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aTotal progress: 93% [translate] 
a我可以读许多的书和听音乐在图书馆和音乐室 I may read many books and listen to music in the library and music room [translate] 
alabor intensive products 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aIf you can contact me on 01 7011 572 I will be able to take the 50 Euro Deposit payment off you. Please note we are only able to accept Credit Card Payments over the phone. 如果您能与我联系在01 7011 572我能采取50欧洲放置付款您。 请注意我们只能接受信用卡付款在电话。 [translate] 
aindenter 受托代购商 [translate] 
a网上购物的原因 On net shopping reason [translate] 
aMegazyme Megazyme [translate] 
aThe calculated value is called the complexation capacity and is characteristic of a water body at a given time. 故意的价值称络合容量并且到时是典型的水身体。 [translate] 
a当有人需要帮助时,他会毫不犹豫地帮助他们。 When some people need to help, he can help them without hesitation. [translate] 
asb's fall from grace sb的秋天从雍容 [translate] 
abe bold.prepare youself well,work hard and dowhat you do with passion.if you have passion for your work,good things will happen to you.best of luck. 艰苦很好是bold.prepare youself,工作,并且您做与passion.if您有激情为您的工作的dowhat,好事将发生在运气you.best。 [translate] 
a转移了战场,保全了战斗力 Shifted the battlefield, has preserved the battle efficiency [translate] 
a装箱时检查纸箱条码和机器条码是否对应 When packing inspects the paper box bar code and the machine bar code whether corresponds [translate] 
aMackerel, Spanish 3 12” min fork length [translate] 
a按2.2条内容进行调整 Carries on the adjustment according to 2.2 contents [translate] 
a那是正常的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ait is to argue that gifts should be given with the consideration of culture of the recipient 它是争辩说,应该给礼物以接收者的文化的考虑 [translate] 
a届时,你们可去货运代理人仓库对此批货进行检验。 At the appointed time, you may go to the freight transportation agent warehouse large stock of goods to carry on the examination regarding this. [translate] 
a臺灣產業總覽 台湾产业总看 [translate] 
a权 利 要 求 书 Right request book [translate] 
a这女子在等一个人来到她的身边 This female in and so on a person arrives her side [translate] 
a为什么她不多呆一段时间 Why her not dull period of time [translate] 
abady什么意思 bady any meaning [translate] 
a你去成都那个地方 You go to Chengdu that place [translate] 
ababy doll-y.s.l 婴孩玩偶y.s.l [translate] 
aflebeaute flebeaute [translate] 
a毒死蜱 Kills by poison the tick [translate] 
a快餐使我们的生活很便捷 The fast-food causes our life to be very convenient [translate] 
aIcoffee是提高生活质量的咖啡机,让人品尝是心情舒畅,适合家庭,朋友等群体购买,给人温暖的气氛。 Icoffee is improves the quality of life the coffeemaker, lets the human taste has ease of mind, suits the family, communities and so on friend purchases, for human warm atmosphere. [translate] 
a和谐号 Harmonious number [translate] 
a你今天休息了吧? You have rested today? [translate] 
a本文通过几个方面的论述,对民族声乐教学的实践工作进行一次研究和探索。文章围绕三个方面进行论述:1、民族声乐演唱的理论基础。2、民族声乐教学实践的理论探讨与思考。3、民族的教学方法及常见问题。其中,在第一个问题中,论述了民族声乐的起源、发展过程、现状,民族声乐训练的基本原理。(包括歌唱器官、呼吸方法、正确的发声方法),民族声乐的歌唱技巧(包括呼吸和气息的运用,发声和共鸣的运用,咬字吐字,演唱风格)。本文集中阐述了民族声乐的理论基础和科学实用的演唱方法和技巧。第二部分论述了民族声乐师范性、实践性、理论性的教学特点,民族声乐教学中比较实用、有效的教学方法:心理教学法、示范教学法、语言教学法、歌曲教学法。在第三部分中针对民族声乐的学习过程中 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我以后尽量少饮酒怕了 I as far as possible little will later drink wine to fear [translate] 
aEverything at once 一切立即 [translate] 
a类似地 Similarly [translate] 
a大力的支持 Vigorously support [translate] 
aLevel 3 Submission 第3级提议 [translate] 
aGames and sports often grow out of people’s work and everyday activities. 比赛和体育经常增长出于人的工作和每天活动。 [translate] 
a你能给我介绍下有哪些手机? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a有几个员工是在为公司着想 Some several staffs are in consider for the company [translate] 
a控制类型 Control type [translate] 
a良好的交通 Good transportation [translate] 
a我可以知道你什么时候有空吗?我会联系阿姨去面试 I may know when you do have free time? I can contact with aunt to interview [translate] 
a梦之蓝 Blue dream [translate] 
a1984年他为电影《红衣女郎》创作的歌曲"电话诉衷肠"不仅获排行榜第一,而且还获得了奥斯卡最佳电影插曲奖。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aThe English wording in this Agreement shall prevail 英国字词在这个协议将战胜 [translate] 
a祝小姨子生日快乐 天天开心 Wishes the sister-in-law birthday to be joyful Daily happy [translate] 
aPlease note, your credit card will be charged at time of shipment. If using either a credit or debit card, funds in the amount of this purchase will be immediately held and not available for other use. Credit and debit card transactions will not appear in your account until time of shipment. 请注意,您信用卡将被充电在发货的偶尔。 如果使用信用或转账卡,资金在相当数量这购买将立刻被拿着和不可利用为其他用途。 信用和转账卡交易不会出现于您的帐户在发货内的时期。 [translate] 
a从1974-1984年间,Stevie Wonder共获得15项格莱美大奖,创下了美国流行乐坛的最高纪录 From during 1974-1984 year, Stevie Wonder altogether wins 15 standard Lai America big prize, has set the record of the American popular musical world highest record [translate] 
aAutomobile assembly line 汽车装配线 [translate] 
apompano beach fl 鲳参海滩fl [translate] 
aAsian consumers are rapidly acquiring a strong appetite for lifestyle products and experiences, 亚裔消费者迅速地获取大的胃口为生活方式产品和经验, [translate] 
aExcl.VAT Excl.VAT [translate] 
a放射的 Emisión [translate] 
afiguration 成形 [translate] 
a声音文件 Sound document [translate]