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This month, can I pay the remaining purchase price


This month, can I pay the remaining purchase price


Whether or not this month can be paid the balance of the purchase price


Whether this month can pay in addition loans
ayou are the sunflower 您是向日葵 [translate] 
a夜神月 Night of god month [translate] 
aNo valentine for me either. 没有华伦泰为我或者。 [translate] 
athis is halloween 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你的帮助我取得第一名成为可能 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a请看tta68461正确的颜色来自MH Please look the tta68461 correct color comes from MH [translate] 
aWorldwide registered design 全世界登记的设计 [translate] 
aProposed Transaction 提出的交易 [translate] 
a我先跟大家说个小故事 I first told a small story to everybody [translate] 
ai'm writing to talk about the problems of food safety nowadays 现今谈论食品安全性的问题的i'm文字 [translate] 
a了解更多的四届各地的新闻。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a谢谢老师对我的鼓励 Thanks teacher to my encouragement [translate] 
aWhile the routing delays of channel–based routing schemes in masked or 当发送延迟基于渠道的寻址在掩没策划时或 [translate] 
a面对我你不害羞吗 Facing my you not shy [translate] 
a生产经营手机、移动通信系统及其零配件。增加:开发、生产及经营计算机主机板与外围设备、通信及网络用相关卡板、五金塑胶制品、精密模具、微型计算机、便携式计算机、笔记本计算机、服务器、数据通信多媒体系统、新型显示器、数字音视频系统。从事非配额许可证管理、非专营商品的收购出口业务、包装业务。生产经营大中型电子计算机。从事上述产品的同类商品的批发、进出口及相关配套业务(不涉及国营贸易管理商品,涉及配额、许可证管理及其它专项规定管理的商品,按国家有关规定办理申请) [translate] 
aMorning, thanks for your arrange meeting on last week together, and for discuss with you before, pls send us your sub-con cost data of China truck, 早晨,感谢您在上星期一起安排会议,并且为与您谈论前面, pls送我们您次级精读中国卡车费用数据, [translate] 
aBased on data simulated using a modified Ohlson (1995) valuation model, we investigate effects on inferences of five potential scale-related effects: multiplicative and additive omitted scale factors, scale-varying coefficients, survivorship, and 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahad an up-titration 有一种滴定法 [translate] 
a导入产品 Inducts the product [translate] 
a我可以跟你合影吗 I may take a group photo with you [translate] 
a问题是他算它终于出了非常 diffcult,but [translate] 
a按照要求焊接芯骨 According to request welding core bone [translate] 
aBut the cost can be terrible 但费用可以是可怕的 [translate] 
ahaha, i mean.. where?. haha,我意味。 那里?。 [translate] 
ait's not right organize in public 它不是不错组织公开 [translate] 
aOverstimulated Overstimulated [translate] 
aSymmetric Cache Coherence Protocols 相称贮藏所凝聚协议 [translate] 
a독점대리계약서 独占性供选择书面合同 [translate] 
awe're still looking for someone to help 我们仍然正在寻找某人帮助 [translate] 
aManufacturer out of stock 制造商脱销 [translate] 
a作为人口众多的发展中国家,中国目前的社会保障水平还难以追上发达国家,只能保障公民的基本生活。它的标准是:养老保险--使职工在退休以后能够维持中等生活水平;失业保险--维持失业人员的基本生活;医疗保险--满足参保人一般的医疗需求 As the large population developing nations, the Chinese at present social security level also with difficulty overtakes the developed country, only can safeguard citizen's basic life.Its standard is: Old-age insurance--Will enable the staff later to maintain the medium living standard in the retirem [translate] 
a善于学习,具备广泛的兴趣和很好的可塑性 Is good at studying, has the widespread interest and the very good plasticity [translate] 
aShelly、丿 Shelly、丿 [translate] 
a我最近都在搞明白这件事 I all was doing recently understand this matter [translate] 
aBill上班乘坐地铁,他是一位教数学的老师,午饭过后他会看一会报纸,在5:30时回家,晚上看一会电视,10点时睡觉. Bill goes to work rides the subway, as soon as he will be teacher who will teach mathematics, the lunch he can look from now on meets the newspaper, when 5:30 will go home, as soon as evening will look meets the television, when 10 o'clock will sleep. [translate] 
a"He was a man of his time." [translate] 
a短文中主要讲述的是班纳特太太希望把她的女儿嫁给有钱的邻里彬格莱 In the short written work the main narration is class Ms. Nutter hoped marries hers daughter to rich neighborhood refined standard Lai [translate] 
amiss y 错过 [translate] 
a吃垃圾的牛 Eats trash cow [translate] 
aThat pretty biouse 那俏丽的biouse [translate] 
a采取民族中心主义的态度 Adopts the national center principle the manner [translate] 
astrengthen the English level and the communication with colleague 加强英国水平和与同事的通信 [translate] 
a不要与陌生人开玩笑,因为不熟悉 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a国以民为本,民以食为天,食以安为先。食物是人类赖以生存的基本物质条件 The country take the people as this, food is what matters to the people, food by An Weixian.Food is humanity's livelihood basic physical conditions [translate] 
ain sets of all identified mutations 在套所有identifi编辑变化 [translate] 
aI'm fine.Thank you! 我优良是。谢谢! [translate] 
aAngst [translate] 
a把读者带入外国情景 Leads the foreign scene the reader [translate] 
aTo do the best work. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aif your sky is grey let me know 如果您的天空是灰色的让我知道 [translate] 
aCan't communicate with Remote Desktop appliation on %d TCP port. Please select different port number 在%d TCP口岸不能与遥远的桌面appliation沟通。 请精选的另外通道数 [translate] 
a或奥斯卡奖 Or Oscar prize [translate] 
a深圳市福田区华强北赛格科技工业园4栋西9楼B904 Shenzhen Fukuda area Hua Qiangbei match standard science and technology industry garden 4 west 9 building B904 [translate] 
awe are having a chinese lesson 我们有中国教训 [translate] 
aFull-bodied and perfectly balanced on the palate. The rich silky tannins cloak a very long finish, underscored with rare freshness. 魁梧和完全平衡在上颚。 富有的柔滑的丹宁酸掩饰非常长的结束,强调以罕见的生气勃勃。 [translate] 
a本月是否可以支付余下的货款 Whether this month can pay in addition loans [translate]