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You can visit the 107 House








aBreathing the same air 呼吸平静空气 [translate] 
a它吃很多叶子和草 It eats very many leaves and the grass [translate] 
aLEAVE MAYBE A GOOD IDEAR 事假 可能好IDEAR [translate] 
afor the party 为党 [translate] 
ametermarketing 米营销 [translate] 
aDont make me upset Dont make me upset [translate] 
a“collaborators in a multimedia-rich, user-empowered, disintermediated free-for-all where their value will be proven only by demonstrably improving outcomes in learning, teaching, and research “合作者在富有多媒体,用户授权, disintermediated混战,他们的价值将通过可示范改进结果在学会仅证明,教和研究 [translate] 
acutting off blood supply sometimes months later 有时切除以后供血月 [translate] 
aintentional packet drops are uniquely identified and the non-contributing node is given demerit points, so that the node is excluded from deriving more networ services. 故意小包下落独特识别,并且给非贡献的结记过点,因此结从获得更多networ服务被排除。 [translate] 
a多年来,打破等级结构已经成为商业新闻的一个主题,但变化的步伐缓慢,效果亦不甚明显。 [translate] 
alead to only limited success 导致仅成效有限 [translate] 
a是吗?那医生开了什么方子? Yes? What prescription has that doctor written? [translate] 
a我用了半天的时间去做模型飞机 I used the quite a while time to make the mockup [translate] 
aGrant no 格兰特没有 [translate] 
aPayment Currency 付款货币 [translate] 
a你不必恨我 You do not need to hate me [translate] 
aThird, one nation can sell some items at a lower cost than other countries. Japan has [translate] 
aB) That's right 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a新经济环境下要求财务分工更细、更明显。会计工作是一个整体集合,由多岗多人组成,各岗各人的分工不同,所处理的业务不同。新经济环境下,会计工作会变得更复杂,更多样化,会计处理方法变得更灵活,会计选择的空间更大,选择的余地更多,要求分工更细,人员层次更明显,需要一部分人作宏观控制,对重大事件作决策处理,成为投把握财务的微观控制,需要一部分人作会计明细工作,或物流管理。综上所述,新经济环境下,对会计人员的要求应具体分成三个层次:高级管理人员、中级业务处理人员、会计助理人员。 [translate] 
a做自愿者的好处有很多 Makes volunteer's advantage to have very many [translate] 
a他一到上海就给我打了一个长途电话。 As soon as he arrived Shanghai on to make a long-distance telephone call to me. [translate] 
aWhat continent is France in? 法国是什么大陆? [translate] 
avesicle frequently 频繁泡 [translate] 
a扔掉玻璃、纸张和金属是很浪费的。 Discards the glass, the paper and the metal is wastes very much. [translate] 
aUntil you complete checkout, another eBay user may buy this item. Learn moreabout making an immediate payment - opens in a new window or tab. 直到您完成结算离开,另一名eBay用户可以买这个项目。 学会付一笔即时付款的moreabout -在新窗口或表格开始。 [translate] 
a至于圣诞树,大多数过圣诞节的美国人都会在家里放上一颗。 As for the Christmas tree, the majority Christmas day American has been able at home to put one. [translate] 
aAfter doing that, the 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a心思细腻的男人 Thoughts exquisite man [translate] 
a你没有给我压力 You have not given me the pressure [translate] 
aoh my aston oh我的亚斯顿 [translate] 
aDon't bother,ok 不要打扰,好 [translate] 
aLADY LADY ONE MORE TRY 尝试夫人一更夫人 [translate] 
a你怎样看待这种动物呢? How do you regard this kind of animal [translate] 
a好多年没用英语对话了,单词都大多都忘记了 Many years useless English conversed, the word all mostly all forgot [translate] 
a因此这就是我不想看到你的原因之一 Therefore this is I does not want to see one of your reasons [translate] 
a喝精 Drinks the essence [translate] 
a但是你还是很重要啦 But you are very important [translate] 
a13、人之所以有一张嘴,而有两只耳朵,原因是听的要比说的多一倍。 [translate] 
aYour breasts exposed.?? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我的空间哪去啦? What Qula my space? [translate] 
aCuz you know that you just might [translate] 
a租车 Renting a car [translate] 
aGood aftemoon 好aftemoon [translate] 
aBecause the leader firms were identified as having superior IT capability over the period 1992 through 1994 由于领导企业被辨认了作为有优胜者它能力经过期间1992至1994年 [translate] 
aBut I'm not the man your heart is missing [translate] 
aI can feel my heart, my energy [translate] 
a没有你的日子我不知道这么办 Your day I had not known such manages [translate] 
aI ams Chen Tianshao 我是`s陈Tianshao [translate] 
a测温管(一) [translate] 
a新加坡政府学校优异的教学水平在国际上是有目共睹的,除了拥有3所国人引以为豪的本地大学外,还吸引了10所拥有雄厚工业基础的世界级的高等教育学府在此设立卓越的教育和研究中心,其中有欧洲知名的INSEAD,享誉全球的Massachusetts Institute of Technology 和美国重要的商校之一— —芝加哥大学商学院(University of Chicago Graduate School of Business)。 The Singapore Government School outstanding teaching level internationally is obvious to all, besides has 3 people's proud local universities, but also attracted 10 to have the abundant industry foundation world-class higher education school to set up the remarkable education and the research center [translate] 
asrgsgh srgsgh [translate] 
aThey decide where to put flowers,tress,walkways,and other landscape details. 他们在哪里决定投入花、发辫、走道和其他风景细节。 [translate] 
aOn April 15th when people pay their taxes, somewhere between 15 million and 18 million working families on modest incomes, families with children and incomes of tinder $23,000, will get a tax cut, not a tax increase, in the most important effort to ensure that we reward work and family in the last 20 years. Fifty milli 在4月15日,当人们缴纳他们的税,某处在15百万和18百万个之间工作家庭在普通的收入,家庭与孩子和收入火种$23,000,将得到减税,不是税增量,在最重要的努力保证我们在最近20年奖励工作和家庭。 五十百万个美国父母和他们的孩子通过放回税务规章将是有利的在工作美国父母的边为变动。 [translate] 
aHonestly I don't have time to hate people who hate me 诚实地我没有时间恨恨我的人 [translate] 
a男同志 Male comrade [translate] 
aThey decide where to put flowers,tress,walkways,and other landscape detaile. 他们在哪里决定投入花、发辫,走道和其他风景detaile。 [translate] 
a你可以到107楼去参观 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]