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aTwo-way banding using a non-metal banding material should be used as required to help stabilize loads during transit. Angle boards or edge protectors are required under bands to prevent damage to upper most cartons. 应该用于在运输期间,双向条带使用非金属条带物质如所需求帮助稳定装载。 角度委员会或护棱要求在带之下预防损坏对于鞋帮多数纸盒。 [translate] 
ais there anyone out there afraid to lose me 有害怕的任何人那里失去我 [translate] 
a如需要检验或出具检验证书,应事先议定该项费用是由卖方还是买方承担。 If needs to examine or the writing up examination certificate, should agree beforehand this item of expense is undertakes by the seller or the buyer. [translate] 
a烤肉酱 Roasts the meat sauce [translate] 
a第十一 11th [translate] 
aGoldenSky_M has joined channel #20_something [translate] 
a重量平衡系统: Mass balancing system: [translate] 
a驹头对你是真心的!我是真的爱你!对你好是我的承诺!也是我的责任!想和你永远永远在一起!我从来都没有放弃过你!我一直都在弄力争取!争取不到你我选择一直单身下去! Colt to you is a sincerity! I really love you! To you good is my pledge! Also is my responsibility! Wants with you forever forever in same place! I have not given up you! I continuously all am making argue vigorously take! Does not win over your me to choose continuously unmarried! [translate] 
aautomatio automatio [translate] 
a他成为了市长 He has become mayor [translate] 
addo u have a photo from u?! ddo u有一张相片从u ?! [translate] 
aPancake, home style 薄煎饼,家庭样式 [translate] 
aGod's definition and the proof of the existence of God can be found in it 上帝的存在的上帝的定义和证明在它可以被发现 [translate] 
a无论发生什么,我们都要在一起, 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
alast weekend I called her about how to effectively and efficiently utilize resource 最后周末我告诉了她关于如何有效地和高效率地运用资源 [translate] 
ai hear her cry and isee her frown 我听见她的啼声和isee她的皱眉 [translate] 
a计算机的发明标志着一个新时代的开始 计算机的发明标志着一个新时代的开始 [translate] 
aEnterprise or corporate training is conducted for a business to improve the quality of personnel, ability, job performance and contribution to the organization, and implementation of a planned, systematic training and training activities. Goal is to make employees' knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and 企业或公司训练被举办为了事务能改进人员的质量、能力、对组织的工作成绩和计划的,系统的训练和训练活动的贡献和实施。 目标是做雇员的知识、技能、工作方法、工作态度和工作改进和提高价值,播放最巨大的潜力改进单独和组织表现,并且促进组织和个体的连续的改善达到组织和个人双重发展。 [translate] 
a粉色、灰色、紫色 Pink color, gray, purple [translate] 
aDO NOT PRINT 不要打印 [translate] 
aDriving home 驾驶在家 [translate] 
aassignment of one of three proficiency levels to each domain 任务三个熟练水平之一到每个领域 [translate] 
aso what are we supposed to do? 如此我们是什么假设做? [translate] 
aAaron。Carter Aaron。卡特 [translate] 
alet me say goodbye 让我说再见 [translate] 
a深圳比北京要热一点 Shenzhen wants hot compared to Beijing [translate] 
a自我鉴定: Self-appraisal: [translate] 
aCMWallpapers.apk CMWallpapers.apk [translate] 
a他看上去很有气色,原因是她饮食合理且经常锻炼 He looked very has the facial expression, the reason is her diet reasonable also exercises frequently [translate] 
a选取了社会保障体制中的养老保险和医疗保险,从社会保障基金的筹集、管理、使用等角度,分别从筹资渠道、筹资水平、统筹层次和筹资结构四个方面对中国社会保障制度筹资机制进分析, Has selected in the social security system old-age insurance and the medical insurance, from angles and so on social insurance fund collection, management, use, separately from the fund raising channel, the fund raising level, the overall plan level and the fund raising structure four aspects enters [translate] 
a計量値読込開始 [translate] 
a《全日制义务教育普通高级中学英语课程标准(实验稿)》(简称《标准》) "Full-time Compulsory education Ordinary Senior middle school English Curriculum Standard (Experimental Manuscript)" (i.e. "Standard") [translate] 
athink and grow rich! 认为并且增长富有! [translate] 
afucking u 与交往的u [translate] 
a丹顶鹤以水中的鱼虾为食,他们吸引异性通过舞蹈和歌唱 Red-crowned crane's take water in fish and shrimp as the food, they attract the opposite sex through to dance and to sing [translate] 
aall I want is someone who will stay,no matter who hard it is to with me all I want is someone who will stay, no matter who hard it is to with me
aTotheworld You maybe oneperson But to oneperson You maybethewholeworld Totheworld可能您oneperson,但对oneperson您maybethewholeworld [translate] 
a迎合他们利益的政策 Caters to their benefit the policy [translate] 
aI know I will fight for you. I know I will fight for you. [translate] 
a我不会离开我爱的人 I cannot leave the human who I love [translate] 
ais there nobody here 这里有没人 [translate] 
areservoirs, especially in the Guinea Golf. [translate] 
a��ȥ�������վ��ǹ�ȥ过去的终究会过去。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a是这样 Is this [translate] 
a正在买 Is buying [translate] 
a总有人认为,我的梦想是异想天开。可是,我并不认同,无论我的梦想是什么,有多么的难以实现,只要尽了努力去做,这便是成功了。相对而言,我认为,没有梦想才是最可怕的。 Always some people believed that, my dream is indulges in fantasy.But, I do not approve, regardless of my dream is any, has the how with difficulty realization, so long as has done diligently, this then succeeded.Says relatively, I believed, does not have the dream is most fearful. [translate] 
a我以悄然走开、只因你不懂爱。 Because I by get out of the way quietly, you do not only understand the love. [translate] 
aschumacher's parents thought he was not safe driving his kart on the pavements around their home so they arranged for him to use the local kart track schumacher的父母认为他不是安全的驾驶他的kart在路面在他们的家附近,因此他们安排他使用地方kart轨道 [translate] 
a我只是不想放弃。 I do not only want to give up. [translate] 
aconstituents with the voids of the solid skeleton 组成部分以坚实骨骼的空隙 [translate] 
a会笑的话 哭拿来做什么?女孩 你痛 我懂 想哭就哭出来啊。。。 연설을 하는 무엇이 미소는 제작을 가져오기 위하여 울 수 있는가? 여아 고통 I가 이해하는 당신은 울기 위하여 울고 싶다.。。 [translate] 
athe computer knows mary 计算机认识玛丽 [translate] 
a要老婆 Wife [translate] 
a你是不是我的? Are you my?
a一些突发事件无法控制 Some thunderbolts are unable to control [translate] 
aThe sample of E510 Chinese version wall paper has been confirmed E510中国版本墙壁纸样品被证实了 [translate] 
aI,amsorry 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]