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Do not show off meager skills before an expert
a表情有点夸张 The expression a little exaggerates [translate] 
a你敢吃东西? You dare to eat the thing? [translate] 
aSometimes it's better to push someone away, not because you stopped loving that someone, but because 有时推开某人最好的,没有,因为您停止爱那某人,但,因为 [translate] 
aDon't stress about the future, 不要注重关于未来, [translate] 
aRight side Right side [translate] 
a我可以全身心的投入工作。另外,我对异地环境能快速适应。 I may the total involvement investment work.Moreover, I can adapt fast to the different environment. [translate] 
aI wonder if you can write a short summary (up to two pages) about your PhD research and send it to me. I am in the process your application. It may take a while, but should be fine early next year. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
astart date in Computime is Jul 18th 2000 起始日期在Computime是7月18日2000年 [translate] 
aI read Kelly's blog last month and decided to feature her story in our local job report. In our phone interview she told me her amazing story. "I basically make about $6,000-$8,000 a month online. It's enough to comfortably replace my old jobs income, especially considering I only work about 10-13 hours a week from hom [translate] 
aIs that okk you work and chat with me? Is that okk you work and chat with me? [translate] 
aTwoshoot error: Timeout on second triggr pulse Max delav is5sec Twoshoot错误: 暂停在第二triggr脉冲最大delav is5sec [translate] 
aDate and place of expiry of the credit 信用的终止日期和地点 [translate] 
aI'm holdind on forever,reaching for a love that seems so far hope my dreams will take me there 我永远继续下去holdind,到达为到目前为止似乎希望我的梦想将采取我那里的爱 [translate] 
a中国法制史 Chinese legal system history [translate] 
a班级拓展训练 The class and grade develops the training [translate] 
aFrom today I will no longer be your star 从今天我不再将是您的星 [translate] 
afor a successful service delivery 为成功的服务交付 [translate] 
a The most damage for your business is done by the customer who doesn't complain but tells everyone they know how bad your service or product is. Only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain. 91% of dissatisfied customers never come back and each dissatisfied customer tells more than eight other people about their proble  多数损伤为您的事务由不抱怨,而是告诉大家他们知道的顾客完成多么坏您的服务或产品是。 仅4%不满意的顾客抱怨。 91%不满意的顾客从未回来,并且每名不满意的顾客告诉超过其他八人关于他们的问题。 另一方面,如果怨言当场,被解决95%不满意的顾客将返回。 [translate] 
a陕西警官职业学院 Shaanxi police officer professional institute
aΕυχαριστε αντο 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aDanny got up early this moring and drop the early bus to school Danny早早起来了这moring并且投下早期的公共汽车到学校 [translate] 
a请输入mang bu mang?您需要翻译的文本! Please input mang bu mang? You need to translate text! [translate] 
atravel well 旅行井 [translate] 
aTime gone and never returned, unforgettable past. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a把声音开大 Opens in a big way the sound [translate] 
a文明和礼仪:清洁卫生是仪容美的关键,是礼仪的基本要求。不管长相多好,服饰多华贵,若满脸污垢,浑身异味,那必然破坏一个人的美感。因此,每个人都应该养成良好的卫生习惯,做到入睡起床洗脸、脚,早晚、饭后勤刷牙,经常洗头又洗澡,讲究梳理勤更衣。不要在人前"打扫个人卫生"。比如剔牙齿、掏鼻孔、挖耳屎、修指甲、搓泥垢等,这些行为都应该避开他人进行,否则,不仅不雅观,也不尊重他人。与人谈话时应保持一定距离,声音不要太大,不要对人口沫四溅。这些虽都是老生常谈,不过依然需要强调 Civilization and etiquette: The clean health is the correct manners discipline beautiful key, is the etiquette basic request.No matter the appearance is much good, the clothing is magnificent and expensive, if the full face dirt, the whole body unusual smell, that destroys a person's esthetic sense [translate] 
a真傻的人 Really silly person
a好你 Good you [translate] 
aはなその 那 [translate] 
ai buy ua breakfast 我买ua早餐 [translate] 
aStand up,please and follow me 请站立和跟我学 [translate] 
a月考质量分析 The month tests the quality analysis [translate] 
a总务科 General affairs section [translate] 
aOUTSIDE SUPPLIES 外部供应 [translate] 
aI believe. This winter because of you and warm I believe. This winter because of you and warm [translate] 
amany students often complain about school they might fell they have too much work to do sometimes or think the rules are too strict 他们可能跌倒他们有许多工作有时做的许多学生经常抱怨学校或认为规则是太严密的 [translate] 
a更高的社会地位 Higher social position [translate] 
aAfter all your pains and tears, look at the rainbow of your life. It’s totally worth it. 在所有您的痛苦和泪花,看您的生活之后彩虹。 它完全值得。 [translate] 
a我不怎么会说,但我是一个很好的听众 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aOver the years, Wulfy have always wanted to become the Great Cloth Laundry. Now is the chance. Take ... [translate] 
ahaven't found it yet 未发现它 [translate] 
abut when she quited her job, she left the dorm 但,当她quited她的工作,她左宿舍 [translate] 
aattempt to read at eip 企图读在eip [translate] 
a洗脸刷牙 Washes the face cleans the teeth [translate] 
a你好,我叫邓楠。我家有5口人。他们都是我的爸爸、我的妈妈、我的祖父、我的祖母和我。 You are good, my name am Deng Nan.My family has 5 people.They all are my daddy, my mother, my grandfather, my grandmother and I. [translate] 
a恩 对啦 Well for friends [translate] 
a你好可爱,我好想你。 You are quite lovable, I good think you. [translate] 
aindemnifiable indemnifiable [translate] 
aTW-C802使用说明书 TW-C802 instruction for use [translate] 
awaht are you going to do 什么是您去做 [translate] 
a简单的整理了一下内务 Simple reorganization internal affairs [translate] 
a飞帆 Flies the sail [translate] 
a难道爱也需要斗智斗勇? Likes also needing to fight the wisdom to fight bravely? [translate] 
a我比你大好多 I am bigger than you many [translate] 
amake a jack o lantern 做一个起重器o灯笼 [translate] 
aEconomic calculation refers to people's economic resources (human, material and financial resources) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a不要班门弄斧 Do not show off meager skills before an expert [translate]