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They will take care of small animals, it gives them a sense of




They will take care of small animals, it gives them a sense of


They will care for small animals, this will allow them to produce a sense of responsibility


They can look after the micro-organism, this can let them have one kind of sense of responsibility
a在 享有盛誉 Is enjoying the high reputation [translate] 
aAs simple as possble 一样简单象possble [translate] 
a地震 洪水 Earthquake flood [translate] 
a一小时的纪录片 An hour documentary film [translate] 
a无论何时,我的书包里总会带着一条绳。一到下课。我就会和同学们一起跳绳 Whenever, in my book bag the general meeting is bringing a rope.As soon as arrives finishes class.I can skip rope together with schoolmates [translate] 
a協會主席李應生致詞表示:過去一年,對優質旅遊服務協會來説,實在是別具意義,執行委員會朝「提升服務質素、凝聚業界力量、及宣揚優質形象」三大核心方向堅定發展,工作範圍日漸擴大,推廣活動層面不斷拓展,啟動多項創新計劃,一方面為會員商戶增強競爭力,另一方面提高香港優質服務形象,為會員開拓新商機,為協會的歷史記下精彩的一頁。 [translate] 
a正在逐渐增多 Is increasing gradually [translate] 
aWe are all fine. I took the Mammo Test and ok. If you can drink 3cup a day green tea. It is good for health. 我们优良是全部。 我采取了Mammo测试和ok。 如果您能喝3cup天绿茶。 它为健康是好。 [translate] 
aNo brother in the world could measure up to you 兄弟在世界不可能测量对您 [translate] 
a生死相伴 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
atake 1 capsule up to three times daily or as directed by your healthcare professional 作为1胶囊三次每日或如是由您的医疗保健专家指挥的 [translate] 
a请问你到底是谁? Ask who you are? [translate] 
adisable driver signature enforcenent [translate] 
a因为我看到你有很多中国的女朋友 Because I saw you have the very many China's girlfriends [translate] 
a我感觉很尴尬 I feel very awkwardly [translate] 
adream and reality.doc 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTrent's Glasses Trent的玻璃 [translate] 
a系统诊断 System diagnosis [translate] 
aMany people are working longer hours, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a美食的东莞 Good food Dongguan [translate] 
a提炼车间转碱 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a以上控制律可以通过MATLAB仿真软件的Simulink功能实现,通过以上仿真,可得电路终端电压曲线,如图2所示。 Above control law may through MATLAB the simulation software Simulink function realization, through above simulation, be possible to result in the electric circuit terminal voltage curve, as shown in Figure 2. [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!hey three wife 嘿三妻子 [translate] 
aBy appeal model. Appeal models in the language of advertising refer to the ways to persuade. There are two categories: rational appeal and emotive appeal, which are also called hard-sell advertisements and soft-sell advertisements respectively. By rational appeal, the advertisement persuades not by appealing to the emo 由呼吁模型。 呼吁模型在语言做广告提到方式说服。 有二个类别: 合理的呼吁和感情呼吁,也叫坚硬卖广告并且软卖各自广告。 由合理的呼吁,广告说服不通过喜欢潜在的消费者的情感,而且通过艰苦列出事实详细或具体信息,例如质量、便利、手艺、作用等,而软卖,手段主要到喜欢情感动机,因此语言的这样广告集中不在事实,而且在创造心情,召唤欲望或满足愿望。 现今,非常少量广告是坚硬严密地卖。 多数是组合的二。 [translate] 
ai will be carefully in future 我将仔细地到在未来之内 [translate] 
aBig bridge 大桥梁 [translate] 
aI sif beside 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a相比于。。。更 Compares in.。。 [translate] 
a一个行为举止良好的人应该受到别人的尊敬 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我想你可以给他买个足球 I thought you may buy a soccer to him [translate] 
aFluke warrants that software will operate substantially in accordance with its functional specifications for 90 days and that it has been properly recorded on non-defective media. Fluke does not warrant that software will be error free or operate without interruption. 软件将极大地操作与它的功能规格符合90天,并且它在非瑕疵媒介适当地被记录了的比目鱼保证。 比目鱼不担保没有中断,软件将是没错误的或经营。 [translate] 
a实质工作 Substantive work [translate] 
aone-fourth of the way there he came upon an unknown uncharted land that lay between Europe and Asia -the America 当哥伦布和他的水手到达了岸上,运载的剑,奇怪地讲话, Arawakes ranto招呼他们。 [translate] 
a我建议马上开会 I suggested holds a meeting immediately [translate] 
astrategic sku 我们流血这里 [translate] 
athey were unware that its runways had been converted into a drag-racing track 他们是unware它的跑道被转换了成一条扯拽赛跑的轨道 [translate] 
a姚运琪 Yao Yun Qi [translate] 
a不用担心我,时间会淡忘一切 Does not need to worry me, the time can fade from the memory all [translate] 
aHua xing Clothrs Store SALE! xing Clothrs商店销售的华! [translate] 
a我们先在朱巴注册一家太阳能公司 We register first in the Zhu Pakistan a solar energy company [translate] 
a和我的妈妈一起环游世界是我的梦想。 Visits the world with mine mother is my dream together. [translate] 
a你的心情左右我的情绪 About your mood my mood [translate] 
a我们商店出售各种颜色的毛衣 Our store sells each kind of color the woolen sweater [translate] 
a星期天我不能和你一起去商场了,也许改天吧 I could not go to the market together on Sunday with you, perhaps another day [translate] 
aa true man 一个真实的人
a他家有三个人,是他的父亲,他的母亲,他的姐姐和他。 His family has three people, is his father, his mother, his elder sister and he. [translate] 
a在西部工作机会多 In western work opportunity many [translate] 
a马上去注册新的太阳能公司 Registers immediately the new solar energy company [translate] 
a最近他忙于钢琴考试 Recently he was busy with the piano test [translate] 
ais November 20th,2011. 是2011年11月20日。 [translate] 
a我觉得我们需要实践 I thought we need to practice [translate] 
athe less worried,the better work 担心,更好的工作 [translate] 
a主唱列侬的遗孀 Initiates arranges in order me the widow [translate] 
a地址码 Address [translate] 
a2010年7月-2010年9月,在扬州市电影公司实习,负责办公室的日常事务,从事人事和企业行政管理,在实习结束后,各领导给予我极高的评价并给予奖励。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他们会照顾小动物,这会让他们产生一种责任感 They can look after the micro-organism, this can let them have one kind of sense of responsibility [translate]