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If there is no innovation, perhaps not Edison invented the electric light, and that we rely on the torch lighting;


If there is no innovation, perhaps Edison cannot electric light, that we are relying on Torch Lighting;


If there is no innovation, perhaps Edison did not invent electric lighting, then we still rely on torch lighting;


If has not innovated, perhaps Edison cannot invent the electric lamp, then we depend upon the flare illumination;
aclaims would be adramatic about-face 要求是adramatic向后转 [translate] 
aIt’s hard to say, actually 很难说,实际上 [translate] 
a We found the Fuel filter was packed in one wooden case stored in the cabin.  我们在客舱存放的一个木案件发现了汽油滤器被包装了。 [translate] 
a应为我没有好好的学习英语 Should not have the well study English for me [translate] 
aI have a man not faze 我让一个人不烦扰 [translate] 
arace to 种族 [translate] 
a你应该多一些接触同学并和他们沟通,让他们将阳光照亮你的世界 You should many somewhat contact schoolmate and communicate with them, let them illuminate the sunlight your world [translate] 
a估价对象位置示意图和现场勘察照片 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他是中国的男孩 He is China's boys [translate] 
a你应该听音乐来放松心情 You should listen to music to relax the mood [translate] 
aThks. To avoid all these problem, pls make sure the team, be it EMR or LP or other project do not do things that is having a conflict of interest issues. Pls esnure as I will not tolerate any more such cases in futur Thks。 要避免所有这些问题, pls保证队,假如是EMR或LP或有利害冲突的问题的其他项目不做事。 Pls esnure,因为我在futur不会容忍这样案件 [translate] 
a一大片区域 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atrue love is giving ,not taking 真实的爱给,不采取 [translate] 
a你的心情左右我的情绪 About your mood my mood [translate] 
a星期二 星期三 星期四 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday [translate] 
ai think girls take up 60% of the students 我认为女孩占去60%学生 [translate] 
a他35岁 他35岁 [translate] 
aWhat you use instant messenger 什么您使用立即信使 [translate] 
a要为成功找方法 [translate] 
a先跟朋友一起吃火锅,喝啤酒,然后再去唱歌,今天晚上我都喝了7瓶山城啤酒. First together eats the hot pot with the friend, drinks the beer, then sings again, tonight I all have drunk 7 bottle of mountain city beer. [translate] 
aPlease note that NO PAYMENT HAS BEEN CHARGED from your credit card. Please choose your plan below and continue the payment again. 请注意:付款未从您信用卡被充电。 请选择您的计划如下并且再继续付款。 [translate] 
aMike: Hello. This is Mike. May I speak to John, please? Mike: Hello. This is Mike. May I speak to John, please? [translate] 
ause the space bellow to make a list of ways in which you think electronic may be used in home in the future 使用空间轰鸣声做您认为的名单方式电子可以用于家在将来 [translate] 
aBeing the world foremost Nutrition, Health and Wellness company, Nestlé has a long-established presence history 是世界首要营养、健康和健康公司, Nestlé有长期建立的存在历史 [translate] 
aYUMMY IT SMELLS LIKE ROAST DUCK 美味它嗅到象烤鸭 [translate] 
aIf you can cure me,I will pay you a lot . 如果您能治疗我,我将支付您很多。 [translate] 
a在家的村民全部都在务农 All are working at farming completely in home's villagers [translate] 
a我们应该把它学好 We should learn it [translate] 
a多小才是小,多大才是大 Small is small, the multi-great abilities are big [translate] 
aAre the books on the bookcase。 是书在书橱。 [translate] 
aThe Evolution of the British Economy since the War The Evolution of the British Economy since the War [translate] 
aCompletamente autonomo di luce, acqua e gas 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a以至于,出现人类的灭亡 Appears the humanity to perish [translate] 
a而他们的公正权利源于被统治者的同意。 But their fair right source in ruled's agreement. [translate] 
afuller 更加充分 [translate] 
aI think it is fine as it is. 我认为它优良是,照原样。 [translate] 
aLectufe Lectufe [translate] 
a有没有联系 Has the relation [translate] 
a20 DE setiembre 1758 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我对在公众场合说英语感到尴尬 I to spoke English in the public situation to feel awkward [translate] 
athis year the crowd is larger 今年人群是更大 [translate] 
a请,输入,需要,翻译,文本 Пожалуйста input текст потребности перевести. [translate] 
a我感觉很尴尬 I feel very awkwardly [translate] 
aThus you it kills me 因而您它杀害我 [translate] 
a她刚生完孩子已经奄奄一息,临死前交给了我一块带血的玉佩,说是留给这孩子唯一的纪念,希望她的孩子能平凡快乐的过一杯子。 She just lived the child already to suffocate, at the point of death front gave me to bring the blood jade pendant together, said leaves this child's only commemoration, hoped her the child to be able an ordinary joyful cup. [translate] 
a- Demographics: gender, age, background -人口统计学: 性别,年龄,背景 [translate] 
aDo you want to challenge my English? 您是否想要质询我的英语? [translate] 
aI IOVE YOU DON,T FORGET TO ME I IOVE您唐, T忘记对我 [translate] 
a通常午饭后都是妈妈洗碗,但是今天是奶奶洗碗 After the usual lunch all is mother washes the bowl, but today is paternal grandmother washes the bowl [translate] 
aShe works hard. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a语法是语言结构及词和词组等语言单位组成语言句子的方法的描述,它通常包括这些句子在各个语言系统中的意义和功能 The grammar is language units and so on language structure and word and phrase composes the language sentence the method description, it usually includes these sentences in each language system significance and the function [translate] 
aClick Spin to begin the game. When you're feeling lucky, click Stop. GET THREE FLIES IN A ROW AND YOU WIN A $200 HOOK-UP! WIN OR LOSE, YOU'LL COLLECT A BLUEFLY BINGO GAME PIECE. THE FIRST PERSON TO SPELL "BLUEFLY" WINS $10,000! 开始比赛的点击旋转。 当您感到幸运时,点击中止。 连续得到三次飞行,并且您赢取一条$200联结线路! 赢取或丢失,您将收集BLUEFLY宾果游戏游戏片断。 拼写“BLUEFLY”胜利的第一个人$10,000! [translate] 
a我宁可不考虑此事 I rather do not consider this matter [translate] 
ahey ... [translate] 
a如果没有创新,或许爱迪生不能发明电灯,那我们还是依靠火把照明; If has not innovated, perhaps Edison cannot invent the electric lamp, then we depend upon the flare illumination; [translate]