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Because no schooling, he cannot himself made the story down


Because no schooling, he cannot himself made the story down


Because they had never attended school, he could not remember the story of their own.


Because has not gone to school, he cannot the story which arranges oneself write down
a短短的三年里,我始终以自鼓自励,积极进取,以优异成绩完成了学业。除了认真学习专业知识外,还广涉其他领域的知识,积极参与文体活动和社会实践。通过不断的学习,我具备了良好的分析处理问题的能力, 也铸就了我坚毅的性格和强烈责任心,培养了我科学严谨的思维方法,更造就了我积极乐观的生活态度和开拓进取的创新意识。在不断的学习和工作中养成的严谨、踏实的工作作风和团结协作的优秀品质,使我深信自己完全可以在岗位上守业、敬业、更 [translate] 
a我已经完成了名片信息的输入 I have already completed the name card information input [translate] 
a检查无水管线漏水。 Inspects the anhydrous pipeline water leakage. [translate] 
aNetwork Diagram Button 网络图按钮 [translate] 
a我需要下载吗 I need to download [translate] 
a中国是一个人口众多的发展中国家 China is large population developing nations
a"DE KAVIJAKS" brengt het verhaal van de telgen van een arme vissersfamilie uit Heist-aan-Zee, tijdens en vlak na de Tweede Wereldoorlog. KAVIJAKS提出一位可怜的渔夫家庭强夺的telgen的aan Zee传说,在和在第二次世界大战之后期间。 [translate] 
a今生励志辉煌 This life pursues a goal with determination magnificently [translate] 
awhat colour are your trousers 什么颜色是您的长裤 [translate] 
a你的明天会很美好的。相信你自己。哥们会一直挺你的。 Your tomorrow will be able very happy.Believes you.The elder brother can continuously very you. [translate] 
aBLUE CLOUD 蓝色云彩 [translate] 
ahere is the part where women feel good 这零件妇女感觉良好的地方 [translate] 
aEnter a new password for 1228072593@qq.com below. Your password must be at least eight characters long. It must contain at least one number and two letters, one upper case and one lower case. It cannot include three consecutive and identical characters. It cannot be the same as your Apple ID or be any password you have 输入一个新口令为1228072593@qq.com如下。 您的密码必须长期是至少八个字符。 它必须包含一个数字和二封信件,一大写和至少一小写。 它不可能包括三连贯和相同字符。 这不可能是作为您的苹果计算机公司ID或是所有密码您在去年使用了的一样。 [translate] 
a我们要守规守纪 We must defend the gauge to maintain discipline [translate] 
acrt animation screen off crt动画屏幕 [translate] 
a围绕着我 Is revolving me [translate] 
a我建议同学们多多参加,可以锻炼我们的社会实践能力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a产品规格图纸 Product specification blueprint [translate] 
aA smile always looks best on everyone A smile always looks best on everyone [translate] 
a你有什么理想 You have any ideal [translate] 
ai want to tell you,I want o rely you.the love isn't boyfriend with girlfriend 我想要告诉您,我想要o依靠you.the爱不是男朋友与女朋友 [translate] 
a我们一起工作 We work together [translate] 
astewards' newspaper,New Propeller 管家的报纸,新的推进器 [translate] 
ai can say look at my book 我可以说神色在我的书 [translate] 
a可以用的手机网络包括 May use the handset network includes [translate] 
aDon’t complain that life is too unfair to you just because life simply does not know who you are 不要抱怨生活是太不合理的对您正因为生活不简单地知道谁您是 [translate] 
aMy sister is my idol,too. 我的姐妹是我的神像,也是。 [translate] 
aParameter data to the software application should be specified 应该指定参量数据到软件应用 [translate] 
aWaiting for Gwen...looking forward to supper tonight …今晚盼望晚饭的等待的Gwen [translate] 
a如果我是父母,我会给孩子树立一个好榜样 If I am the parents, I can give the child to set up a good example [translate] 
aquestions of power relations began to play an increasingly significant role. The so-called cultural turn in translation studies back in the early 1990s [translate] 
aHe‘s against the traffic rules. 他`s反对交通规则。 [translate] 
a大厅里有五百多人。 In the hall has more than 500 people. [translate] 
aare these his shorts 是这些他的短裤 [translate] 
abob,please bring a math book, pencil,Id care,ruler,dictionary to school. 突然移动,请带来算术书,铅笔, Id关心,统治者,字典教育。 [translate] 
a在以后的曰子里 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我国非金融部门对外直接投资涉及商务服务业,采矿业,制造业,批发和零售业,交通运输业,房地产,建筑业和电力煤气及水的生产等众多领域 The our country non-finance department foreign direct investment involves the commercial service industry, mining industry, manufacturing industry, wholesale and retail trade, transportation shipping industry, real estate, architecture industry and electric power coal gas and water production and so [translate] 
aon a hot summer day,ice-cold watermelons serve up a delicous treat 在一个热的夏日,冰冷的西瓜服务一种delicous款待 [translate] 
a起了非常重要的作用 Played the extremely vital role [translate] 
awith pink grapefruit seed oil to moisturise normal skin 以桃红色葡萄柚润湿正常皮肤的菜籽油 [translate] 
aHe also discussed some actions needed to be taken by tour operators and pilgrims to solve such problems 他也谈论了必要的一些行动由旅行社和香客采取解决这样问题 [translate] 
a大多数年轻人都想为自己的梦想而努力工作 But the majority young people all want to work diligently for own dream [translate] 
a我倒是希望明天能来,但恐怕来不了。 I hoped but actually tomorrow will be able to come, but perhaps could not come. [translate] 
a无论如何,这个决定必须明天执行,哪怕会招来多数人的反对。 In any event, this decision will have tomorrow to carry out, even if will be able to incur comes the most person's opposition. [translate] 
a  •x-sniff [translate] 
a哦,王子你终于醒了 Oh, the prince you finally awoke [translate] 
ayes ,she tell me i can't speak chinese so don't know many people,by myself 是,她告诉我我不可能讲中文,因此不知道许多人,由我自己 [translate] 
a  接下来,我们正常登陆QQ,如果嗅探成功,就会在sinffer的界面中出现捕获的数据包,其中邮箱帐号密码信息被很清晰得罗列了出来。 [translate] 
aIl nome del mio cognome 我的姓的名字 [translate] 
alook down to 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a关于完善的政策研究 About perfect policy research [translate] 
a南京工业职业技术学院 Nanjing Industry Professional Technology Institute [translate] 
aplcase plcase [translate] 
asleeping pack 睡觉组装 [translate] 
a好久不抽烟了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a오늘 한국의 친구 양사장이 북경으로 들어옵니다. 朋友两韩国的总统今天进来往北京。 [translate] 
a因为没有上过学、他不能把自己编的故事记下来 Because has not gone to school, he cannot the story which arranges oneself write down [translate]