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a相信自己,把握明天 Believes oneself, will grasp tomorrow [translate] 
aAll Ditz and Jumbo Tits 所有Ditz和超大山雀 [translate] 
ain the end, the quality of the undergraduate 在最后,大学生的质量 [translate] 
atwo provider networks have been introduced .network a and network b .if you have out-patient medical treatment atanetwork a provider,no co-insurance will apply 二个提供者网络是被介绍的.net工作a,并且网络b您有门诊病人药物治疗atanetwork提供者的.if,没有共同担保将申请 [translate] 
aThis book is wonderful for a person who try to make an ignition coil. 这本书为设法做点火线圈的人是美妙的。 [translate] 
a你的口语真的很好嘛 Your spoken language really very good [translate] 
aПодушка задней рессоры 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a九名运动员组成了一支球队 Nine athletes have formed a team [translate] 
ashe switched the television off 她关掉了电视 [translate] 
aThe happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything: [translate] 
a我们把时间定在8点半好吗? We decide in 8 and half o'clock the time? [translate] 
a我的卧室有床,衣柜,桌子,还有一把椅子 My bedroom has the bed, the closet, the table, but also some chair [translate] 
a2 for Cancel changes 2为取消变动 [translate] 
a曾老师的意见和要求使我的论文更加丰富 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a南方的社会制度发生了巨大的改变,南方以前的价值体系和文明风尚也逐渐消失, The south social system has had the huge change, south beforehand value system and the civilized prevailing custom also gradually vanish, [translate] 
a(c) 2011 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy (c) 2011 Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a在他看到悬挂的猪头从而隐约间见到蝇王对自己的话语,他似乎成了一个先知性的人物 Sees the hand thus in him pig indistinctly to see the musca king to own words, he has as if become a precognitive character [translate] 
aFenggang? Fenggang ? [translate] 
adirectly under the second branch 直接地在第二个分支之下 [translate] 
auses industry-standara encryption to protece the confidentiality of your personal information 使用产业standara加密对protece您的个人信息的机密 [translate] 
aprecious things are very few in the world.that is the reason there is just one you 珍贵的事非常少数在world.that是那里原因是一个您 [translate] 
athat a diligent examination has been made of the corporate 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aI don't have heard the place before 我以前没听见地方 [translate] 
aWe only need to have our own [translate] 
aCan say,was not is secret.The true pain is takes root in cannot at heart to criticism,wants not to be able to think 能说,不是秘密的。真实的痛苦是作为根源不能在心脏到批评,想要不能认为 [translate] 
a第二排左手边第四个是小明 Nearby the second row of left hand fourth is young Ming [translate] 
a•Attend an Event •出席一个事件 [translate] 
a和你保持联系 Keeps the contact with you [translate] 
a我们可以在湖边见面 We may meet in the bund [translate] 
aAcceleration Sensor with constant current power 加速度传感器以恒定的当前力量 [translate] 
a南京市公安局对处理结果进行验收,检查验收结果合格。 Nanjing Police station carries on the approval to the processing result, the inspection approval result is qualified. [translate] 
aI am currently out of the office and will return on November 7th. If you are in need of assistance please contact Phyllis Goczeski at ext 8135 我当前是在办公室外面,并且回来在11月7日。 如果您请是需要协助与Phyllis Goczeski联系在ext 8135 [translate] 
a当他们呆的很近,就会被刺到 When they dull very near, can puncture [translate] 
aAmount in FC 数额在FC [translate] 
a深圳市指南针标识有限公司 Shenzhen Compass Marking Limited company [translate] 
a多了两个 Many two [translate] 
asignature are sent to you by EMS, please check it. And if you have any further [translate] 
ain a grim portrait of a nation in economic turmoil 在一个国家的一张冷面画像在经济动乱 [translate] 
a快速设计最佳展开坯料 The fast design launches the semifinished materials best [translate] 
aWhen they stayed far,they will be feeling cold. 当他们停留了,他们感觉寒冷。 [translate] 
a由深圳圣康公司提供的国内产品 Domestic product provides which by Shenzhen Saint Kang Company [translate] 
a乳酸及其共聚物是具有优良的生物相容性和可生物降解的高分子材料,无毒,可吸收。作为环境友好材料其研制与开发日益受到人们的重视,在各个领域尤其是医药领域得到越来越广泛的应用 The lactic acid and the copolymer have the fine biological compatibility and may the biodegradation high polymer material, non-toxic, may absorb.Is valued people's day by day as environment friendly material its development and the development, obtains the more and more widespread application in par [translate] 
aThey will be stabbed ,when staying very close. 当停留非常紧密时,他们将被刺中。 [translate] 
a上司与下级的关系 Boss and subordinate relations [translate] 
a几年前,我看过一部动画片,里面有个情节记忆犹新。两个小孩打架,被妈妈拉开后,一个指着另外一个告状:“她先骂我CEO的!”过去,在人们眼中,在企业做领导者,多光荣啊,因为领导者是为企业、为所有股东谋福利的。大多数领导力研究强调的都是领导力积极、变革的一面,搞得好像领导者思想境界都高、做事都符合道义似的。但是,现在就不同了。有些研究开始关注领导力阴暗的一面,就是那些滋生于权力的东西。这“达斯·维达”(美国大众文化里无可取代的反派角色。——译者注)的一面,因自我膨胀、特权主义而萌生,因自恋主义、自我欺骗、贪婪、多疑、权力滥用而壮大。领导力心理病理学认为,不良人格与大权独揽结合在一起(几乎必然)会给企业和社会带来灾难。 [translate] 
aBut the mostly professional females all fill the feminine qualities 但主要专业女性全部填装女性质量 [translate] 
aEVONNE EVONNE [translate] 
aAttached with the bank slip for the payment of Inv#YSCBH11592 for your reference, thank you 附有以银行滑动为Inv#YSCBH11592的付款作为您的参考,谢谢 [translate] 
a红茶 金骏眉系列 Black tea Jin Junmei series [translate] 
aAttractively carved as the goddess swaying to her right, wearing robes with floral incised hems and holding a ruyi along her raised left arm, wood stand. 有吸引力地雕刻作为摇摆到她正确,佩带的长袍与花卉被切的吊边和举行一ruyi沿她的被举的左胳膊的女神,木立场。 [translate] 
a设备的制造周期:50 天 Equipment manufacture cycle: 50 Day [translate] 
acontrol the lock on or off 控制锁或 [translate] 
a变化丰富,起伏跌宕 Changes richly, the fluctuation is unconstrained [translate] 
aintermediary bank 中介银行 [translate] 
a食品生产过程中 In food production process [translate] 
a等下我们会修正 Under and so on we can revise [translate] 
aShe would buy a large house if she won the lottery 如果她赢取了抽奖,她会买一个大房子 [translate]