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If you have time to play come to us


If you have time to play come to us


If you have time to play come to us


If you have the time to play with us here


If has the time to come our here to play
aWhat good is not put, why insomnia every night, every day. What good is not put, why insomnia every night, every day. [translate] 
aThe Biodiversity Convention differentiates the scope of legal obligations of the Contracting Parties with regard to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity resources based upon their levels of economic development. 生物多样性大会区分缔约方的法律责任的范围关于对生物多样性资源的保护和能承受的用途根据他们的经济发展的水平。 [translate] 
a负责编制年度工程预算 Is responsible to establish the year project budget [translate] 
aI'm being too selfish. 我是太自私的。 [translate] 
ahi,i'm kate jones i'm writing an article about the bosketbaii team for the school magazine can i ask you some quetions? 高, i'm kate写一篇文章关于bosketbaii队的琼斯i'm为学校杂志可能我问您有些问题? [translate] 
a你觉得我像天使吗? 你觉得我像天使吗? [translate] 
a因为我们距离太远 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a配合的很好 Coordination very good [translate] 
a我们强学习它 We learn from it [translate] 
a欢迎阁下.光临 Welcome your excellency. Presence [translate] 
a享有 的美誉 Enjoyment Fine reputation [translate] 
aspecial skill and interest 特别技巧和兴趣 [translate] 
aist stark im klassischen bankgeschaft 是强的在古典银行业务交易 [translate] 
a维度 Dimension [translate] 
a我爱上体育课 I fall in love with the physical education [translate] 
a要用普通攻击的 Must use to attack ordinary [translate] 
a��ȥ�������վ��ǹ�ȥ过去的终究会过去。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai often do my homework 我经常做我的家庭作业 [translate] 
a会议接待中心 The conference receives the center [translate] 
a易爆 爆発性 [translate] 
a未读RFQ Has not read RFQ [translate] 
aredistributabel redistributabel [translate] 
a经济贸易咨询 Economical trade consultation [translate] 
aThe flange-sealed to prevent use of asbestos dust, bring to justice Yang 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
asafemode.htt safemode.htt [translate] 
aThin savors thin, the life is actually flavorful 稀薄品尝稀薄,生活实际上是美味的 [translate] 
a九年之前,我遇到一件改变我人生的事情,一个小孩被一个醉酒司机撞死,影响了我看世界的方式,我以一种全新的方式看待世界。当时我已经成为畅销书作家,成了一个国际名人,但看到小孩被撞之后,我想我不仅是成名的作家,我更是我女儿最宝贵的财产。我现在有6个孩子和1个孙女,在我以全新方式看待世界后,我总是想问,我们身边发生的事和遇到的人,都对我们的生活产生了什么样的影响?他们在我们的生命轨迹中到底扮演了什么重要的角色?我觉得对你的人生产生重要影响的人和事会是非常非常多的。 [translate] 
a试业 Tries industry [translate] 
a到時再說 Again said at the appointed time [translate] 
ainvading space 侵略的空间 [translate] 
a上海比山东的任何城市都大 Shanghai is all bigger than Shandong's any city [translate] 
a这个大厅至少能容纳50人 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a矿难事故屡禁不止,造成严重的人才损失。 The ore difficult accident to endure repeatedly continues, causes the serious talented person losses. [translate] 
aTurning the Color Cue®2.1 On and Off 转动颜色Cue®2.1断断续续 [translate] 
a进仓通知 Places in storage the notice [translate] 
aコード 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a兽医 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
amaintenances agreements 维护协议 [translate] 
aSystem.Data.SqlClient.SqlException 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a人都死了 The human all died [translate] 
a根本无法做到真正的公开公正 Basic is unable to achieve truely public fair [translate] 
aEnterprise or corporate training is conducted for a business to improve the quality of personnel, ability, job performance and contribution to the organization, and implementation of a planned, systematic training and training activities. Goal is to make employees' knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and 企业或公司训练被举办为了事务能改进人员的质量、能力、对组织的工作成绩和计划的,系统的训练和训练活动的贡献和实施。 目标是做雇员的知识、技能、工作方法、工作态度和工作改进和提高价值,播放最巨大的潜力改进单独和组织表现,并且促进组织和个体的连续的改善达到组织和个人双重发展。 [translate] 
ai belive you can do whatever you set your mind on trust in yourself i belive您能做什么您在信任设置您的头脑在你自己 [translate] 
aYou may receive an e-mail from Orbitz if a schedule change occurs prior to or during your trip. Such changes also will be noted in "My Trips". We recommend you check there periodically before your trip 如果日程表变动发生在或在您的旅行期间之前,您可以从Orbitz接受电子邮件。 这样变化也将被注意在“我的旅行上”。 我们在您的旅行之前周期性地推荐您检查在那边 [translate] 
aThere is neither a requirement for realistic, handson 有不現實的一個要求, handson [translate] 
aFixed Assets 固定资产 [translate] 
a125480 москва улица туристкая дом 33 корпус 1 квартира 216 125480莫斯科街道是[安置1栋公寓216的turistkaya)房子33 [translate] 
aAt temperatures between 400 and 600 C, the coordinated water is lost, producing a folding of the channels of the structure 在温度在400和600  C之间,被协调的水丢失,导致结构的渠道的可折叠 [translate] 
a银行卡余额不足 The bankcard remaining sum is insufficient [translate] 
aas sport events 当体育事件 [translate] 
a除税单价 Eliminates the tax unit price [translate] 
a不要再浪费精力了,若再不运功将毒性压制下去,我怕师姐真的要…… Again do not waste the energy, if does not transport the merit to suppress again the toxicity, I feared the female apprentice really wants ...... [translate] 
aBlockade goods 封锁物品 [translate] 
aMorrow 次日 [translate] 
a如果有时间来我们这里玩 If has the time to come our here to play [translate]