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Hope you're responsible for yourself


I hope you responsible for your own


Hope you're responsible for yourself


I hope that you have on your own responsibility


Hoped you are responsible for you
a另人感到恶心。哦,真是令人难以置信的!有些人不能忍受这种行为,但他们没有勇气去表达自己的不满,因此他们互相打架,实在是让人恼火,住在这样的环境! The another person feels disgusting.Oh, really is incredible! Some people cannot endure this behavior, but they do not have the courage to express own disaffection, therefore they fight mutually, really is lets the human be annoyed, lives in such environment! [translate] 
a此次项目采用的是帝艾帝的多样拼接系列中超值款――40寸窄边液晶拼接竖向拼接屏,采用竖屏多单元拼接方法,可分屏显示和整屏显示,也可以任意组合拼接使用,此液晶拼接也是采用帝艾帝电子最先进的图像处理技术,可使低像素图像清晰再现,完美全高清,高亮度和高清晰度以及高对比度,有很好的色彩饱和度和更高视觉冲击力,采用的此系列是超窄边设计,可超长时间使用,寿命长,运用3*3模式18mm拼接模式。此次采用的液晶屏拼接系列个性、时尚、新潮、广受娱乐行业、企业展示、会议室、广告等场所的受用。 This project uses is the emperor Ai Di diverse splicing series superior value funds --40 inch narrow side liquid crystal splicing vertical splicing screen, uses the vertical stroke screen multi-unit splicing method, the separable screen demonstrated and the entire screen demonstrated, also may combi [translate] 
aThe day is so short.Smile if you are happy now,otherwise smile later if you are not. 天是很短的。微笑,如果您是愉快的现在,否则后微笑,如果您不是。 [translate] 
awith the family 与家庭 [translate] 
a每个人都会有遇到困难的时候 Each people all can have meet the difficult time [translate] 
a我需要准备 I need to prepare [translate] 
a灰色小汽车 Pessimistic compact car [translate] 
a我真的不想失去你 I really do not want to lose you [translate] 
acalibration (2000–2007) and a prediction (2008–2009) period and then used the calibration sample to calculate the prospect factor for the four periods.A . 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a你穿起来很帅 You put on very gracefully [translate] 
aSet Up Paga Layout 设定Paga布局 [translate] 
a技术的- Technology [translate] 
a但是你还是很重要啦 But you are very important [translate] 
aamex amex [translate] 
a中空 Spatial [translate] 
aWE CONTACT WITH Daebo international co.ltd 我们与Daebo国际co.ltd接触 [translate] 
agive it to charity 给它慈善 [translate] 
a我现在去我朋友家拿钥匙,晚一点回去。 I go to my friend family to take the key now, late goes back. [translate] 
a我和我妈妈去接你 I and my mother meet you [translate] 
aEmail accounts can be configured in cPanel 电子邮件在cPanel可以配置 [translate] 
aFree Services 免费服务 [translate] 
a电视的问世给我们带来了便捷的信息资源 Television being published has brought the convenient information resource to us [translate] 
aCongratulations, firepower, and a complete success! 祝贺、火力和完全成功! [translate] 
acooliris 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
alittle tadpoles looking for mummy 正在寻找妈咪的小的蝌蚪 [translate] 
a如果你认真观察,你会发现动物很可爱。 If you observe earnestly, you can discover the animal is very lovable. [translate] 
a把他叫做J Is called J him [translate] 
a让我的事业更加成功 Let my enterprise be more successful [translate] 
a面包店在书店的对面 Bakery in bookstore's opposite [translate] 
aCan you seeing me? 能看见我的您? [translate] 
a规划我的人生 Plans my life [translate] 
adiffuser.refill diffuser.refill [translate] 
aIf you need help here are some links that might be useful... [translate] 
adiatomic 双原子 [translate] 
aツァオ・ミン - seok [tsuao) [分钟) - seok [translate] 
aYou are hereby authorised to draw on Hang Khim Trading Company,Singapore for a sum not exceeding USD10,060CIF available by your drafts 您在吊Khim Trading Company,新加坡特此被批准画为总和不超出USD10,060CIF可利用由您的草稿 [translate] 
ainvalid license key 无效执照钥匙 [translate] 
aGrant no 格兰特没有 [translate] 
a生日快乐 开心每一天 Birthday joyful happy every one day [translate] 
a第三,热爱生活,乐于工作和学习。 Third, deeply loves the life, is glad the work and the study. [translate] 
aShowPageMode = 1 [translate] 
a目前,我国的猪生产正由千家万户分散粗放饲养向规模化、商品化生产方式转变,优良种猪的供给就是一个突出问题。 At present, our country's pig production is dispersing extensive raising by everyone to the formalization, the commercialization production method transforms, the superior improved variety pig's supplies are a prominent question. [translate] 
aShe studies at Angle School in America 她在美国学习在角度学校 [translate] 
a他在电脑前坐下开始工作 He sits down in front of the computer starts to work
awhite eraser 白色橡皮擦 [translate] 
a莺歌燕舞 Bright and beautiful spring day [translate] 
aBeing in a plate when I'm alone that cold as it can be.The soul just unacceptable 在板材,当我是单独的寒冷,因为它可以是。灵魂不能接受 [translate] 
a避免混叠效应的方法有多种:调节时基或按压 F1 键进行自动测量。 Avoids the aliasing effect the method having many kinds of: The adjustment time base or holds back the F1 key to carry on the automatic survey. [translate] 
a那个叫汤姆的男孩是我的好朋友 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIn that same village and in one of these very houses (which, to tell the precise truth, was sadly time-worn and weather-beaten), there lived many years since, while the country was yet a province of Great Britain, a simple good natural fellow , of the name of Rip van Winkle. 同样村庄和在(讲精确真相,哀伤地磨损和饱经风霜)的之一这些房子中,那里居住许多岁月,自从,而国家是,英国的省,一个简单的好自然家伙, Rip Van Winkle的名字。 [translate] 
a如果向灾区捐款直接交给金钱组织,如果一对一的帮助学生,则直接交给他。 If gives the money organization directly to the disaster area donation, if a pair of help student, then gives him directly. [translate] 
a你先看一下菜单,一会服务员会过来帮你点餐。 You look at first the menu, as soon as meets the service person to be able to come to help you to select meal. [translate] 
a男的也会生孩子? Male also can have a child? [translate] 
akindess kindess [translate] 
a奶昔 Milk shake [translate] 
a它是区分人如动物的唯一标准 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a希望你对你自己负责 Hoped you are responsible for you [translate]