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Do you remember me? ?


Do you still remember me??


Do you still remember me??


Do you still remember me? ?


You also remember me??
a就看我能给你什么。 Looked I can give you any. [translate] 
aIn this paper, a self-tuning fuzzy PID controller which can adaptively adjust controller parameters on-line is designed to solve the position servo control of SRM direct drive volume control hydraulic press. 在 本文,可能在网上能适应调整控制器参量的一个自动调谐的模糊的PID控制器被设计解决 位置伺服机 SRM直接传动控制 音量控制水力press。 [translate] 
a写这些短文的人不仅对我的一些观点加以反思,同时还会引用一些他或她说过的话 Writes these short written works not only the human reconsiders to my some viewpoints, meanwhile can quote some he or she has said the speech [translate] 
a二零一二年十二月三十一日 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a3. Verify the explain about the Vector Displacement Map, hold the cursor over the options and observe the tooltips 3. 核实解释关于传染媒介位移地图,拿着游标在选择并且观察tooltips [translate] 
aceramide plump perfect CERAMIDE Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift and Firm Eye Cream SPF 15, 0.5 oz. 神经酰胺肥满完善的神经酰胺 神经酰胺肥满完善超推力和牢固的眼睛奶油SPF 15, 0.5盎司。 [translate] 
a亲爱的,我现在在接电话当中..... Dear, I in answer in the middle of now the telephone ..... [translate] 
aDEBIT INVOICE 借方发货票 [translate] 
a1951年,中华人民共和国教育部和中华全国总工会共同商定,将教师节与“五一”国际劳动节合并一起作为我国教师节。由于种种原因,教师节实际上并未实行。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMelaleuca bean cakes Melaleuca豆蛋糕 [translate] 
asupervisor password is 监督员密码是 [translate] 
a众所周知,校园情侣在大学校园里不是什么陌生或是稀奇的人群,他们是随处可见的。大学生都处于20出头的年龄,出于正常心理或生理的需要,寻找情侣是可以理解的。在大学校园这种轻松甚至无聊的氛围里,我们谈一场恋爱可以充实生活,也可以体会人生及陶冶情操。 It is well known, the campus lover in the university campus is not strange perhaps the strange crowd, they are find at everywhere.The university students all are in 20 over ages, stemming from normal psychological or the physiological need, seeks the lover is may understand.In university campus this [translate] 
a新的建筑,新的铁轨 New construction, new railway rail [translate] 
aI Will Change into whatever she Wants。 I Will Change into whatever she Wants. [translate] 
a二零一一年11月3日 On November 3, 2011 [translate] 
a是的。那一时期的经历对我以后的音乐道路有深刻的影响。它让我明白了做什么事情都要刻苦努力,不要放弃,要与他人融洽相处,关注团队合作。在我看来,我们五兄弟在一起的创造音乐的时候是我最初的动力与梦想所在。 Yes.That time experience has the profound influence to I later music path.It let me understand handled any matter all to want assiduously diligently, do not have to give up, had to be together harmoniously with other people, attention team cooperation.In my opinion, our five brothers in together cre [translate] 
a早餐供应时间是7点至10点 The breakfast supply time is 7 to 10 o'clock [translate] 
aVolg de stappen op dit velomde cartridaes uit te liinen' dit Volg stappen操作velomde cartridaes uit您liinen [translate] 
aPlease help to confirm whether or not directly replies 请帮助证实是否直接地回复 [translate] 
a但是今天很闲 But today is very idle [translate] 
aThe name of the mascot in the 1976 Montreal Olympics 吉祥人的名字在1976年蒙特利尔奥林匹克 [translate] 
aknow about john 知道关于约翰 [translate] 
aAyers Rock is right in the centre of Australia Ayers岩石是不错在澳洲的中心 [translate] 
a道具而已 Stage prop [translate] 
aGene of agronomy traits 农学特征基因 [translate] 
aIn this lost in this world can not love two people together, and obviously you do nothing but I can only pray that if there is text to be translated into the afterlife 在这个世界丢失的这中不能一起爱二个人,并且您明显地我能只祈祷,如果有将被翻译的文本成晚年 [translate] 
aThin savors thin, the life has filled the pleasure actually. Lets oneself be tired out from the press, was not better than the academic society enjoys the life. Thin savors thin, the life has filled the pleasure actually. Lets oneself be tired out from the press, was not better than the academic society enjoys the life. [translate] 
a因为极度的贫穷,克里斯•加德纳甚至去卖血。功夫不负有心人,凭借自己的努力,克里斯•加德纳最终脱颖而出,获得了股票经纪人的工作,后来还创办了自己的公司。 Because of extreme poverty, Chris•Gardner even sells the blood.The time does not lose the person with high aspirations, relies on own endeavor, Chris•Gardner finally fully exposed talent, has obtained stockbroker's work, afterwards also organized own company. [translate] 
aapproach towards addressing environmental problems that face South Africa [translate] 
a明天 后天 昨天 前天 Tomorrow [translate] 
a你不要模仿我的风格 Do not imitate my style [translate] 
a捐一些钱给慈善机构 Contributes some money to give the philanthropic institution [translate] 
a中国现在飞速发展,越来越国际化。 China now rapid development, more and more internationalization. [translate] 
a勤助 The attendance helps [translate] 
ain a step-by-step-way 用步由步方式 [translate] 
aNOVA BLOOD 新星血液 [translate] 
aIn this work, an uniaxial round-edge creaser and a deep rectangle 在这工作、一单轴的圆边缘creaser和一个深刻的长方形 [translate] 
a如果我们什么都不做,不久世界上将没有大熊猫 If our anything does not do, in the world will not have the panda soon [translate] 
a没有理由 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adeteeted deteeted [translate] 
a前文说过,自营职业有利有弊,我认为作为大学生来说还是很好的,虽然成功的机会比较小,但是只要我们去做了,也许成功就会在我们身上,即使失败的,我们依然可以学习到很多的经验,对于未来的人生来说也是很好的事情 The preamble had said, the self-management professional advantages are accompanied by disadvantages, I thought took the university student is very good, although succeeds the opportunity quite is small, but so long as we have done, perhaps succeeds can on our body, even if is defeated, we still may [translate] 
a该正一下是RMB不是IMB Should make straight is RMB is not IMB [translate] 
a他从来也没有想到过这次事故是由于他的粗心造成的 He had not always thought this accident is because he creates carelessly [translate] 
a人员管理室主任 The personnel manages room director [translate] 
aLaunch Messages app directly from the app 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aGoldCard Hex Reverse 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a想要传达我无限的思念 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a学位论文 Dissertation [translate] 
a突然小男孩不小心掉到河里 The young boy not carefully falls suddenly to the river in
a(Achievements) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a它满足了下岗工人生存需要 It satisfied the laid-off workers to survive the need [translate] 
a与受伤的人待在一起,并保持冷静 With the human who is injured treats in same place, and maintains calmly [translate] 
a但是他从来不做运动 But he always does not make the movement [translate] 
a你的毛衣前后穿反了 Around your woolen sweater put on counter- [translate] 
asound on 声音 [translate] 
aDlode Card Dlode卡片 [translate] 
a你还记得我吗?? You also remember me?? [translate]