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Current student myopia occurs close to 60% in China, ranking first in the world. Survey shows young people holding a pen gesture of myopia is 95% due to error, also said there are genetic factors, but caused by the excessively heavy homework takes too long to close eyes, remains the main factor of s
aIt is a significant feature and debates about the future development of the research sector’s 它是一个signifi伪善言辞特点和辩论关于研究区段的未来发展的 [translate] 
aبِرُمحِكَ صُدَّ مَنْ يُطارِدُني، وقُلْ لي أنا خلاصُكَ [translate] 
aAndroid SDK tool 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIn many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school, while in other societies this is virtually unheard of. In the latter situation, students are expected to spend all of their time on their studies and consider schoolwork their "job". In my opinion, students benefit 在许多国家它是共同的为了少年能采取半日工作,当他们仍然在高中时,而在其他社会这是实际上未被听到的。 在后者情况,学生预计在他们的研究上花费所有他们的时间和认为schoolwork他们的“工作”。 以我所见,学生从一种更加平衡的生活方式有益于更多,也许包括工作在一个半日工作。 所以,我相信它是一个好想法为了学生能工作,当学习时。 [translate] 
a我上个星期放假 On me a week has a vacation [translate] 
aDon't call me honey 不要告诉我蜂蜜 [translate] 
ahighest education for undergraduate 高等教育为大学生 [translate] 
a由买方按CIF成交金额的110%投保中国人民保险公司海运货物水渍险、碰损破碎险和战争险 110% takes out insurance the People's Insurance Company marine transportation cargo with particular average by the buyer according to the CIF deal amount, bumps damages the risk of breakage and the war risk [translate] 
a网络数据产品 Network data product [translate] 
aam not going to beijing this trip as not enough time 上午不去到北京这次旅行作为没有足够时间 [translate] 
a永远守护在添的身边 Forever protects in the side which adds [translate] 
ain the 1970s. 在70年代。 [translate] 
aas for do 至于为 [translate] 
a对其景观空间进行重新塑造,结合湿地恢复,挖湖堆山,平方就地平衡。园内排水就近汇向湖沼池塘,规划确定巢湖常水位7.5米,防洪堤标高13米。水系主要有两部分组成,一部分为受巢湖潮汐变化的巢湖水系为主的湖面和滩涂,一部分是现状池塘,受柘皋河、烔炀河水系影响。 Carries on to its landscape space molds, the union wetland restores, digs the lake to pile the mountain, the square balances.In the garden drains water nearby collects to the lake basin bog pond, the plan determines the Lake Chaohu ordinary water level 7.5 meters, the flood-dam elevation 13 meters.T [translate] 
aafter cover is opend 在盖子以后是opend [translate] 
a你们每天上午有几节课 You in the morning have several classes every day [translate] 
a夕阳很美,但也只是一瞬间 The setting sun is very beautiful, but also is only the flash [translate] 
a饮料,您选的是百事可乐 The drink, you elect are Pepsi Cola [translate] 
a奇奇奇奇奇 奇奇奇奇奇 I really love you and you still love me enough. Has been my unrequited love of the Wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful I really love you and you still love me enough. Has been my unrequited love of the [translate] 
aA片区客服主管 A area guest takes the manager [translate] 
a我是一名普通职员, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在中国式的教育里,往往都是家长要求自己的孩子服从自己,对子女的严格管教,却没有关注到孩子的情感和自尊心 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
achecking file system on c: 在c检查文件系统: [translate] 
aFor use in models that use Universal Memory Architecture (UMA) graphics 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a急救箱在帮助突然生病或受伤的人在医生到来前 Before the first-aid case falls ill in the help the human who or is injured in doctor to arrive suddenly [translate] 
ainisible inisible [translate] 
a没什么是令人快乐的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a其实啊 本来你对我来说是非常重要的 Actually you to me are originally extremely important [translate] 
a电阻档位 Resistance files position [translate] 
a天冷了 记得多穿衣服。 不在你身边的时候替我照顾好自己 The day cold had remembered puts on clothes much. Not at you side time looks after own for me [translate] 
ai pay lots of tax in Germany 我在德国支付许多税 [translate] 
aCost Ratios: Cost of goods sold to sales , seliing and general administration expenses to saies , and operating expenses to saies . 费用比率: 物品的费用卖了到销售, seliing和一般管理费用对saies和营业费用对saies。 [translate] 
aAre you involved in racing 是赛跑介入您 [translate] 
a我说了,我们是朋友啊,小鬼,你在想什么啊 I said, we are the friend, the little rascal, you is thinking any [translate] 
aTHIRD ENGINEER 第三位工程师 [translate] 
a和他一起玩 Plays together with him [translate] 
a我只是要你的相片,不是一定要裸照 I only want your photograph, is not must certainly bare illuminate [translate] 
a希望你和你的同学注重眼睛的保护 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ato see and too be soon 很快看见和太是 [translate] 
a三字经 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aboinbb.com boinbb.com [translate] 
a虽然可能需要一点时间,但我会做到的 Although possible need time, but I can achieve [translate] 
a你知道的还很少. You know very are also few. [translate] 
awhy should I 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aResolution Center 决议中心 [translate] 
a地铁出入口 Subway access [translate] 
aThere are some moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them form you dreams and hug them.There are some moments in life when you miss some one so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what y [translate] 
aDe seguro no los podré describir tal cual ellos eran 保险我不会能描述这样对作为他们是的他们 [translate] 
a之后我考上了国家重点高中 Afterwards I have passed an examination National Key High school [translate] 
a真是雪,诚实花,变成雪花飘万家,轮了跑,铃儿响,把我的心儿带给你,圣诞节有你更精彩!!! Really is the snow, the honest flower, turns the snowflake to flutter ten thousand, turned has run, the bell sound, took to mine heart you, Christmas day had you to be more splendid!!! [translate] 
a可怜的女人 Pitiful woman [translate] 
astill… naughty naughty 仍然…淘气淘气 [translate] 
a没有最爱只有大爱 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aCatch one's heart.never be 抓住一.的heart.never是 [translate] 
a过一段时间,检查一次视力 Period of time, have inspected a vision [translate] 
abe unluky in love 是unluky在爱 [translate] 
a目前我国学生近视发生率接近60%,居世界第一位。有调查显示青少年近视眼95%是缘于错误的握笔姿势,也有遗传因素之说,但课业负担过重导致的近距离用眼时间过长,仍然是学生近视的主要因素。比如运动和睡眠时间不足或者没有养成良好的用眼习惯。这些都会严重影响我们的视力。因此,我建议,每半年至少进行一次视力检查。 [translate]