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The original paper statistics has many faults




The original paper statistics has many faults


original paper Statistics has many shortcomings


The original paper statistics have very many shortcomings
aPlease forward attached to the factory, we need to act asap. [translate] 
aThe temperature sensor type must be set in the configuration menu if other than the type applicable to the software variant. All temperature sensor types are available in both software variants and are dependant on the type of ACM hardware fitted. 在配置菜单必须设置温度传感器类型,如果除类型之外可适用到软件变形。 所有温度传感器类型是可利用的在两个软件变形并且依靠适合的ACM硬件的种类。 [translate] 
a扒牛柳 Digs up Niu Liu [translate] 
a南效公园 South effect park [translate] 
ahiatus 间隙 [translate] 
a1. 只要你觉得高兴,你干什么都不要紧。(Using "as long as" to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true) 1. So long as you think happily, you do anything not to be unimportant.(Using “as long as” to say that one thing is true only if another thing is true) [translate] 
a对开门冰箱 To opens the door the refrigerator [translate] 
acool E ukor 凉快的E ukor [translate] 
adrarconian drarconian [translate] 
a祝愿你举办的美术展取得成功 Wishes the fine arts which you conduct to unfold obtains the success [translate] 
aliu mei is a nice 刘mei是a 好 [translate] 
ain a line 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a人口激增意味着人类对自然资源的需求激增,粮食、水资源、宜居土地的供给将承受更大的压力,这些需求又将向生态环境传递更大压力;人口激增也意味着人类对社会资源的需求激增,教育、医疗、就业、养老等问题,将考验着每一个国家。 The population increases sharply meant the humanity increases sharply to the natural resource demand, the grain, the water resources, will occupy the land the supplies to withstand a more tremendous pressure suitably, these demands to ecological environment transmission more tremendous pressure; The [translate] 
aThrough the translation 通过翻译 [translate] 
aespecially via webcam 特别是通过webcam [translate] 
ahuggable 逗人爱 [translate] 
aStructural columns by applying graph layout diagram schematic and closely cooperate with built in: end, door and window openings in walls, wall edges, GZ1 cross sections and reinforced SG-0703 appropriate detail in detail. Las columnas estructurales aplicando el diagrama esquemático del diagrama de la disposición del gráfico y cooperan de cerca con construido en: el extremo, las aberturas de la puerta y de la ventana en paredes, los bordes de la pared, las secciones representativas GZ1 y SG-0703 reforzados se apropian [translate] 
a没有S350汽车,但是有S300汽车,可是没有销售人员没有解说S300这款车 Without the S350 automobile, but has the S300 automobile, but does not have the sales personnel not to illustrate S300 this section vehicle [translate] 
a街道两边 Street nearby two [translate] 
a祝小姨子生日快乐 天天开心 Wishes the sister-in-law birthday to be joyful Daily happy [translate] 
aGarry [translate] 
a9월결제 방식은 은행 송금 이었습니다. 9月解决方法是银行汇寄。 [translate] 
a退回去的是2936是没错的 Draws back is 2936 is does not have wrong [translate] 
a适应能力好 Adaptiveness is good [translate] 
a彼此的安慰,明白吗? Each other comfort, understands? [translate] 
a作为一个大学生,我会具有坚强的意志,来面对生活和学习上的困难。 As a university student, I can have the strong will, comes facing in the life and the study difficulty. [translate] 
aburdens 负担 [translate] 
aMeter problem 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aSo if you want touch events from volumes or triggers you need to set this to be FALSE 如此,如果您想要接触事件从容量或触发器您需要设置此是错误的 [translate] 
a此外,GaGa最新创作的《Born This Way》也是一首为同性恋人士加油打气的歌曲,她鼓励大家要勇敢的做自己。 此外,出生这方式》也是一首为同性恋人士加油打气的歌曲的GaGa最新创作的《,她鼓励大家要勇敢的做自己。 [translate] 
aWe know much less about the way the various user communities have acclimatised themselves to information as it embraces the digital age. 我们知道较少关于方式各种各样的广大用户适应了自己到信息,当它接受数字时代。 [translate] 
aIn the past, in the print paradigm, a cottage industry mentality prevailed as many of the costs – notably typesetting and printing – were outsourced. 从前,在印刷品范例,家庭工业思路战胜许多费用-著名地排版和打印-外购。 [translate] 
aYou set retain backups that are necessary for a recovery to any time within 31 days, what will happen after 31 days? 您设置了保留为补救是必要的对任何时侯在31天之内的备份,什么在31天以后将发生? [translate] 
a今晚我回家立刻给你发 Tonight I go home send immediately to you [translate] 
aA device for optimizing coal-air proportions entering a furnace is disclosed 一个设备为优选进入熔炉的煤炭空气比例被透露 [translate] 
a收益率 Returns ratio [translate] 
a昨天我没有去上班,因为我感冒了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a感恩回馈 Feels grateful the back coupling [translate] 
a飞机票费用 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a人们纷纷筹集资金和物资 The people collect the fund and the commodity in abundance [translate] 
a不要说饭了,连水都没有 Do not say the food, Lianshui did not have [translate] 
aローラーカラー Roller color [translate] 
a我我把我的的气象论文向国外投寄, My I me meteorological paper to overseas mail, [translate] 
a忙着准备 Busy preparation [translate] 
a关于美国3D大片的发展史书 This is one about the American 3D big piece development history book [translate] 
a十一月一日星期二下午,我们班同学走路到学校附近的公园进行了一次环保活动。 On November 1 Tuesday in the afternoon, our schoolmate Ban walked to the school nearby park has carried on an environmental protection activity.
aEvaluating the quality of the task requirements is not applicable for this event. 评估任务要求的质量为这个事件不是可适用的。 [translate] 
a臺灣產業總覽 台湾产业总看 [translate] 
aShenzhen city Fuyong pond town Fuhua 3A Industrial Park 深圳市Fuyong池塘镇Fuhua 3A工业园 [translate] 
ain buniness negotiation, when go to the critical part, some times we try to make our opponent angry 在buniness交涉,当去重要部分时,某个时候我们设法使我们的对手恼怒 [translate] 
aStatic dis sapative 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我喜爱大排球 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abut the robot can 但机器人罐头 [translate] 
a不辛苦 Is not laborious [translate] 
aThe Design and Implementation of Remote Elevator Monitoring System Based on GPRS and Embedded Technology 根据GPRS和嵌入技术的遥远的电梯监控系统的设计和实施 [translate] 
aMandatory fields) 必需的字段) [translate] 
a原先的纸张统计有很多缺点 The original paper statistics have very many shortcomings [translate]