical cabinets [translate] 
a有谁知道荷兰的国花是什么 Some who did know Holland's national flower is any [translate] 
aForce transfer mechanism on fastener section of mechanically anchored waterproofing membrane roofs under wind pressure during typhoons 力量调动机制在机械上停住的防水的膜屋顶的紧固件部分在风压下在台风 [translate] 
aWhat was the sales clerk reading when the gorilla walked in the store 什么是销售干事读书,当大猩猩在商店走了 [translate] 
aso that soon he had nothing left. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a9. We are obliged to place our order elsewhere, unless you manager to reduce your prices so as to stand the competition. 9. 我们被迫使在别处发出我们的订单,除非您经理减少您的价格以便站立竞争。 [translate] 
a荷兰被称为郁金香之国 Holland is called country of the tulip [translate] 
a山姆已到而立之年,但是他的智商却只相当于7岁的儿童,一次偶然的机会,他收留了一个无家可归的女子,并和她生下一个女儿-露西。但是,女儿一出世,作母亲的就不辞而别,丢下山姆和幼女相依为命。 The sam arrived stands the year, but his intelligence quotient only is equal actually to 7 year-old child, an accidental opportunity, he has given shelter to a homeless female, and gives birth to a daughter - Lucy with her.As soon as but, the daughter is born, is the mother to leave without saying g [translate] 
aZhang Yi gets up at 6 o'clock on weekdays.She often has a glass of milk,an egg and some bread for breakfast.She goes to school at 6:50 in the morning by bus and gets there at 7:20a.m.The first class starts at 7:30a.m. 她非常艰苦学习,并且她是一名好学生在她的学校。 [translate] 
a什么笑话? What laughs? [translate] 
aafter we buy the fruit and vegetable 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHow many samps have you got 多少samps有您得到 [translate] 
a郁金香、风车和木鞋被荷兰人称为民俗“三宝”,并以此进行园林绿化,形成了荷兰的独有特 The tulip, the windmill and the sabot are called by the Dutch the folk custom “the three treasures”, and carried on the botanical garden by this to afforest, forms Holland to be in sole possession of especially [translate] 
anianling nianling [translate] 
a我们不能去看足球赛了,因为他们票价太高了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ayes,but i cannot pay an expensive one 是,而是我不能支付一昂贵一个 [translate] 
aon surrogate indicators of cardiovascular 在代理人显示心血管 [translate] 
aserum markers 清液标志 [translate] 
a• At first, we need to know more and more about ourselves.We must give our best in what we our doing and compete with ourselves to improve. • 起初,我们需要越来越知道关于我们自己。我们必须给我们最佳在什么我们我们做和与我们自己竞争改进。 [translate] 
aYou felt all right have lain, which did I dare to feel all right do not believe? 您感觉顺利说谎,我敢感到所有不错不相信? [translate] 
a帮我给姐打电话 Helps me to telephone to the elder sister [translate] 
aYUMMY IT SMELLS LIKE ROAST DUCK 美味它嗅到象烤鸭 [translate]