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aHave Quality Plans been prepared defining controls for new product introduction and changes to existing products resulting in approved control plans? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我还能过几个秋天,所以我会珍惜每一个高中时代的秋天 I also can several autumns, therefore I can treasure each high school time the autumn [translate] 
aI have been chatting with a girl for 6 months. 我与一个女孩聊天6个月。 [translate] 
a今晚我在回家的路上 Tonight I in go home on road [translate] 
a就是我知道的意思 Is the meaning which I knew [translate] 
acome on! Let Me Fuck you 振作一点! 让我与您交往 [translate] 
a不满足选关条件 条件をsatisfiedly閉めるために選ぶ [translate] 
aets play dirty on webcam do you have one ets戏剧肮脏在webcam您有一 [translate] 
aHey miss beautifulI've never seen you before 嘿从未被看见的错过beautifulI've您以前 [translate] 
a成本低 The cost is low [translate] 
a但是,你们知道吗,世界上有的动物数量越来越少,有的甚至濒临灭绝,让我们感到十分震撼和惋惜。 But, you know, in the world has animal quantity are more and more few, some even borders on exterminates, lets us feel shocks extremely and regretted. [translate] 
a红腰豆 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我会多点关心你 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI understand you are interested to go to Chongqing, it's in the central of China, so it takes 2.5 hours flight from either Shanghai or Beijing. 我了解您感兴趣去到重庆,它在中国的中央,因此需要2.5小时从上海或北京的飞行。 [translate] 
a那个时候房里没人 At that time in room nobody [translate] 
a他学习非常刻苦,结果取得了很大进步。 He studied extremely assiduously, finally obtains has been very greatly progressive. [translate] 
acleaning-up cost 花费的清除 [translate] 
aconnecting line outlet to the heating bath 连接线出口对热化浴 [translate] 
a如何向他和他的家人表达我的感激之情呢? How expresses my sense of gratitude to him and his family member?
a谋生并不是唯一的动力,工作还有更加重要的意义 Makes a living is not the only power, the work also has a more vital significance [translate] 
aThere is a growing tendency these days for many people who live in rural areas to com into and work in city.This problem has caused wide public concern in most cities all over the word 那些日子有一个增长的倾向为到里活在乡区对com和工作在城市的许多人。这个问题在多数城市导致了宽民众关心在词
a人们又了安全感,才会真正的感到幸福 The people security sense, only then has will true feel happiness [translate] 
ayeah i love and also told you that i will teach you how to speak ok 呀我爱并且告诉了您我将教您如何讲好 [translate] 
aONE CAR COME ONE CAR GO TWO CAR PENG PENG ONE CAR DIE 一辆汽车来一辆汽车去二辆汽车彭・彭一汽车模子 [translate] 
aThe black boots in this picture are slightly different... do the black boots have a black sole or a light tan sole? 黑起动在这张图片是轻微地不同的… 黑起动是否有黑单一或浅棕褐色脚底? [translate] 
aGenerally not as much control of disturbing influences from extraneous factors as with experiments 不同样多干扰的影响通常控制从局外因素和以实验 [translate] 
a他每天跳舞多久 How long does he dance every day [translate] 
a专属你的花花小猪 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a爱是怀疑 The love is the suspicion [translate] 
aTransaction ID: ACKB_gPVNG 交易ID : ACKB_gPVNG [translate] 
a举行了世界巡回告别演唱会 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
apocket surfer 口袋冲浪者 [translate] 
a集体出游 Voyage collectif [translate] 
aIf you need anything,I won't be far away. 如果您需要任何东西,我很远不会是。 [translate] 
aFire Protection 消防 [translate] 
aI have two names. One of them is my Chinese name,the other is my English name. My Chinese name is Liu Yang. My English name is Helen. I'm twelve years old. I have a big round face, two big bright black eyes, a small nose,two small ears and a small mouth. I was born on April 19 th,1998.I am a lovely girl.My dream is to 我有二个名字。 他们中的一个是我的中国名字,其他是我的英国名字。 我的中国名字是刘・杨。 我的英国名字是Helen。 我是十二年。 我有一张大圆的面孔、二只大明亮的黑眼睛、一个小鼻子、二个小耳朵和一张小嘴。 我出生在1998.I 4月19日,上午一个可爱的女孩。我的梦想是适合一位了不起的作家。 [translate] 
a阿們  amen [translate] 
avegetal microfossils 植物微体化石 [translate] 
arough\ 粗砺 [translate] 
aData line of dot image 小点图象数据行 [translate] 
aPOS每次签到 POS each time registers [translate] 
a积极参加青年志愿者和义工活动 Participates in the youth volunteer and the voluntary worker positively moves [translate] 
aÉtats-Unis d’Amérique 美国 [translate] 
a弹簧压力测试仪 Spring pressure reflectoscope reflector [translate] 
a过去传统的银行机制是无法处理互联网上的各种事宜 In the past the traditional bank mechanism was unable to process on the Internet each kind of matters concerned [translate] 
a清炒老南瓜 Fries without additional ingredients the old pumpkin [translate] 
a你还记得中午我跟你说过什么吗 You also remembered noon I have said any to you [translate] 
awhat will you choose 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a都包括谁? Who all includes? [translate] 
aD.商品的质量、性能优越 E.与上游企业的交流配合 F.其他 The D. commodity quality, the performance are superior E. and upstream enterprise's exchange coordination F. other [translate] 
a十里帆樯依市立,万家灯火彻夜明 Ten miles sailing masts depend on municipally established, the lamplights of ten thousand families penetrating is luminous [translate] 
ai afraid you! i害怕您! [translate] 
asecond time 第二次 [translate] 
aWe thank you for your letter of 1 July,ask for details and price of the computers produced by our company.We are very glad to enclose the latest price list and product catalogue,together with details of Model X4 computer.Do not hesitate to write to us if you want to require further information. 我们感谢您7月1日您的信件,请求我们的公司生产的计算机的细节和价格。我们是非常高兴与式样X4计算机一起细节附寄最新的价格表和产品目录。如果您想要需要详细信息,不要犹豫给我们写。 [translate] 
aInterventions that stimulate the movement of people increase both the exposure to the HIV virus and the spread of the virus. 刺激人的运动的干预增加对HIV病毒的暴露和病毒的传播。 [translate]