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aPlease state the skill level, e.g. PLC 12 months 请陈述技能水准,即。 PLC 12个月 [translate] 
a只有实践,才能得出真正的知识。 Only then practices, can obtain the true knowledge. [translate] 
a世博会内五年举行一次 In the World Expo five years are held once [translate] 
a哦 原来如此,你们学校在哪儿? Oh so that's how it is, where is your school at? [translate] 
a"Apple has lost a visionary (有远见的) and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being," the company said in a statement. "Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built and this spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple." 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athan half the achievable potential in many low-income countries. While 比一半可达成的潜力在许多低收入国家。 当时 [translate] 
a由欧美石头纹演变而来的瓜子纹卸去粗犷,只留下精致之感,搭配渐变杏色底色,洋溢出独特的浪漫气息 Evolves the melon seed grain by the European and American stone grain which comes to remove roughy, only leaves behind the fine feeling, the matching gradation apricot color bottom color, brims with the unique romantic breath [translate] 
a1966年12月生产出第一台4.5万千瓦水轮发电机 In December, 1966 produced the first 45,000 kilowatt water turbogenerator [translate] 
awhen I can find my love 当我可以发现我的爱 [translate] 
aThe length of time the “Please Wait” message is displayed is dependent on the number of colors contained in each PANTONE Library and the number of saved colors. 时间“请等待”消息被显示依靠颜色的数量在每个PANTONE图书馆和被保存的颜色的数量包含了。 [translate] 
a福建璋南电池科技公司 South Fujian jade tablet battery science and technology company [translate] 
a本公司生产的内墙腻子粉采用有机粘结料及多 This company produces the inner wall putty powder uses the organic caking to anticipate many [translate] 
a兰州市铁路第三高中 Lanzhou city railroad third high school [translate] 
a它将要花我们三天学会新的课 It is going to spend our three day academic society new classes [translate] 
adffort dffort [translate] 
a泵坏了 The pump was bad [translate] 
athe strong explanatory power 强的说明力量 [translate] 
a你能帮我嘛 You can help me [translate] 
aWHAT DOES NOT KILL MAKES ME STRONGER 什么不杀害牌子我更加坚强 [translate] 
aWhy don't you say you are Hsu Chi! 为什么不您言您是Hsu希腊字母x! [translate] 
a不是我不相信你,我不相信的,是我自己 Is not I does not believe you, I do not believe, is I [translate] 
amy translator is good at Chinese My translator in the Chinese language is good [translate] 
astainless steel deville swiss made No:309 不锈钢的deville瑞士人做了没有:309 [translate] 
arode off a forest to see how the trees were 乘坐森林看怎么树是 [translate] 
ahie 16:15:02 hie 16:15 :02 [translate] 
a我们刚在中国注册了GLOBAL商标,你可以用这个商标去申请INMETRO。 We just have registered in China the GLOBAL trademark, you may use this trademark to apply for INMETRO. [translate] 
ayang ling 杨石楠 [translate] 
anormalfloweringpatterns.Theautonomouspathwayrefers [translate] 
aVideosby date Videosby日期 [translate] 
a谢谢你特意去寻找我个性签名的中文意思、或许你是爱我的!我等待着······你! Thanks you specially to seek Chinese meaning which my individuality signs, perhaps you loves me! I am waiting for · · · · · · you! [translate] 
aJBCares 3 days ago [translate] 
aShe has two childien. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a文件拓展名 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a因为你的右心房有了她 Because your right atrium had her [translate] 
ayierqisiwujiusiyibawu yierqisiwujiusiyibawu [translate] 
atoner exhausted replace toncer 被用尽的调色剂替换toncer [translate] 
amonitoring stem cell trafficking 监视干细胞trafficking [translate] 
a我很抱歉,我没有准确的传递下次会议时间 I was sorry very much that, I will not have the accurate transmission next time the conference time [translate] 
a毛圈布 Mao Quanbu [translate] 
a它的版面内容包括每周新闻,今日世界,语言课堂,体育与音乐,学生报导,它的特色是图文并茂。 Its page layout content including each week news, today the world, the language classroom, the sports and music, the student reported that, its characteristic is abundant and elegant. [translate] 
a、 You lost me, in do not want to look, 、 您失去了我,不想要看, [translate] 
ashaft 轴 [translate] 
a苏州是鱼米之乡,物产自然也很丰富。苏州的丝绸刺绣是极品。碧螺春也是响当当地,口感一流。还有那些时令鲜果,土特水产,非常美味。现在,苏州也与时俱进,不断改革。现代化的高楼大厦一座座拔地而起,信息技术更加发达。我的家乡将更加美好!我永远爱苏州 Suzhou is the land of plenty, the product also very is naturally rich.Suzhou's silk embroidery is best quality goods.Biluochun also is resounding, feeling in the mouth first-class.Also has these season fresh fruit, the native product aquatic product, unusual delicacy.Now, Suzhou also keeps pace with [translate] 
ayou are my fower 您是我的fower [translate] 
a这是一个和谐愉快的家 This is a harmony happy family [translate] 
a安息 Resting [translate] 
a征求同伴的意见 Solicits companion's suggestions [translate] 
aman er san qi san wu er qi qi er yi 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIn contrast, on Valentine's Day there was a 3.6 per cent increase in spontaneous births and a 12.1 per cent increase in cesarean births, after taking the day of the week into account. 相反,在情人节有在自发诞生的3.6%增量和在剖腹诞生的12.1%增量,在考虑星期以后。 [translate] 
aThis technique requires a highly complex 这个技术要求一高度复杂 [translate] 
a广东省云浮市田家炳高级中学 Guangdong Province Yunfow city peasant family splendid senior middle school [translate] 
aSpeaking of "The Godfather" protagonist Michael's life, many people behaved evaluation is turned into an endless fall, thereby shedding step by step process of the human shell. People always seem to relish the old godfather, said that despite his extraordinary means, but there is still tender feelings of humanity, and 讲话“教父”主演迈克尔的生活,许多人表现的评估把变成一个不尽的秋天,从而流出逐步的过程人的壳。 人们总似乎回味老教父,说那尽管他的非凡手段,但有人类的嫩感觉和迈克尔几乎残暴,冷血,精神病同义。 实际上,看后面“教父” [translate] 
aWe caution against inferring from our findings strict causality between the voluntary adoption of internationally recognized accounting standards and changes in firm internal performance evaluations. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI would have loved to have heard this I would have loved to have heard this [translate] 
a一点钟 A o'clock [translate] 
athere full scientific attitude adopted tawards the problem 那里充分科学态度被采取的tawards问题 [translate] 
a什么味道都有 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]