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Automotive also produces a range of issues


Automotive also produces a range of issues


Automotive also produces a range of issues


Motor vehicles also has generated a series of problems


The automobile has a series of questions similarly
ai am cantonese. short guy 我是广东。 短的人 [translate] 
aI need to pull it together do it 내게 더 [translate] 
athere are some fish in the river 有有些鱼在河 [translate] 
a喂小狗 Feeds the puppy [translate] 
aever before 以前 [translate] 
aI wantsomeone who.s afraid of losingme... 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a黑色时尚质感碰撞优雅手提包 Black fashion sense of reality collision graceful suitcase [translate] 
a我们先在朱巴注册一家太阳能公司 We register first in the Zhu Pakistan a solar energy company [translate] 
a要译的恰到好处,译者必须全面深入的了解源语和目的语中的各种文化因素 Must translate just right, the translator must in the comprehensive thorough understanding source language and the goal language each cultural element [translate] 
a那请慢慢等待 That please slowly wait for [translate] 
adetermine the difference equation characterizing the overall system 确定描绘整个系统的差分方程 [translate] 
a只要条件合适,我们可以考虑接受政府间贷款或非政府间贷款。 So long as the condition is appropriate, we may consider accepts the intergovernmental loan or the non-intergovernmental loan. [translate] 
aleft Germany when Hitler came to power and went to work in the US 左德国,当Hitler来供给动力和在美国去运作 [translate] 
a有很多名人都登上过它的封面 Has very many celebrity all to mount its title page [translate] 
awrite the name of a water bird that rhymes with don. 写水禽的名字那押韵与笠头。 [translate] 
a对不起 伤害了你,回家路上小心 希望叔幸福 Sorry has injured you, went home on the road to hope carefully uncle was happy [translate] 
amaybe an 1 hour seminar 在我有适当的人之前,我将必须做最佳在他们外面。 [translate] 
a我正在看漫画 I am looking at the cartoon [translate] 
a宝贝给我一个吻 The treasure gives me lips [translate] 
aA、make, think [translate] 
a苏州是鱼米之乡,物产自然也很丰富。苏州的丝绸刺绣是极品。碧螺春也是响当当地,口感一流。还有那些时令鲜果,土特水产,非常美味。现在,苏州也与时俱进,不断改革。现代化的高楼大厦一座座拔地而起,信息技术更加发达。我的家乡将更加美好!我永远爱苏州 Suzhou is the land of plenty, the product also very is naturally rich.Suzhou's silk embroidery is best quality goods.Biluochun also is resounding, feeling in the mouth first-class.Also has these season fresh fruit, the native product aquatic product, unusual delicacy.Now, Suzhou also keeps pace with [translate] 
a引起火灾 Causes the fire [translate] 
aome manufactures flowed in along the well-defined trade routes ome制造沿明确定义的商船航线流动 [translate] 
a"Other MAC Address" button and enter the MAC address of the other LAN device. “其他机器位址”按钮和输入另一个LAN设备的机器位址。 [translate] 
a你好,请查看附件报价单 You are good, please examine the appendix quotation [translate] 
a机器老化 Machine aging [translate] 
a假如你的同学在擦玻璃时不小心割破了手指 If your schoolmate when scratches the glass sheared not carefully has broken the finger [translate] 
a意译法 Transliteration law [translate] 
a我们学了十几年的英语,之所以至今还是说不出口,一个主要的问题就是在平时学习时, We have studied several years English, the reason that said until now does not export, a main question is usually studying time, [translate] 
aeach way 每个方式 [translate] 
aThe stars shine forever The stars shine forever [translate] 
a市场调研大赛三等奖 The market investigates and studies the big game third prize [translate] 
a论文的附图 Paper attached figure [translate] 
a员 [translate] 
alegal regime 法律政权 [translate] 
a我遇见之后错过你 After I meet misses you [translate] 
a当你需要帮助时 When you need to help [translate] 
a有时候比较内向 Quite is sometimes introverted [translate] 
a在下午,我和妈妈去拜访亲戚! 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a協會主席李應生致詞表示:過去一年,對優質旅遊服務協會來説,實在是別具意義,執行委員會朝「提升服務質素、凝聚業界力量、及宣揚優質形象」三大核心方向堅定發展,工作範圍日漸擴大,推廣活動層面不斷拓展,啟動多項創新計劃,一方面為會員商戶增強競爭力,另一方面提高香港優質服務形象,為會員開拓新商機,為協會的歷史記下精彩的一頁。 [translate] 
ahe is a recent business school graduate he is a recent business school graduate [translate] 
a不是我不相信你,我不相信的,是我自己 Is not I does not believe you, I do not believe, is I [translate] 
a它确实有许多优点 It has many merits truly [translate] 
a手环项链 Hand link necklace [translate] 
ain the eyes 在眼睛 [translate] 
a我的不安,那么沉重 My restlessness, then heavy [translate] 
a小心一点 Careful [translate] 
aIncludes various hardware, plumbing components, syringe, etc 包括各种各样的硬件,测量深度组分、注射器等等 [translate] 
aNo she does 没有她 [translate] 
a人参总皂甙是从五加科植物人参的根、茎叶中提取精制而成,其富含十八种人参单体皂甙,溶于80°C的水,易溶解于乙醇。 The ginseng total soap glucoside is from five increases taxes the plant ginseng in the root, the stem leaf withdraws the purification to become, its richly including 18 kind of ginseng monomer soap glucoside, dissolves in 80°C the water, easy to dissolve in the ethyl alcohol. [translate] 
aOur promise 我们的诺言 [translate] 
a我今天下午需要去长安 I this afternoon need to go to Chang An [translate] 
afor the source of illegal income under his name 为非法收入的来源以他的名字 [translate] 
a我校在十一月二十五日星期二下午两点三十分举行一次关于环保问题的演讲比赛 My school Tuesday in the afternoon 2.3 extremely holds in November 25 one time about the environmental protection question oratorical contest
a汽车同样产生一系列问题 The automobile has a series of questions similarly [translate]