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What else can I say it?


What else can I say it?


What else can I say it?


What can I also say?
atwo of the symptoms of long-term stress and depression. 二长期重音和消沉症状。 [translate] 
a长期施用不仅利于作物的生长,还能良化农田生态环境。 Not only the long-term employment favors the crops the growth, but also can the good farmland ecological environment. [translate] 
aprior retail 预先的零售 [translate] 
al2 cache ram l2贮藏所公羊 [translate] 
aCheck for errors. For example, you may have entered a number (1 or 0) instead of a letter (L or 0) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abdsm tube video bdsm管录影 [translate] 
a乘飞机十分节省时间 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a会议将要召开的时间是 The conference is going to convene the time is [translate] 
a2nd reminder 第2个提示 [translate] 
a我永远爱你牟雪梅 I forever love your Mou Xuemei [translate] 
aTruck shuttles and drayage operations, 卡车梭和马车拖运操作, [translate] 
aGO!Let'sSmiletogether. 去! Let'sSmiletogether。 [translate] 
aThis is my promise to you, I will stick to our love 这是我的诺言对您,我将坚持我们的爱 [translate] 
aThe purpose of this study was to test the usefulness of the RBV framewori< by repiicating, generaiizing, and extending the framewori< of Bharadwaj (2000). Therefore, with the exception of specific changes discussed in the previous section, we attempted to maintain the same metrics as in the prior study. The same source 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a由于他身体差被拒绝了 Because his body difference is rejected [translate] 
awhen i was sitting beside my friend's car,i was a little upset about myself. [translate] 
aapprovment approvment [translate] 
aoutstanding in ms power point, good command in oral and written english 卓著在女士电源插座,好命令在口头和书面英语 [translate] 
a摘要:NIKE创建于1971年,今天成为全球最著名品牌之一。究其成功的原因,除了它不断开发新的产品之外,更重要的还得益于它的品牌创意策略。综观其品牌成长过程,广告创意策略的制定始终围绕其品牌的核心价值——人类从事运动挑战自我的体育精神。耐克品牌创意的成功之道,就是在确立了品牌的核心价值和使命之后,无论在世界任何一个地方进行推广,都始终如一地去表现其品牌的核心,传达了品牌准确的市场定位。同时,根据各国不同的文化背景、目标市场、消费特性,形成风格各异的广告创意。本文从耐克平面创意广告经典案例入手,着重分析耐克平面广告的创意方法。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我们敬佩一个英雄,但我们更敬佩一个为了生命而奋斗的人。 We admire a hero, but we admire one the human who struggles for the life. [translate] 
a聚合 Polymerization [translate] 
a叶轮直径 Impeller diameter [translate] 
a这款皮肤由安晨怡设计 This section skin designs by An Chenyi [translate] 
athat was 那是 [translate] 
aYou be proud of look sad 您是看起来pround哀伤 [translate] 
a达到规定要求 Meets the stipulation requirements [translate] 
a안녕이라고 말하지마 再见作为牙结尾夏至E [translate] 
a人生真谛里没上帝 In the life true meaning does not have God [translate] 
a性格急躁的 Disposition irritable [translate] 
athe cumulative water volume crossing a given surface area: [translate] 
aHe had been a riotous, roystering puppy, mad with the joy of life. 他是一只暴乱, roystering的小狗,疯狂以生活喜悦。 [translate] 
aThus poststructuralism has also drawn upon theories of ‘structure as process’ 因而poststructuralism也得出了`结构的理论作为过程’ [translate] 
asomeimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead. 它在爱持续的someimes,但它改为有时伤害。 [translate] 
awhen i say to you i liek to relax naked hope you not feel mad, but its just natural way here, habit , when in teh hosue 当我对我喜欢放松赤裸希望您没有这里感觉疯狂的您,但是它的正义自然方式说,习性,当在hosue [translate] 
abuzhongshiwodejianyi buzhongshiwodejianyi [translate] 
afont-size: 16px; font-size: 16px; [translate] 
a我每天都运动 My every day movement [translate] 
a注意箱子要牢固,以保护虎屋在运输中免受损坏. Pays attention to the box to have to be reliable, protects the tiger room to exempt in the transportation is damaged. [translate] 
aleft a large number of drawings 左边很大数量的图画 [translate] 
a公子子兰和靳尚仇视屈原,编造谎言,向顷襄王诬告屈原。 The son child orchid and Jin Shang was hostile toward Qu Yuan, compiled the rumor, to just now assists the king to falsely accuse Qu Yuan. [translate] 
a術後議題 After technique subject [translate] 
aTo the world You maybe one person But to oneperson You maybe the whole world 对世界可能您一个人,但对oneperson可能您全世界 [translate] 
aEverything happends only once,there is no "if not...then";Everything ends when it ends;Believe in the definity of what you are experiencing. 一切happends只一次,那里是没有“如果不…然后”; 当它结束,一切结束; 相信什么的definity您体验。 [translate] 
aOk, I did not disturb you 好我没有干扰您 [translate] 
a制作于 Manufacture in [translate] 
athe bride carries lengths of white ribbon with her bouquet, and after the church ceremony is over and the guests are leaving the church, she hands each driver a ribbon that they tie to the radio antenna 新娘运载白色丝带的长度与她的花束,并且,在教会仪式是结束的之后,并且客人离开教会,她递每个司机他们栓到无线电天线的一条丝带 [translate] 
a9点钟我醒了。 9 o'clock I awoke. [translate] 
a大胆,老子一点头,儿子就说中。 Bold, a father nod, the son said. [translate] 
adepths, below the mud line, ranges from 500 to 2500mTVD. Sea water injection is done for pressure maintenance in deviated and [translate] 
a那些正在打網球的男孩是我的朋友 These are playing tennis the boy is the friend of mine [translate] 
aincreasing the pressure in soft sands and the subsequent risks of cap rock failure have to be understood. Their incorporation in [translate] 
anumber to dispiay on caller id 数字对dispiay在访问者id [translate] 
awhich behavior is dominated by shear failure and resulting in dilation. This paper will present modeling approaches aimed at [translate] 
a丹顶鹤以水中的鱼虾为食,他们吸引异性通过舞蹈和歌唱在芦苇中 Red-crowned crane's take water in fish and shrimp as the food, they attract the opposite sex through to dance and to sing in the reed [translate] 
ageomechanics, flow and formation damage. Field observations are presented and confronted with model predictions. [translate] 
ahe bocome le more famous 他bocome较不更加著名 [translate] 
a我还能说什么呢? What can I also say? [translate]