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In this environment, very few plants can grow


As in the environment, it is very rare plants can grow


Under such environment, very little has the plant to be able to grow
a我们可以通过分析脸部纹理信息作为判断面瘫的依据 We may take the judgment facial paralysis through the analysis face texture information the basis [translate] 
a希望我们能合作愉快! Hoped we can cooperate happily! [translate] 
a基洛夫 Kirov [translate] 
a我的梦想是做一个真正的男人 Mi sueño es un hombre genuino [translate] 
aUsername field is required. 需要用户名领域。 [translate] 
a我们共收回50张调查表 We altogether take back 50 examination tables [translate] 
ashe was in the famous Chinese dragons opened a small shop, 她是在著名中国龙打开了小商店, [translate] 
aIs small ~ ~真他妈face of ferocious [translate] 
aPhil Downing, an eager young executive, was involved in the setting up of a branch of his company that was merging with an existing Japanese counterpart. He seemed to get along very well with the executive colleagues assigned to work with him, one of whom had recently been elected chairman of the board when his grandfa [translate] 
a几个加起来 Several add [translate] 
a我们真诚邀请的您出席本周六上午九点在我们学院的英语报告厅举行的研讨会并作演讲 We invite sincerely you attend this Saturday morning nine in our institute's English to report the hall hold the seminar and makes the lecture [translate] 
a3D BY PANASONIC _Su Qi-Er 3D 3D由PANASONIC _Su齐唔3D [translate] 
a我们已经下过订单了 We have already gotten down the order form [translate] 
athere will be standing room only on the earth 将有仅站立空间在地球上 [translate] 
a 2009-2011连续两年获  2009-2011 two years attain continuously [translate] 
a施工前必须对操作人员进行技术、质量、安全的交底,并做好记录。 Before the construction must carry on the technology, the quality, safe giving the low-down to the operator, and completes the record. [translate] 
a迎合他们利益的政策 Caters to their benefit the policy [translate] 
a西美酒店客房部 West good wine customer Fang Bu [translate] 
a很投入的画画 Invests very much painting pictures [translate] 
a我应该与同学有好的相处 I should have good being together with schoolmate [translate] 
amustical note will drop from above an instrument mustical笔记从在仪器之上将下降 [translate] 
a专业偷拍网站 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a一星期后你就不再中国了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a课题通过研究国内外 The topic through studies domestic and foreign [translate] 
a快射 Shoots quickly [translate] 
aIt is wonderful hearing from you again this morning. I finished doing my laundry and watered the plants in the front yard. I took pictures of some plants and flowers for you. 它今晨再是美妙的听力从您。 我在前院完成做我的洗衣店并且浇灌了植物。 我拍了有些植物和花的相片为您。 [translate] 
a接下来有请金雨薇为我们带来这样一个小故事 Meets down invited Jin Yu Wei to bring this kind of small story for us [translate] 
aknow that life isn't a fairytale ,and i'm not asking for a happy ending , all i am asking is a real 知道生活不是童话和i'm不请求一个愉快的结尾,我要求的所有是真正的 [translate] 
a而我是家里最小的一个,是三个哥哥的特点的综合,活泼而又可爱。 But I am in the family smallest one, is three elder brother's characteristic synthesis, lively and also is lovable. [translate] 
aDHL 需要电话联系交付到你的地址 DHL needs the telebrief to pay your address [translate] 
aex: GET magic-name [translate] 
aYou were meant to be my destiny 您被认为是我的命运 [translate] 
a我已经和生产确认 I already with production confirmation [translate] 
aEste vino ha sido elaborado con uvas selecionadas en su plena maduracion para dar asi sus mejores cualidades y obtener este vino de calidad. Este酒ha sido elaborado精读uvas selecionadas en su充满maduracion巴拉dar asi SU mejores cualidades y obtener este vino de calidad。 [translate] 
a人都死了 The human all died [translate] 
aDue to Shareholders 由于股东 [translate] 
aEnterprise or corporate training is conducted for a business to improve the quality of personnel, ability, job performance and contribution to the organization, and implementation of a planned, systematic training and training activities. Goal is to make employees' knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and 企业或公司训练被举办为了事务能改进人员的质量、能力、对组织的工作成绩和计划的,系统的训练和训练活动的贡献和实施。 目标是做雇员的知识、技能、工作方法、工作态度和工作改进和提高价值,播放最巨大的潜力改进单独和组织表现,并且促进组织和个体的连续的改善达到组织和个人双重发展。 [translate] 
adrop doing sth. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSystem.Data.SqlClient.SqlException 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a轻柔的音乐刚好适合我。我不喜欢吵闹的音乐。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a严重损坏 Major damage [translate] 
a进仓通知 Places in storage the notice [translate] 
a兽医 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a外贸经理要对海外市场进行深入研究,为公司及产品选择有潜力的目标市场,制定有效的出口营销整体策略并且贯彻实施。还要负责建立和巩固与客户资源,能够独立承担外贸业务,统筹各个业务环节,协调多方关系。 Foreign trade manager must conduct the thorough research to the overseas market, has the potential goal market for the company and the product choice, and formulates the effective exportation marketing overall strategy the implementation implementation.Also must be responsible to establish and to co [translate] 
aUnexpected response format. 意想不到的反应格式。 [translate] 
a是怎样计算的啊? Is how calculates? [translate] 
afallagain fallagain [translate] 
a性格,思考模式,爱情观 Disposition, ponder pattern, love view [translate] 
a骂人的英语 Curses at people English [translate] 
aThe backup has finished and the server can be accessed again. 备份完成了,并且服务器可以再访问。 [translate] 
a乐乐园园、 Happy paradise garden, [translate] 
a江苏省常州市钟楼区天爱儿童康复学校 The Jiangsu Province Changzhou bell tower area day love child is restored to health the school [translate] 
a播放两首歌 Broadcasts two songs [translate] 
a萍萍 Duckweed duckweed [translate] 
adesmaquilla perfectamente desmaquilla perfectamente [translate] 
aI'm sorry about what happened later 我是抱歉关于发生什么以后 [translate] 
a在那样的环境下,很少有植物能生长 Under such environment, very little has the plant to be able to grow