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aTOM和TIM吃早餐时,讨论了昨晚的足球赛。 When TOM and TIM have the breakfast, discussed last night soccer game. [translate] 
aPlease take we to your school. 请作为我们对您的学校。 [translate] 
a有的人认为,网络简便,足不出户便知天下事,随时可以买需要的东西,并且价格便宜。有的人认为,网购的东西没有保障,并且快递时间长,退货麻烦,还会出现不必要的问题。 Some people believed that, the network is simple, is confined at home the apparent world matter, may buy the thing as necessary which needs, and the price is cheap.Some people believed, the net buys the thing has not safeguarded, and the express time is long, returned goods trouble, but also can hav [translate] 
aThis is my room. My hat is on the chair. My baseball is on the floor,under the bed.And those are my CDs.They're in my backpack 这是我的室。 我的帽子在椅子。 我的棒球在地板上,在床下。并且那些是我的CDs.They在我的背包 [translate] 
a澳大利亚是世界上最大的岛国之一 Australia is in the world one of biggest island countries [translate] 
afedex box 联邦快递公司箱子 [translate] 
a特别是校园新建的图书馆 Specially campus newly built library
aphlebotomy 静脉切开放血术 [translate] 
a能源耗用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWe will sit down to discuss how to saving our workload . We will sit down to discuss how to saving our workload. [translate] 
awhat is your kitchen ,sally? 什么是您的厨房,突围? [translate] 
a应急疏散通道 Disperses the channel emergency [translate] 
a我时而安静时而活泼 I from time to time peaceful from time to time lively [translate] 
aMore and more people know 人们越来越知道 [translate] 
areset all 重新设置所有 [translate] 
aI bought a laptop from this website last week, and the laptop works very well! I think it is a shopping paradise which can bring you much benefit, so i want to share it with you! 我上星期买了一台膝上计算机从这个网站,并且膝上计算机很好运转! 我认为它是可能带来您好处的购物天堂,因此我想要与您分享它! [translate] 
a我感觉是的 I felt is [translate] 
a系统每间隔10分钟就会自检一次,以便发现运行异常情况,一旦发现异常,就立即通过手机短信的方式发送报警信息到相关管理人员的手机上,管理方便。 The system is separated 10 minutes to be able every time to self-check one time, in order to discovery movement unusual situation, once discovers unusually, immediately reports to the police through the handset short note way transmission the information to on the correlation administrative personne [translate] 
adocumented strategy 被提供的战略 [translate] 
aGodwit 黑尾豫 [translate] 
a你还是一个人吗? You are a person? [translate] 
aREAL VALUE 真正的价值 [translate] 
aclassical. Greek 古典。 希腊语
aOverstimulated Overstimulated [translate] 
aFront Drive Shaft Bearing 前面主动轴轴承 [translate] 
aManufacturer out of stock 制造商脱销 [translate] 
ait's not right organize in public 它不是不错组织公开 [translate] 
a本月是否可以支付余下的货款 Whether this month can pay in addition loans [translate] 
a跟着这个节奏,想念在你左右 With this rhythm, is thinking of about you [translate] 
aShelly、丿 Shelly、丿 [translate] 
aSymmetric Cache Coherence Protocols 相称贮藏所凝聚协议 [translate] 
a作为人口众多的发展中国家,中国目前的社会保障水平还难以追上发达国家,只能保障公民的基本生活。它的标准是:养老保险--使职工在退休以后能够维持中等生活水平;失业保险--维持失业人员的基本生活;医疗保险--满足参保人一般的医疗需求 As the large population developing nations, the Chinese at present social security level also with difficulty overtakes the developed country, only can safeguard citizen's basic life.Its standard is: Old-age insurance--Will enable the staff later to maintain the medium living standard in the retirem [translate] 
a小心杆子掉下来 Тщательные падения полюса [translate] 
a(A) This year’s national hunt racing season could be overshadowed. [translate] 
afreight is the sun paid for transport goods freight is the sun paid for transport goods [translate] 
a中国历史上有句话叫做 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acabinet goods 内阁物品 [translate] 
athe building was severely damaged by the explosion 爆炸严厉地损坏大厦 [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!I want to build my own world! I want to build my own world! [translate] 
a老板不在这里 Boss not in here [translate] 
a忘不掉你靠在我身上时候的那种感觉。 Could not forget you depend in my body time that kind of feeling. [translate] 
a那么我们时差五小时 Then we time difference five hours [translate] 
aI don't want to know who you were,and I just need you aware of that who you will be. 我不想要知道谁您是,并且我需要您您将是的明白那。 [translate] 
aYou Can Trust In Me 您在我能信任 [translate] 
aAny has not been able to prevent me to love you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a1. 能准确的为客人报单(当次消费金额),询问客人何种方式结账,建议客人使用现金买单,加快买单时间,如遇现钞迅速辨识真伪钞。 1. Can accurate be the visitor declaration form (works as expense amount), inquired visitor what way pays up, suggested the visitor uses the cash to buy the list, speeds up buys the single time, in case the cash recognizes the real counterfeit money rapidly. [translate] 
aOnly removing the power plug can separate the device completely from the mains supply. 只去除电源插头可能从扼要供应完全地分离设备。 [translate] 
aI'M MAKING CAKES 我做蛋糕 [translate] 
aaccess road 通路 [translate] 
a我们的学习很繁忙,所以大部分的时间都在学校渡过。 Our study is very busy, therefore the majority of time all crossed in the school. [translate] 
a我来自一个幸福的小家庭 I come from a happy small family [translate] 
a我马上脱下来洗,可费了很大力也没洗干净 I take off immediately wash, might spend has not washed very vigorously cleanly [translate] 
aThey’re too dear! 他们是太亲爱的! [translate] 
a1.负责部门日常文职工作, 管理文件:文件接收,整理,登记,扫描,打印,发放,存盘, 申请及更换文具,统计职员的工时和加班记录,办理员工入离职手续。偶尔代理上司出席并跟进会议内容,协助上司完成所需的工作。 1. is responsible for the department daily civilian post work, manages the document: The document receive, reorganizes, the registration, the scanning, the printing, provides, saves the plate, the application and the replacement stationery, counts the staff member man-hour of and the working overtim [translate] 
aDoes your company conduct periodic audits of health and safety practices at its operating facilities in order to assess conformance with regulatory and other requirements? 健康与安全实践您的公司品行定期审计是否在它经营的设施为了估计依照以管理和其他要求? [translate] 
awe're still looking for someone to help 我们仍然正在寻找某人帮助 [translate]