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Sinus cold light source is an endoscope or minimally invasive surgery with the lighting equipment. Composed mainly of host, guided light beam of the light source.


Endoscopic intensifier ,is a Are medical endoscopic surgery or micro-lighting equipment. primarily by light source host, guide beam.


The endoscope cold light source is one kind or micro creates the surgery for the medical endoscope to provide the illumination the equipment.Mainly by the photosource main engine, leads the light beam to be composed.
a水天相接 Water and sky docking [translate] 
a需将分析使用瓶装氮气和空气改为公用工程用气 Will have to analyze the use bottled nitrogen and the air changes the public project to use the gas [translate] 
aHave to go and throw all over my things [translate] 
aどれだけ支えてくれるか。 [translate] 
a历史感 Historical feeling [translate] 
abusiness executives and philanthropists on the key issues of geopolitical, economic, trade 商业主管和慈善家关于主要问题的地缘政治,经济,贸易 [translate] 
alines 线 [translate] 
a原来打喷嚏的结果就是感冒,头痛,好可怜,想念我的窝,感冒快走开 Originally sneezes the result is cold, the headache, good pitiful, thought of my nest, cold gets out of the way quickly [translate] 
a因此,在工作中,不管你面临什么情况,都有要克服困难,以信用为重。失信于人,是一种顾眼前不顾将来的短视行为,最终将一事无成。 Therefore, in work, no matter you faced with any situation, all have must overcome difficulties, take credit as heavy.Breaks a promise in the human, will be one kind attends to does not attend to at present the future the superficiality behavior, finally will accomplish nothing. [translate] 
a它确实有许多优点 It has many merits truly [translate] 
a你的情况我也遇到过,但我的父母最终还是同意了.首先,我就告诉他们一个观点:不是只有在书本上才能学习.在生活中不断磨练才能更好的学习. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a多年后 After many years [translate] 
aand we are right. 并且我们正确。 [translate] 
aOnce the High Vacuum Valve opens during an automatic 在自动期间,一旦高真空阀门开始 [translate] 
a人们离它越来越远了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPAUL MASSON 保罗MASSON [translate] 
aFucking gelai is also a few words of English haha 该死的gelai也是英国haha的几个词 [translate] 
ais english class before music class? 英语课在音乐课面前? [translate] 
a升学考试 Enters a higher school the test [translate] 
aIn this film, the story unfolds chronologically and the plot is a straightforward narrative. There are two storylines going through this film: the major one is Don Vito Corleone’s family Mafia business filled with horrific violence, murder and vengefulness, and the transfer of power from Vito to Michael: Vito change fr 在这部影片,故事按年代展开,并且剧情是一篇直接的记叙文。 有审阅 [translate] 
a既然你打算去,我也去 Since you planned, I also go [translate] 
aso confidence shot 如此信心射击 [translate] 
a这就是航迹规划要解决的问题 This is a question which the flight path plan must solve [translate] 
abut when l have an expensive one in my hands 但,当l有一昂贵一个在我的手, [translate] 
a增加贷款,扩大生产。 Increases the loan, the expanded production. [translate] 
aset screen 设置屏幕 [translate] 
a你觉得我吃的东西健康吗 You thought I eat thing health [translate] 
a入围最佳英国独立电影提名的是今年备受关注的五部影片,《永远的车神》《耻辱》《锅匠,裁缝,士兵,间谍》《暴龙》《我们需要谈谈凯文》。这五部影片从32部申报片中脱颖而出,落选的佳片还包括《蔚蓝深海》、《与玛丽莲的一周》和《呼啸山庄》。 [translate] 
a他打乒乓球 He plays the ping pong [translate] 
arehearsed 排练 [translate] 
a我们在7:10吃早餐 We in 7:10 have the breakfast [translate] 
athe fabric is stable in structure 织品是稳定的在结构 [translate] 
a各式肉类和小炒 Various types meats and slightly fry [translate] 
ahe posted a photo of his. 他张贴了他的相片。 [translate] 
a我怀疑他在考试中作弊了。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我邀请他去了我家玩 I invited him to go to my family to play [translate] 
amelody lane 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aTrees can probably tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions including light frosts, but ideally sites should be frost free and trees protected from prevailing hot or cold winds. 树可能大概容忍大范围气侯情况包括轻的霜,但站点应该任意理想地是免受战胜保护的霜和树热或寒风。 [translate] 
aMedia convergence is an economic strategy in which communications companies seek financial benefit by making the various media properties they own work together. 媒介汇合是通信公司通过一起做各种各样的媒介物产他们寻找财政津贴自己的工作的经济战略。 [translate] 
a享有 的美誉 Enjoyment Fine reputation [translate] 
a崇尚学习 Advocation study [translate] 
a哪个固执的男人最后不得不妥协并放弃了计划 Which tenacious man finally could not but compromise and give up the plan [translate] 
a诚实是一种美德。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
athere is no vacancy 没有空位 [translate] 
a要译的恰到好处,译者必须全面深入的了解源语和目的语中的各种文化因素 Must translate just right, the translator must in the comprehensive thorough understanding source language and the goal language each cultural element [translate] 
a免费的音乐会票 Free concert ticket [translate] 
a桌上是不是有一些书? On the table has some books? [translate] 
a希望我和她能成為永遠的好朋友 Hoped I and she can become the forever good friend [translate] 
ahate to part with or use grudge 怨恨到部分与或用途 怜惜 [translate] 
a按板块贴好 Pastes according to the tectonic plate [translate] 
aI am taller now 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
adevice is registered 设备登记 [translate] 
a住宅结构用钢材应具有抗拉强度 La estructura de la cubierta debe tener la fuerza extensible con los productos de acero [translate] 
aIf you rub it with a wet finger holding the check face down,the blue ink on the left face value spot comes off. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
acharge redistribution 充电再分配 [translate] 
a内窥镜冷光源是一种为医用内窥镜或微创手术提供照明的设备。主要由光源主机、导光束组成。 The endoscope cold light source is one kind or micro creates the surgery for the medical endoscope to provide the illumination the equipment.Mainly by the photosource main engine, leads the light beam to be composed. [translate]