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Transaction by the buyer on CIF value of 110% of the Chinese People's Insurance Company insured marine cargo WPA, collision damage broken and war risk insurance




110% as the CIF turnover insured by the buyer water stains in people's insurance company of marine cargo insurance, collision damage of breakage and war-risk insurance


The buyer's transaction amount by CIF 110% seaborne cargo insurance water stains the People's Insurance Company insurance, collision damage insurance broken


110% takes out insurance the People's Insurance Company marine transportation cargo with particular average by the buyer according to the CIF deal amount, bumps damages the risk of breakage and the war risk
a我上个星期放假 On me a week has a vacation [translate] 
apalm kenel 棕榈kenel [translate] 
a网络数据产品 Network data product [translate] 
aIn many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school, while in other societies this is virtually unheard of. In the latter situation, students are expected to spend all of their time on their studies and consider schoolwork their "job". In my opinion, students benefit 在许多国家它是共同的为了少年能采取半日工作,当他们仍然在高中时,而在其他社会这是实际上未被听到的。 在后者情况,学生预计在他们的研究上花费所有他们的时间和认为schoolwork他们的“工作”。 以我所见,学生从一种更加平衡的生活方式有益于更多,也许包括工作在一个半日工作。 所以,我相信它是一个好想法为了学生能工作,当学习时。 [translate] 
a目前我国学生近视发生率接近60%,居世界第一位。有调查显示青少年近视眼95%是缘于错误的握笔姿势,也有遗传因素之说,但课业负担过重导致的近距离用眼时间过长,仍然是学生近视的主要因素。比如运动和睡眠时间不足或者没有养成良好的用眼习惯。这些都会严重影响我们的视力。因此,我建议,每半年至少进行一次视力检查。 [translate] 
atowel request 毛巾请求 [translate] 
ain the 1970s. 在70年代。 [translate] 
aDon't call me honey 不要告诉我蜂蜜 [translate] 
aam not going to beijing this trip as not enough time 上午不去到北京这次旅行作为没有足够时间 [translate] 
aMay the most you wish for be the least you receive. 5月您祝愿为的多数是您接受的最少。 [translate] 
a我希望有个人能懂我,即使我什么都没说 I hoped has a person to be able to understand me, even if my anything had not said [translate] 
awhere will i go frcm here 那里我这里将去frcm [translate] 
a2011年十一月7日上午钻进速度非常慢, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a欢迎大家来到宫崎骏的动画世界! Welcome everybody to come to the Miyazaki steed's animation world! [translate] 
a今天又去检查RVS水布, Today inspects RVS Shui Bu, [translate] 
aAt that time 小时候, I had been thinking you should be younger than me, in that case, I had a chance with you, 那时小时候,我认为您比我,案件,我有一个机会以您应该年轻, [translate] 
asome therapists actively dispute their clients' most firmly held beliefs 有些治疗师活跃地争执他们的客户的最牢固地怀有的信仰 [translate] 
a如果生产过程中有自主性研发,主要体现在:( ) If in the production process has the independent research and development, mainly manifests in: ( ) [translate] 
aDo not Said 没说 [translate] 
achase the bees off 追逐蜂 [translate] 
a上大学的费用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a美色是最佳的镇爆武器 The beauty is the best town explodes the weapon [translate] 
aLively and cheerful and generous 活泼和快乐和慷慨 [translate] 
aSarah: Hi! Andrew. Where are you heading? 萨拉: 喂! 安德鲁。 在哪里您朝向? [translate] 
aWith Due Respect And Humanity,Let me first of all inform you, I got your email address from a mail Directory and decided to mail you for a permission to go ahead. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aplease watch out center back top don't let it swing out too far from original point 离原始的点很远的地方,请观看中央后退上面不要放掉它太摇摆 [translate] 
a到北京旅行 Travels to Beijing [translate] 
a打外包装材料库房 Is responsible for outside duties the packing material storehouse [translate] 
a只有自己才自己的神 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aduring data models maintenance 在数据模型维护期间 [translate] 
a请提供详细地址 Please provide the detailed address [translate] 
aPrinting in process 打印在过程 [translate] 
a我还记得,我最难忘的一次考试是在初中三年级的时候,那是一次数学考试,和平时一样,我慢慢的走进教室,找到属于自己的座位,上课铃响,考试开始,我看了看试题,很高兴我基本都会做,我懂得了只要努力就有回报 I also remembered, an I most unforgettable test is in junior middle school the third year time, that is a mathematics test, when peace is same, I slowly enter the classroom, found belongs to own seat, attends class the bell sound, the test starts, I look at the test question, is very happy I basical [translate] 
aWork Left 工作离开 [translate] 
a后来我又参加了邹平黄山中学招聘非正式教师的面试 Afterwards I participated in the Zouping Huangshan Mountain middle school to advertise for the unofficial teacher interviewing [translate] 
aThe JSP framework and ASP.NET both support the MVC pattern. However, there are major differences in how the two implement this pattern. JSP框架和ASP.NET两个支持MVC样式。 然而,有在怎样上的主要区别二贯彻这个样式。 [translate] 
a尺寸要加大 The size must enlarge [translate] 
aclosed 11 small business loans worth $9 million in its first two months and has a further 15 worth $10 million in the pipeline. 闭合的11小企业贷款相当$9百万价值在它的前二个月和有另外15相当$10百万价值在生产中。 [translate] 
a后来我又参加了邹平黄山中学的面试 Afterwards I participated in Zouping Huangshan Mountain middle school's interviewing [translate] 
aPAPA ,you want to come to Brazil? PAPA,您想要来到巴西? [translate] 
asocially conscious 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a用途:医药保健品,饮料食品添加剂等。   性味归经:平;甘;归脾、胃、肺经   功能主治:驱虫,下乳,健脾,利水。用于绦虫、蛔虫、血吸虫、钩虫病,百日咳,产后缺乳,腹胀,产后手足浮肿,痔疮。 Use: Medicine healthy product, drink food additive and so on.   The nature of a medicine turns over to pass through: Even; Gansu; Turns over to the spleen, the stomach, the lung to pass through   The function mainly treats: The expelling worms, the lactation, is good for the spleen, favorable water. [translate] 
astemphylium solani stemphylium Solana [translate] 
ayuncaixiang yuncaixiang [translate] 
athe volumetric pressure plate extractor 容量压力板提取器 [translate] 
ai am in shanghai 我在上海 [translate] 
a生理生态特征 Physiological ecology characteristic [translate] 
a苏丹吉利电厂6台2000m3球罐工程 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aturboIPv3 Wan Transmission Rate turboIPv3苍白传输率 [translate] 
a我会在十天后寄样品给你确认 I can send the sample after ten days to confirm to you [translate] 
aIt will be nice to have you with me when i come to china (soon) The word in chinese is " yuan feng" or "fate" in english. Soon i will take you to a nice restaurant and sit holding your hand . Honey love has entered our lives and i want you next to me ... day and night. We have a lot to learn about each other and m [translate] 
a它需要专业的程序员、推广人员和编辑 It needs the specialized programmer, promotes the personnel and the editor [translate] 
aHoney ..WO XIANG NI ..now i feel close to you .. and want you! [translate] 
a他太忙了,无法接电话。用too…to… He too has been busy, is unable to answer the telephone.With too…to…
a由买方按CIF成交金额的110%投保中国人民保险公司海运货物水渍险、碰损破碎险和战争险 110% takes out insurance the People's Insurance Company marine transportation cargo with particular average by the buyer according to the CIF deal amount, bumps damages the risk of breakage and the war risk [translate]