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a书籍是屹立在时间的汪洋大海中的灯塔。 The books are stand erect in the time vast ocean lighthouse. [translate] 
aFig. 4. TVU Player traffic and peer details over time: (top) Sky News channel; (bottom) Lonestar Sports channel. 。 4. TVU球员随着时间的过去交通和同辈细节: (顶面)天空新闻台; (底下) Lonestar炫耀渠道。 [translate] 
a该产品针对性强,性能优越,具有消泡速度快,抑泡能力强,克服了一般消泡剂抑泡能力差的特点。 This product pointed, the performance is superior, has the antifoaming speed to be quick, damps soaks ability, overcame the common defoamer to damp soaks ability difference the characteristic. [translate] 
a版本修订 Edition revision [translate] 
aWhat else? 什么其他? [translate] 
a最感人的台词 Most touching lines [translate] 
ashenme shenme [translate] 
a百鸟之王 King of birds [translate] 
a捷克水晶 Czechoslovakian quartz [translate] 
a鄂尔多斯之夜 Night of the Erdos [translate] 
a将新的信息传给SCM平台 The recent information will pass to the SCM platform [translate] 
aEnterprise or corporate training is conducted for a business to improve the quality of personnel, ability, job performance and contribution to the organization, and implementation of a planned, systematic training and training activities. Goal is to make employees' knowledge, skills, working methods, work attitude and 企业或公司训练被举办为了事务能改进人员的质量、能力、对组织的工作成绩和计划的,系统的训练和训练活动的贡献和实施。 目标是做雇员的知识、技能、工作方法、工作态度和工作改进和提高价值,播放最巨大的潜力改进单独和组织表现,并且促进组织和个体的连续的改善达到组织和个人双重发展。 [translate] 
a夏季奥运会比赛项目 Summer Olympics event [translate] 
a粉色、灰色、紫色 Pink color, gray, purple [translate] 
a设计一套图 这套图包括一张光盘界面 一张是启动页面 一张是软件安装时的界面 要求这三张图风格上是统一的 Designs a set of chart this set of chart is starts page one including one compact disc contact surface one is the software installs when the contact surface to request in these three chart style is unified [translate] 
alast weekend I called her about how to effectively and efficiently utilize resource 最后周末我告诉了她关于如何有效地和高效率地运用资源 [translate] 
addo u have a photo from u?! ddo u有一张相片从u ?! [translate] 
a爱黑发官网:【www.ahfgw.com】 Loves the black hair official net: [www.ahfgw.com) [translate] 
a你老家在哪里 Your native place in where [translate] 
aGod's definition and the proof of the existence of God can be found in it 上帝的存在的上帝的定义和证明在它可以被发现 [translate] 
alower child 降低孩子 [translate] 
a她不可能参加 She not impossible to participate [translate] 
a1、选择盗号模式 [translate] 
aDATA.BIN DATA.BIN [translate] 
a我经常接触一些形形色色的人 I contact some people frequently of all forms [translate] 
aDo you know what strengths and weakness are?Think of concrete example or situations in which your strengths and weakness are demonstrated. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a自从我上次见到她已经有6个月了 Since me previous time saw she already had 6 months [translate] 
a开心的活着 Happy is living [translate] 
a是你让我相信未来的路 [translate] 
a这种情况下,我们什么也不能做,决定权在校长手里。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a2008年9月至今 In September, 2008 until now [translate] 
a从小山顶上你可以俯瞰整个码头和购物区 On the summit you may since childhood the bird's eye view entire wharf and the shopping area [translate] 
a但是你知道这次的合作我们是根本没利润的。 But you knew this time cooperates we is does not have the profit. [translate] 
a• Immerse your cock in powerful vibrations [translate] 
aBaron Rothschild rothschild男爵 [translate] 
aleft and turn walk minutes about ten 左边和轮步行分钟大约十 [translate] 
a国家二级美术师 National two level of fine arts teachers [translate] 
a我们真诚邀请的您出席本周六上午九点在我们学院的英语报告厅举行的研讨会并作演讲 We invite sincerely you attend this Saturday morning nine in our institute's English to report the hall hold the seminar and makes the lecture [translate] 
a在疲惫时,总需要一个能包容身心的地方,那便是家。 When exhausted, always needs a packet of energy to take shelter the heart place, that then is a family. [translate] 
a资源缺乏 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aListen to the song 听歌曲 [translate] 
a诚实是一种美德。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a享有 的美誉 Enjoyment Fine reputation [translate] 
a桌上是不是有一些书? On the table has some books? [translate] 
a欢迎收听英语快乐屋.我是主持人 Welcome to listen to the English joyful room. I am a director [translate] 
a内窥镜冷光源是一种为医用内窥镜或微创手术提供照明的设备。主要由光源主机、导光束组成。 The endoscope cold light source is one kind or micro creates the surgery for the medical endoscope to provide the illumination the equipment.Mainly by the photosource main engine, leads the light beam to be composed. [translate] 
a哪个固执的男人最后不得不妥协并放弃了计划 Which tenacious man finally could not but compromise and give up the plan [translate] 
a希望我和她能成為永遠的好朋友 Hoped I and she can become the forever good friend [translate] 
awith a modern plane you can travel in one day to places which it took a moth or more time to get to a hundred years ago 用一架现代飞机您能在一天旅行到这花费飞蛾或更多时刻有一一百年前的地方 [translate] 
a免费的音乐会票 Free concert ticket [translate] 
aThe numbers are staggeringthe Shanghai CompositeChina's main stock exchange up more than 50% this year aloneon top of a 130% increase last yearthe benchmark index passing a record 4000 last week 数字今年是staggeringthe上海CompositeChina的主要证券交易所超过50%上星期通过纪录4000的130%增量为时yearthe基准索引的aloneon上面 [translate] 
aNo breathing 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aPlease remember that I love you 请记住那我爱你 [translate] 
aHe speaks too quickly to understand 他太迅速讲话了解 [translate] 
a是信息保密 Is the information security [translate] 
a管理部门必须有诚意让员工了解组织各方面情况,每个管理者应视与员工的交流沟通为己任,只有与员工真心相待,员工也才会真心的关心、爱护组织。 The control section must have the sincerity to let the staff understand organizes various aspects situation, each superintendent should regard with staff's exchange communication is an own duty, only then with the staff sincerity treatment, the staff also only then meets the sincerity the care, the [translate] 
athere is no vacancy 没有空位 [translate]