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没人认识我, l'm寒冷
a每一天都我们都要很晚才睡,很早起床,没有周末时间,只有学习时间 Every day all we all want very late only then to rest, very early gets out of bed, does not have the weekend time, only then study time [translate] 
a当我上小学时我开始画画 When I go to the elementary school I start to paint pictures [translate] 
aYour sight 您的视域 [translate] 
ayou are so lucky,i cone back home around 19:30 您很幸运, i锥体后面家庭在19:30附近 [translate] 
aBarbarB BarbarB [translate] 
a是的,我在 Yes, I in [translate] 
a迈阿密热火 Miami is friendly [translate] 
aby other dietary components or environmental factors. [translate] 
aOpposition and Harmony of Sense and Sensibility in 反对和和谐感觉在 [translate] 
a虽然在2009年为罗马尼亚首批试产的抽油杆质量出现不合格,但金圣隆高度重视这次质量事故,专门立案分析研究,找出了问题,对不符合项和存在的质量隐患制定出解决方案,经过整改验证,已完全解决了抽油杆生产过程中的质量控制问题,彻底关闭了抽油杆生产在卡麦龙系统中存在的不符合项。 Although appears in 2009 for the Romanian first batch trial production oil extraction rod quality not qualified, but Jin Shenglong takes this quality accident highly, puts on record specially the analysis research, looks had problems, to does not conform to item of and the existence quality hidden d [translate] 
aWhen I was hesitant, and found that someone else has already vigorous ran forward, leave me a alone, stirring up the dust looked confused, this is not what I want. 当我是犹豫的,并且发现别人有已经苍劲今后跑了,留给我单独, stirring看起来的尘土混淆,这不是什么我想要。 [translate] 
aauto-decompose 自动分解 [translate] 
aSam often eats h in the KFC 山姆经常吃h 在KFC [translate] 
a现在,我通知一个事情 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
au know mantzounis is my last name u知道mantzounis是我的姓 [translate] 
aefficient individuals complete activities 高效率的个体完成活动 [translate] 
a获得过很多英语奖项 Has obtained the very many English award item [translate] 
aYou will never know how many time.I've spent lying in my bad all night just thinking about how much you mean to me. 您不会知道多少时间。花费了在我的坏整夜考虑多少的我您意味对我。 [translate] 
a她们的货物经常被海关查柜 Their cargo frequently by customs Zha Gui [translate] 
a4.Select a strategy which best exploits 4.Select战略最佳的盘剥 [translate] 
a怀化市马尾松林地土壤基本理化性状及养分含量分布格局分析 Huaihua city masson pine forest land soil basic physics and chemistry character and nutrient content distributed pattern analysis [translate] 
aCommon Reedmace 共同的Reedmace [translate] 
aAmino acid energy essence liquid 氨基酸能量精华液体 [translate] 
a淘宝商家 店主 Washes the valuable business shop owner [translate] 
ameet mechanical spec 集会机械spec [translate] 
aEuro monitor’s Lennard predicts that future growth in baby care will stem from greater uptake in emerging market regions and the continued introduction of natural and organic lines in mature ones. "The global baby care industry is set to grow by1.2bn by 2014 as more low income consumers around the world are able to aff 欧洲显示器的Lennard预言未来成长在婴孩关心在新兴市场地区在成熟那些将源于更加巨大的举起和自然和有机线的持续的介绍。 “2014设置全球性婴孩关心产业生长by1.2bn,因为更加低收入的消费者在世界范围内能买得起基本的产品为他们的孩子”她结束。 产业,它似乎,应该为进一步生育高峰做准备。 [translate] 
aoriginal certifiate of origin have been sent by express courries to gilleman textiles sa,vandewielelaan 75,b-9600 ronse belgium 明确courries送了原始的certifiate起源到gilleman纺织品sa, vandewielelaan 75, b-9600 ronse比利时 [translate] 
a各种各样的唯心主义和宗教神秘主义占了主导地位 Various idealism and the religious mysticism have occupied the dominant position [translate] 
awe are about to lavnch an all-out attack on your houze 我们是对lavnch对您的houze的一次全力以赴的攻击 [translate] 
aI ,guess ,what i,'ma ,saying ,is ,there ,ain't ,no, better, reason I,猜测,什么i, ‘ma,说法,是,那里,不是,没有,更好,原因 [translate] 
a被授予优秀部员荣誉 Is awarded the outstanding honor [translate] 
aTho poen You walk good I miss you Good tired 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a得到结果后,我会发给当时申请的分销或者客户。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我认真的学习能让我父母开心 My earnest study can let my parents be happy [translate] 
a闪光的朋友 Flash friend [translate] 
aFrom the presentation, I have learnt not to memories and reading. Why I say so because memories and reading have no different with taking a paper and just read out what the paper have, it doesn’t gave a good presentation. 从介绍,我学会了不对记忆和读书。 为什么我如此说,因为记忆和读书没有不同以采取纸和读什么本文有,它不给了一个好介绍。 [translate] 
a找一份好的工作 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a投影仪包 Projecting apparatus package [translate] 
a预计12月初会得到较低的价格 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a主要是指工业生产和科研领域用的纸品。 Mainly is refers to the paper which the industrial production and the scientific research domain use. [translate] 
aCool Edit can use two temporary folders for more efficiency,It is best if each folder on its own physical hard drive. 凉快编辑能为更多效率,它使用二个临时文件夹最佳,如果每个文件夹在它自己的物理硬盘。 [translate] 
a一汽-启明为我公司合作伙伴 Steam - opens clearly for our company partner [translate] 
a朋友們都知道我們在一起 The friends all know us in same place [translate] 
a开始的时候,我们就知道总会有终结! Starts, we knew the general meeting has the end! [translate] 
a可以在其反面角色动作之外增加一些生活细节。 May increase some life trivia outside its reverse side role movement. [translate] 
adicky knew why joan was unhappy 驴子知道为什么joan是怏怏不乐的 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!mbzafae 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athe following story shows how they sometimes do it 以下故事展示怎么他们有时做它 [translate] 
a我是非常有诚意的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aFlora Brovina also received the peace prize. She organized the League of Albanian Women of Kosovo. Doctor Brovina has taught (10)emergency medical skills to people in Kosovo. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTHUMBPRINT 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aStill Crazy in Love 疯狂在爱 [translate] 
anaviation naviation [translate] 
aSan yu organization vibration 圣yu组织振动 [translate] 
a              lt's the path l've chosen to go [translate] 
anobody knows me,l'm cold 没人认识我, l'm寒冷 [translate]