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Oh, how without previous mobile phone


Oh, how without previous mobile phone


Oh, how without previous mobile phone


Oh, how do you do not have a cell phone before the


Ha-ha, how didn't use beforehand handset
a当今,化学的发展非常迅速。在20世纪发现和人工合成的化合物的种类是2285万多种,是此之前发现的所有化合物总数的41倍强。但“化学家太谦虚”,20世纪化学取得的辉煌成就,并未获得社会应有的认可。 Now, chemistry development extremely is rapid.In the 20th century discoveries and the synthesized compound type is 22,850,000 many kinds of, is in front of this discovered all compound total 41 time of.But “the chemist too is modest”, the 20th century chemistries obtain the magnificent achievement, [translate] 
aThe two-year study showed that even people who spent just a few hours a week on the Internet experienced more depression and loneliness than those who logged on less [translate] 
aindicator light red color:standby green color:working 显示浅红色的颜色:备用绿色:工作 [translate] 
aunkempt 不整洁 [translate] 
a我的梦想是当一名老师。 My dream is works as a teacher. [translate] 
a西冷牛扒 West cold beefsteak [translate] 
a他的职业是什么? What is his occupation? [translate] 
ainstallatino aborted 被放弃的installatino [translate] 
atough competition has taken its toll on prices 困难的竞争在价格采取了它的通行费 [translate] 
a•One section of cookies and cream popcorn [translate] 
aThis is Bobbi 这是Bobbi [translate] 
abecames famous becames著名 [translate] 
adistributed by bjwc 25 research drive westborough,ma 01581 由bjwc 25研究推进westborough分布, ma 01581 [translate] 
aInformation Technology Manager Information Technology Manager [translate] 
a爱情没有国界 爱情没有国界 [translate] 
a我们不准带手机来学校。 We do not permit the belt handset to come the school. [translate] 
a你认为一个学生党员该有怎样的素质? You thought how quality a student party member should have? [translate] 
a我23岁了 Mes 23 années [translate] 
aROSE ,这段时间比较忙,加上身体不适,明天和后天英语角,我都没有办法参加了,请见谅~~ ROSE, this period of time quite is busy, in addition the body is ill, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow English angle, I will not have the means to participate, invited excuse me ~~ [translate] 
ahow many members in your family? 多少名成员在您的家庭? [translate] 
aI go to work everyday 我去工作每天 [translate] 
aShe can't read it 她不可能读它 [translate] 
aNobody is worth your tears, and the one who is won't make you cry. 没人值得您的泪花,并且是的人不会做您啼声。 [translate] 
a我认为没有必要邀请他共进晚餐,他晚上9点以前都不会有空 I thought is not unnecessary to invite him to advance together the supper, he evening 9 o'clock before all cannot have free time [translate] 
apush 1p start button 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agradually moved towards the consummation 逐渐移动朝完成 [translate] 
a珍惜的人 Treasures human [translate] 
aif you set clear goals for studies 如果您制定了研究的清楚的目标 [translate] 
a没有一个真真的领头人 Not a really leader [translate] 
amatch the pictures ,shapes and words 匹配图片、形状和词 [translate] 
acheak in cheak in [translate] 
aPARTNER will get recovery over all Operating Costs out of Crude Oil equal in value to such Operating Costs, which is produced and sold from the Operating Area and not used in the Operations. Maximum eighty percent (80%) of the Incremental Oil produced and sold and not used in Operations in any Calendar Year, shall be a 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a然后将二袋CMC分四次搅拌好后加到泥浆中 Then divides two bag of CMC four times to stir well as add-on as the mud in [translate] 
a吃药后 After takes a drug [translate] 
aLuodai Ancient Town is 20 kilometers away from Chengdu City Proper, the traffic is very convenient. The main transportation to enter Luodai is road traffic. People could take bus 81, 58 and get off at Wugui Bridge Bus Station, it leaves at every few moments. The fare is 5 RMB. After getting off the bus, take the medium 古老镇是外20公里从成都市适当的Luodai,交通是非常方便的。 进入Luodai的主要运输是公路交通。 人们可能乘公共汽车81, 58,并且获取Wugui桥梁汽车站,它离开在每少量片刻。 车费是5 RMB。 在上公共汽车以后,乘中等公共汽车对Luodai,车费是3 RMB。 需要仅半小时从成都到Luodai。 [translate] 
a这件你要买吗 This you must buy [translate] 
aI said that I had forgotten that it was because the pain, not too much, too. 我说我忘记了它是,因为痛苦,不是太多,也是。 [translate] 
aabout apps to sd 关于apps到sd [translate] 
aranging from 2405 MHz to 2480 MHz, with a spacing of 5 范围从2405兆赫到2480兆赫,以间距5 [translate] 
a尊重老人而不是使唤老人 But respects the old person directs the old person [translate] 
a十点钟了。也许商店关门了 Ten o'clock.Perhaps the store closed [translate] 
a2007年12月26日 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
apartono partono [translate] 
a这些原因的发现对于口译教学有何启示? These reason discovery has what enlightenment regarding the interpretion teaching? [translate] 
a在现在的生活中有许多的问题需要谈论目前最重要的是,一些中学生抽烟的问题。一些学生说:学习任务重,而且还要参加很多考试,所以用抽烟来缓压力,有的认为吸烟非常时尚,能够引起许多人的关注,他们说不少明星也抽烟,他们就忍不住的去模仿 Has many questions in the present life to need to discuss at present most importantly, some middle-school students smoke question.Some students said that,The study duty is heavy, moreover also must participate very takes a test, therefore with smokes the slow pressure, some thought the smoking unusu [translate] 
a下次你会考好 Next time your area-wide student examination will be good [translate] 
amoney_name money_name [translate] 
aDon’t look back , let it go 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a男孩更倾向于以运动、实验操作、使用计算机、参与体验的方式学习。 The boy favors by the movement, the experiment operates, uses the computer, participates in the experience the way study. [translate] 
ausually very agreeable,he now quit speaking altogether and no amount of words could penetrate the vacant expression he wore on his face. 通常非常愉快,他现在放弃一共讲,并且相当数量词不可能击穿他在他的面孔佩带的空置表示。 [translate] 
a男朋友找了吗? The boyfriend has looked? [translate] 
a树上的小鸟在唱歌 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPretty Goat, I have nothing to do. But I’ll save you! 俏丽的山羊,我什么都没有做。 但我将保存您! [translate] 
asoon after i sent out my application letter 在我派出我的应用信件之后 [translate] 
a呵呵,怎么不用以前的手机了 Ha-ha, how didn't use beforehand handset [translate]