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Only three local students won Chinese Blog (blog) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China.




Only three local students won Chinese Blog (blog) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China.


three local students won Only Chinese Blog (blog) Competition And . 15 of the 18 awards to students from want China .


Only three local students won Chinese Blog (abundant guest) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China.
a你不可以把自行车放在周围 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a经济带 Economical belt [translate] 
a无故缺勤 Awol [translate] 
alook straight at you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMa Youyou is the embezzlement Ma Youyou是盗用 [translate] 
a中国人民站起来了! The Chinese people stood! [translate] 
awhat is my faborite 什么是我的faborite [translate] 
a明年枕着 Next year will rest the head on the steamed bun to rest” [translate] 
a手机链 Handset chain [translate] 
aferryl 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSmall kind 小种类 [translate] 
aout of beer 在啤酒外面 [translate] 
aDoubleclick on a city so you can see the window with the population. Each time you activate this cheat, your city-population will be increased. For a permanent effect, you have to use this cheat every turn. 双击在城市,因此您能看窗口有人口。 每次您激活这欺诈,将增加您的城市人口。 对于一个永久作用,您必须使用这欺诈每个轮。 [translate] 
aYouthful indiscretion, us, when will grow up a bit? 年轻的不慎重,我们,何时将长大位? [translate] 
aColors grey with white logo 上色灰色以白色商标 [translate] 
a125480 москва улица туристкая дом 33 корпус 1 квартира 216 125480莫斯科街道是[安置1栋公寓216的turistkaya)房子33 [translate] 
aSave where as otherwise provided for 保存如否则提供为的地方 [translate] 
a被阻止 Is prevented [translate] 
a注意箱子要牢固,以保护虎屋在运输中免受损坏. Pays attention to the box to have to be reliable, protects the tiger room to exempt in the transportation is damaged. [translate] 
a很幸运地做某事 Makes something very luckily [translate] 
aprovision is a major source of strategic uncertainty and public [translate] 
a我把今天打印的电子档的报价发给你 I the electronic files quoted price which prints today issues you [translate] 
aAbout this General trade, The HS CODE require Inspection transfer notice. So we changed to BETTER Receiving Company, be completed inspection in the Huanggang port. Involves other Certificates, all are about the exportation. Customs duties and VAT we have pay already. 关于这一般贸易, HS代码要求检查调动通知。 如此我们在Huanggang口岸变成了BETTER Receiving Company,是完整检查。 介入其他证明,全部是关于出口。 关税和VAT我们已经有薪水。 [translate] 
a协助完成审计工作; Assists to complete the audit work; [translate] 
a北方最高山 North most mountain [translate] 
a前途美好 The future is happy [translate] 
a长餐台 Long dining table [translate] 
a因什么而感谢 Thanks because of any [translate] 
aIt was all my fault ,forgive me?l am fall in love with you 它是所有我的缺点,原谅我?l上午爱上您 [translate] 
aneed to make everything in order 需要做一切按顺序 [translate] 
aHouse of Love I want you to 爱议院我想要您 [translate] 
a让您费心了过问此事 Let you take the trouble has inquired about this matter [translate] 
aIn today’s complex economic world, neither individuals nor nations are self-sufficient. Nations have utilized different economic resources; people have developed different skills. This is the foundation of international trade and economic activities 在今天复杂经济世界,个体和国家不是自足的。 国家运用了不同的经济资源; 人们开发了不同的技能。 这是国际贸易和经济活动的基础 [translate] 
a三向织机 Three approaches the loom [translate] 
ait's no pieasure 它是没有pieasure [translate] 
a摘要:NIKE创建于1971年,今天成为全球最著名品牌之一。究其成功的原因,除了它不断开发新的产品之外,更重要的还得益于它的品牌创意策略。综观其品牌成长过程,广告创意策略的制定始终围绕其品牌的核心价值——人类从事运动挑战自我的体育精神。耐克品牌创意的成功之道,就是在确立了品牌的核心价值和使命之后,无论在世界任何一个地方进行推广,都始终如一地去表现其品牌的核心,传达了品牌准确的市场定位。同时,根据各国不同的文化背景、目标市场、消费特性,形成风格各异的广告创意。本文从耐克平面创意广告经典案例入手,着重分析耐克平面广告的创意方法。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aschool grounds 校园 [translate] 
a米黄和咖啡是温暖不变的主题,深浅不一咖啡的布艺抱枕,咖啡系双人餐桌,配上米黄色房间中如玫瑰的一点红,淡雅又倍感窝心。 [translate] 
aChina launches key space mission [translate] 
aIt may have been different once, but there can no longer be any doubt about the relegation of the historian to a back seat 它也许一次是不同的,但可能不再有对史学家的驱逐的所有疑义对一个后座 [translate] 
a我们早上有4节课 We early morning have 4 classes [translate] 
a在城里的生活比农村生活有趣多了 Were interesting more than in the city life the village life [translate] 
a爱丽丝总是考虑别人比考虑自己多一些 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a平凡的梦想 Ordinary dream [translate] 
a你能把这两个录音带给他们吗? You can take these two sound recordings they? [translate] 
a他们想做什么就做什么 They want to make any to make any
aDuring the Reagan administration, senior Reagan administration officials and President Reagan secretly facilitated the sale of arms to Iran, the subject of an arms embargo. 在里根政府期间,资深里根政府官员和总统里根秘密地促进了胳膊销售向伊朗,武器禁运的主题。 [translate] 
aDon't worry, Tom Just do what I do, don't talk about anything if you don't understand it. 不要担心,汤姆做什么我做,不谈论什么,如果您不了解它。 [translate] 
a我爱上体育课 I fall in love with the physical education [translate] 
awor ein wor [translate] 
a我们会在你离开前把吃的准备好。 Front we can leave in you eat prepare. [translate] 
a城里生活比农村生活有趣多了 In the city lived the village life are interesting more than [translate] 
a这件外套的价格有点高 This coat price is a little high [translate] 
a顾客忠诚度的高低和餐厅回头客数量的多少是衡量餐厅服务和餐厅经营管理水平高低的重要指标之一, Of the customer loyalty height and dining room repeat customer quantity how many is weighs one of the dining room service and dining room management and operation horizontal height important targets, [translate] 
athe house of flying dagger 飞行匕首房子 [translate] 
aOnly three local students won Chinese Blog(博客) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China. Only three local students won Chinese Blog (abundant guest) Competition. And 15 of the 18 awards want to students from China. [translate]