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ato be loved is another 将被爱另 [translate] 
aIt can be changed and recompiled without making the package specification invalid. 它可以被改变和重新编译,无需使包裹规格无效。 [translate] 
a由于目前的销售状况不理想,希望各部门能严格控制费用,销售人员在差旅费用和用车费用上应加以控制。 Because the present sales condition is not ideal, hoped various departments can control the expense strictly, the sales personnel should perform in the business travel expense and with the vehicle expense on to control. [translate] 
a大学的课程与高中相比的确轻松了许多,给学生自我发挥空间的同时,也引来了一些问题,出勤率就是其中之一。 University's curriculum and the high school compared indeed with ease many, for student self-display space at the same time, also has brought in some questions, the attendance rate is one of them. [translate] 
a.Turn left at the cinema, then.green lightIt’s on the left 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
achen what 陈 什么 [translate] 
a审讯一直以来毫无疑问地被认为是有效执法的重要工具 Since the interrogation without a doubt was considered continuously is the effective law enforcement important tool [translate] 
a我对这个故事很熟悉 I am very familiar to this story
aWired as the wiring diagram. 架线作为接线图。 [translate] 
aPowerful Sales Force 强有力的销售人员 [translate] 
a有一个小男孩被赶出家门 Some young boy is expelled the main house gate [translate] 
aranging from 2405 MHz to 2480 MHz, with a spacing of 5 范围从2405兆赫到2480兆赫,以间距5 [translate] 
a对不起,但我现在还不能给你房间的钥匙 Pode incomodá-lo para ir ao hotel grande da parede pelo nome de companhia subscrever no meio entre uma pessoa único e dois dois? [translate] 
a保护工业产权巴黎公约 Protection industry property right Paris Convention [translate] 
ayes it has been along time lol how have u been 是它是沿時間lol怎麼有u是 [translate] 
a船我们已经在我们公司 Ship we already in our company [translate] 
aConfirmed that we paid 8800 CNY to your company account. Kindly check. 证实我们付8800 CNY到您的公司帐户。 亲切的检查。 [translate] 
a云南农业大学 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAu Becawe of you,I Will always love yoU Au Becawe您,我总将爱你 [translate] 
a估計期 Estimates the time [translate] 
a女性视角下的虎妞形象 Under feminine angle of view tiger little girl image [translate] 
a医学概论 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTO EXPLODE IN SILENCE OR TO DIE IN IT 爆炸在沈默或死在它 [translate] 
a进而可得闭环系统状态反馈控制律为: Then may result in the closed-loop system condition reaction control law is: [translate] 
a保证你的安全 Guarantees your safety
aIf payment is made in shares of Company’s common stock, it is understood that all such shares typically will be registered as restricted under SEC Rule 144. 如果付款在公司的普通股份额付,它被了解所有这一类份额将典型地登记象根据SEC规则144被制约。 [translate] 
aYOU are all heart! 您是所有心脏! [translate] 
aa true man 一个真实的人
a大学生就业难的现象 The university student gets employed the difficult phenomenon [translate] 
a我是学生? I am a student? [translate] 
a你可以买到只买18美元的包 You may buy only buy 18 US dollars packages [translate] 
aFluke warrants that software will operate substantially in accordance with its functional specifications for 90 days and that it has been properly recorded on non-defective media. 软件将极大地操作与它的功能规格符合90天,并且它在非瑕疵媒介适当地被记录了的比目鱼保证。 [translate] 
a穿黄色衣服的那个女孩是玛丽 Puts on the decadent clothes that girl is Mary
a我是前台的一名工作者 I am an onstage worker
apaulina sugiarto's three children played together at a mall here the other day,chattering not in indonesia's national language,but English. paulina sugiarto的三个孩子这里一起被演奏在购物中心最近,喋喋不休不在印度尼西亚的国家语言,但英语。 [translate] 
aI need to be free 我需要自由 [translate] 
anobody nobody but you和one night in beijin吧 nobody nobody but you and one night in beijin [translate] 
a期盼着你的到来 Is hoping for your arrival [translate] 
al 不知道能感觉到 lm 这么 loneiy l l did not know can feel lm such loneiy l [translate] 
a人民的钱必须花在解决当务之急上 People's money must spend at the solution urgent matter [translate] 
abecames famous becames著名 [translate] 
a美籍华人 Chinese American
aI gave you my heart , but you don't wanna have it , I'm so sad 我给了您我的心脏,但您不想要有它,我是很哀伤的 [translate] 
a一个行为举止良好的人应该受到别人的尊敬 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ablack friday used to mean heavy traffic 用于的黑星期五意味繁忙运输
a最后我想说安全第一位,我们做的任何事情都是在安全的前提下才能做的,所以我们必须保证我们的安全 Finally I want to say the safety first position, we do anything all is can do under the safe premise, therefore we must guarantee our safety [translate] 
asign in automaticaiiy 签到automaticaiiy [translate] 
asand filters 沙滤器 [translate] 
aDo everything you can do 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai am prisoner of love 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a- is produced by fermentation of sugars derived - is produced by fermentation of sugars derived [translate] 
aI hope for your opportunity to exclude the difficulty and anxiety; everything for you, just for you can have only one I belong to smile opportunities; and you go after every section of the road, until the old! 我盼望您的机会排除困难和忧虑; 一切为您,为您的只可能有我属于微笑机会一; 并且您在路的每个部分以后去,直到老! [translate] 
a旅游景区周边 Traveling scenic area peripheral [translate] 
a家长焦虑情况比较 Guardian anxious situation comparison [translate] 
a首先,从冰箱里拿出一些面条来,然后把一些水放在锅里,然后把锅放在电磁炉上,然后打开它 First, puts out some noodles from the refrigerator to come, then places some water in the pot, then places the pot on the electromagnetic oven, then opens it [translate] 
a菲茨杰拉德把《了不起的盖茨》中的人物定位于这些社会趋势的典型代表。那些参加盖茨比宴会的形形色色、千方百计想挤进上流社会的人物和雄心勃勃的投机家们,为贪婪地争夺财富提供了验证。“新旧财富”之间的地位、文化冲突在小说中具有象征意义的地理位置表现了出来:东卵区代表名门望族,而西卵区代表白手起家的新富。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]