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a等你的季节英文怎么说 How waits for your season English to say [translate] 
aB) time B)时间 [translate] 
a有四个客户有信用额度 Some four customers have the credit specified amount [translate] 
aGet help from a man 从一个人得到帮助 [translate] 
aDo people in China send greeting cards to one anther on specical occasions? 人们是否在中国送贺卡到一花药specical场合? [translate] 
a巩固学习英语口语及IT工作相关的网络知识 The consolidated study English spoken language and IT work the related network knowledge [translate] 
abillion Sm3. This is a sufficient quantity to make a gas pipeline profitable (pipeline alternative via Jutland to west Sweden). 十亿Sm3。 这是使气体管道有益的一个充足的数量(管道选择通过Jutland向西部瑞典)。 [translate] 
awelded 焊接 [translate] 
avitamins A&D 维生素A&D [translate] 
a闻名全国的 Is well-known the nation [translate] 
aI hope the interview to be arranged in turesday afternoon I hope the interview to be arranged in turesday afternoon [translate] 
a孩子们,要有雄心壮志 The children, must have the lofty aspirations and high ideals [translate] 
a我爱上了一个 I have fallen in love with one [translate] 
a监狱老领导到水电厂检查工作 The jail always leads the hydroelectric power plant inspection work [translate] 
aHow do the bees know where to find the best food in the sweetest flowers?One bee acts as a guide. 蜂在哪里怎么知道发现最佳的食物在最甜的花?一只蜂作为指南。 [translate] 
aDidn't you say you will do has been living in Guangzhou 没有您您将做是生存在广州的言 [translate] 
aall the sweet honey from above [translate] 
a如果有任何需要会及时告知你,你也是 If has any need to be able to inform you promptly, you also are [translate] 
a铁路客运市场 Railway transportation market [translate] 
aDistribution model -The Channel Control process -The Inventory Control process 发行模型 -河槽控制过程 -存货控制过程 [translate] 
a5 可以掌握取新的教育动态: 中学生特别是高中生可以利用网络了解最新的教育动态,为这几年的高考,在改革探索之中,每年几乎都会出台许多新的措施,让中学生事先知道做好充分的准备迎接挑战. [translate] 
a12. light blue [translate] 
a别想太多了 Do not want too to be many [translate] 
aimmunehistochemistry immunehistochemistry [translate] 
aThank the people who had hurt me life all the way, let me grow in the years honed. Let me have a copy of the rare feeling of gratitude, and had a better love life, love every one of their own happy days. Thanks had been hurt, let me become big enough, big forgotten there was from deep heart painful injury. 感谢一直伤害了我生活的人民,让我在磨刀的岁月增长。 让我有罕见的感激之情的拷贝,并且有更好的爱生活,爱每一个他们自己愉快的天。 感谢损害了,让我变得足够大,大被忘记那里是从深刻的心脏痛苦的伤害。 [translate] 
a盈盈我爱你 Graceful I love you [translate] 
a关注公司新产品的未来 Attention company new product future [translate] 
a我有个漂亮的英语老师 I have attractive English teacher
a最近您的工作进展如何 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a消防队员要是晚到一会儿,火就会蔓延到附近的油罐。 If the fireman arrives late a while, the fire can spread to nearby oil pot. [translate] 
a我们应该帮助残疾人 我们应去该学习她的勇气 We should help the disabled person we to be supposed to go to be supposed to study her courage [translate] 
a暗淡的灯光和柔和的音乐会营造出浪漫的气氛 The gloomy light and the gentle concert build the romantic atmosphere [translate] 
aFinish Panels was struck through 结束盘区通过被触击了 [translate] 
agood old mum 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSecond Prize: One pair of Business Class return tickets on Singapore Airlines to any of our destinations in Australia, 5 nights' accommodation in a 5-star hotel and US $ 3000 cash. [translate] 
a我等下去山姆会员店看电影, I wait for the sam member shop to watch the movie, [translate] 
aWhen you've been in a relationship for a long time, you start to take things for granted. And then something happens and you are in love all over again. 当您是在关系长期时,您开始采取事为授予。 某事然后发生,并且您重新恋爱了。 [translate] 
a你干嘛不接啊? You do do not meet? [translate] 
a巴黎也有许多名胜风景区,如埃菲尔铁塔,巴黎圣母院,它们都是值得一游的 Paris also has many scenic spot scenic spots, as soon as if the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame cathedral, they all are worth swimming [translate] 
a我们选他为会议的主席 We elect him for conference president
a大连很美 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a他是个有经验的商人;他做国际贸易已有好几年了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我想裸婚 就只和你 邓胜林 我最爱的你 I thought the bare marriage you who I most loves on only and your Deng Shenglin [translate] 
atetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine 破伤风类毒素共轭疫苗 [translate] 
a最近的生活过得还好吗 The recently life crossed fortunately [translate] 
a15 I tell you to do so 15我告诉您如此做 [translate] 
a昨天我们举行了一场聚会,我们的老师也参加了 Yesterday we have held a meeting, our teacher also participated [translate] 
aby sitting off fireworks 通过坐烟花 [translate] 
a你不用还钱了 You did not use also the money [translate] 
a滨水绿地景观 Shore duck landscape [translate] 
a你要一个人完成那项任务似乎很困难 You take a person to complete that task to be as if very difficult [translate] 
a地精 地精 [translate] 
a在初中生活的舞台上,我们都尽情地展示自己。在群星中,我也许不是最为耀眼的,但我还是会发出自身独特的光芒。我的初中生活啊,将会充满风雨和阳光!以后我要好好学习,回报关爱过我的人。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你所做的事让我很生气 You do the matter lets me be angry very much [translate] 
aWhen deficits figure prominently in the budget process, as was the case in the federal government in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the reverse of incrementalism, or decrementalism, becomes significant. 当缺乏在预算过程中突出地计算,象是案件在联邦政府在80年代和90年代初期末期, incrementalism相反或者decrementalism,变得重大。 [translate] 
aaccesory 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]