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a胡夫人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a机会总垂青于那些有准备人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asupply of cheap 供应粗劣 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!Never exp 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThis construction organization plan is prepared as the basis of directing the construction of this project. 这个建筑组织计划准备作为指挥这个项目的建筑的依据。 [translate] 
afight with 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aHSBC NSC, Hong Kong [translate] 
aboard committees will be independent directors during the one-year transition period after our ADSs are listed on the Nasdaq Global Market and all of the [translate] 
a2012年迎新高端客户答谢酒会 In 2012 welcomes new high end customer thanks cocktail party [translate] 
a4) 过滤器应串联安装在管路系统中,为保证在停机检修时系统不间断供水,系统中应设置旁路,过滤器进出口及旁路均应设置截断用阀门,如:截止阀、球阀、蝶阀等。 4) The filter should in line arrangement in the circuitry, for the guarantee overhauls when the engine off the system uninterrupted water supply, in the system be supposed to establish the bypass, the filter import and export and the bypass should establish the interruption to use the valve, for exa [translate] 
aWe did it unconsciously with less and less emotion and smile. Not sure the reason why we locked tightly our heart 我们越来越少做了它不自觉地以情感和微笑。 不肯定原因为什么我们紧紧锁了我们的心脏 [translate] 
aknowledges knowledges [translate] 
aMAY my love ridyng dandelion fly 5月我的爱ridyng蒲公英蝇 [translate] 
a六.中途取物时,需出示身份证、房卡和钥匙,如委托其他客人办理取物,需出示书面委托 [translate] 
a显示在产地上的内容必须和实际相同 The demonstration in the habitat content must with actual same [translate] 
a总 经 理 室 总经理室 [translate] 
a当他进入球队三年,已经决定放弃时 When he enters the team for three years, already decided when the giving up [translate] 
a观众等了十分钟主持人才走了出来 The audience waited for ten minutes to manage the talented person to walk came out [translate] 
ayou are the son of the bitch 您是母狗的儿子 [translate] 
awife and goddess of the home 家的妻子和女神 [translate] 
a  I have been fond of my English teacher very much!   我喜欢我的英语老师非常! [translate] 
a有很好的团队协作精神,有较丰富的销售及管理经验,为人豁达开朗,抗压能力和自适应力强,勤奋、虚心、好学。 Has the very good team cooperation spirit, has the rich sale and the managerial experience, the manner open-minded open and bright, the resistant to compression ability and auto-adapted strength, diligent, modest, is diligent. [translate] 
aName: ThinKPad X61T 名字: ThinKPad X61T [translate] 
a无冕之王 Uncrowned king
a很多学生会沉迷于游戏,所以不喜欢上学 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atrapped in a crowded room 设陷井在一间拥挤屋子 [translate] 
ayou may expose them to viruses you may expose them to viruses [translate] 
a因为我的英语很好,所以总是教他,但英语还是很差,但我的数学也很差,真是没办法…… Because my English is very good, therefore always teaches him, but English is very bad, but my mathematics very is also bad, really is does not have the means ...... [translate] 
a在他上中学之前,已经学会了两百多个英语单词 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aline peel 线 果皮 [translate] 
a风景迷人云台山 Scenery enchanting Yuntai [translate] 
a让梦想成真的最好办法就是醒来 Let vainly hope for really most easy to do method is wakes [translate] 
a的官方答复 Official answer [translate] 
a圣经已经被翻译成了多种文字 The Holy Bible is already translated many kinds of writing [translate] 
aAfter dinner is another time;people should't eat or drink anything cold. Drink something hot after you eat and your stomach will digest your food better If you love fruit, summer is a great time for you.Go to the seasons.If you want to stay cool,oranges,bananas,pears and watermelons can help.Also, try to eat more ginge 在晚餐以后是另一时间; 人should't吃或喝冷的任何东西。 饮料热的事,在您吃之后,并且您的胃更将好消化您的食物,如果您爱果子,夏天是了不起的时光为您。去季节。如果您想要停留凉快,桔子、香蕉、梨和西瓜可帮助。并且,吃更多姜和大蒜的尝试,他们将帮助您停留凉快和健康。 [translate] 
a將來要跟我結婚的人 你現在在哪? Future must the human who will marry with me you now in? [translate] 
a中国浙江省诸暨暨阳路102号 Chinese Zhejiang Province Zhuji and positive road 102 [translate] 
a从我家 From my family [translate] 
a他给了我很多鼓励 He has given me very many encouragements [translate] 
a我们必须工作,最重要的是我们必须相信自己 We must work, most importantly we must believe oneself [translate] 
a明天也是正式删除不应存在的记忆 Tomorrow will also be the memory which the official deletion will not be supposed to exist [translate] 
a我们认为她不能在一刻钟走完那段距离,但他却成功地做到了这一点 We thought she cannot walk that section of distance in the quarter of an hour, but he successfully has achieved this point actually [translate] 
a接完电话后我继续做家庭作业 After answers the telephone I to continue to make the homework [translate] 
aantennas are in fact known as ‘aperture antennas’ because their ‘effective [translate] 
a在体育方面,我选了武术,这既可以锻炼身体也可以学到一些防身术。 In the sports aspect, I have chosen the martial arts, this already may exercise the body also to be possible to learn some self-defense technique. [translate] 
a真的让我很感动 Really lets me be very affected
a我们要正确的使用电脑 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aEnglish is a kind of foreign language. 英语是一外语。 [translate] 
aits seven thirty-five 它七三十五 [translate] 
a可以帮助我完成这件事 May help me to complete this matter [translate] 
a有报道说这个著名女演员讲过,当电影明星最糟糕的地方是摆姿态让人拍照。(post for) Some reports said this renowned actress has said, when the movie star most too bad place is suspends the posture to let the human photograph.(post for) [translate] 
aWay up north 方式北部 [translate] 
aDiesel engines use less volatile,heavier liquidfuels than gasoline engines. 柴油引擎用途较不挥发性,更重的liquidfuels比汽油发动机。 [translate] 
aThere are no people here. 这里不没有人。 [translate] 
a我们的作业很多 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThen suddenly he stops and looks at the host. 然后他突然停止并且看主人。 [translate]